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SNSD’s Jessica and Super Junior’s Donghae Former Sweethearts?

Earlier today, a photo titled “Jessica and Donghae’s Past” has stirred a lot of interest in various internet communities. In the photo, SNSD’s Jessica and Super Junior’s Donghae are smiling at the camera, looking very close and comfortable with each other

Old photo of Jessica and Donghae causes a stir

An old photo of Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and Super Junior’s Donghae has been causing a stir. On January 16, an online community posted this photo with the title ‘Jessica and Donghae’s Past’

SNSD’s Jessica to Compete Against Kim Soo Hyun, Han Ga In, and Jung Il Woo

SNSD’s Jessica will finally make her grand appearance in drama “Wild Romance,” starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young, on the seventh episode, scheduled to air January 25. She plays Kang Jong Hee, Park Mu Yeol’s (Lee Dong Wook) first love, who’s described as a beautiful girl with an unpredictable personality

SNSD Fans Infuriated with "Wild Romance" Line Describing Jessica's Character as a Slut

SNSD’s Jessica made her acting debut last night on the seventh episode of “Wild Romance,” starring Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young, where she plays Kang Jong Hee, a beautiful girl with an unpredictable personality

‘Wild Romance’ co-stars Lee Dong Wook & Jessica take another couple shot

allkpop has been reporting on how Girls’ Generation member Jessica got cast for KBS‘s ‘Wild Romance‘ as Lee Dong Wook‘s first love. After releasing a candid ‘couple shot’ of Jessica and Lee Dong Wook recently, the production staff followed up by sharing another one

Girl's Generation's Jessica and Lee Dong Wook's Height Difference

Girl Generation, Jessica, Lee Dong Wook, height difference A couple photo of Girl's Generation's Jessica and actor Lee Dong Wook was revealed. On January 28, Jessica posted a photo with an update, "This is Jessica

Netziens To Writers: Calling Jessica From Girls' Generation's Character A Slut Is Not OK

Jessica, girls generation, snsd, wild romance, natzien In no way does beautiful and unpredictable mean slutty. This is especially true in the case of Jessica’s (Girls’ Generation) character on “Wild Romance”

SNSD's Jessica Accused of Chin Surgery?

SNSD’s Jessica has been recently accused of plastic surgery on her chin. On January 27, on an online community forum, there was a post titled “SNSD’s Jessica suspect for chin surgery,” along with various photos of her

Jessica’s jawline transformation sparks plastic surgery rumors

Girls’ Generation member Jessica has been under heavy scrutiny for being suspected of having undergone plastic surgery on her jawline. On January 27th, a post titled, ‘SNSD Jessica’s jawline under suspicion of plastic surgery‘ has surfaced with a collection of photos

SNSD’s Jessica and Lee Dong Wook: 21cm Difference in Height

A couple photo of SNSD’s Jessica and actor Lee Dong Wook was revealed.OnJanuary 28, Jessica posted a photo on SNSD’s official website, with“This is Jessica~ How will Park Moo Yul and Kang Jong Hee end up?”Inthe photo, Jessica and Lee Dong Wook are shown standing next to eachother, giving off the appearance of a couple

SNSD Jessica At A Fast-food Stop?

SNSD, Jessica, fast food, paralyze, wild romance, KBS SNSD member Jessica appeared at a fast food stop and paralyzed the surrounding.  On the 30th, through an online community, a picture of Jessica at a fast food stop was revealed, along with the comment "Jessica, filming her drama

New preview of ‘Wild Romance’ reveals kiss scene between Jessica & Lee Dong Wook

New ‘couple photos’ of KBS2 ‘Wild Romance‘ co-stars Lee Dong Wook and Girls’ Generation member Jessica are drawing attention. Jessica shared the above photo via Girls’ Generation’s official webpage on the 28th and wrote, “This is ‘Sica

[Updated] Preview of Jessica on ‘Wild Romance’

UPDATE: -cuts from ep 7 -ferrerorocher9 -lots of pictures!  -nukem384 A short snippet featuring Jessica was shown in the preview for the next episode of ‘Wild Romance’. As previously reported, Jessica released a duet with Kim Jin Pyo for the drama’s OST and will also be playing the role of Moo Yeol’s ex-lover

Jessica’s & Kim Jin Pyo’s Duet OST Track For ‘Wild Romance’ Released

Fresh out of the oven! The cutesy upbeat track is titled, ‘어쩜(Perhaps/Maybe/What If)’. According to Fanwonder, the music and lyrics of the duet was composed by Kim Gun Woo, who in the past has worked with many artists including A Pink, Jewelry, MC Mong, Maybee, Supreme Team, etc

Jessica to Release Song on “Wild Romance” OST

As we know, Jessica will be making multiple appearances in the drama “Wild Romance.”  Along with making multiple appearances, she is now scheduled to be performing a song on the OST as well! She will be singing a duet with Kim Jin Pyo

Jessica = Selcas Galore!

Recently, a bunch of selcas have surfaced online of SNSD’s Jessica.  She’s getting good at these things as of late!  Presumably taken by sister, f(x)’s Krystal during a lunch date. She looks comfortable and relaxed in the second picture smiling warmly

Jessica Confirmed for New Drama ‘Violent Romance’

2012 will certainly be an exciting year for SONEs around the world due to the fact that multiple members will be appearing on various dramas. The newest member of Girls’ Generation to have a role in a drama is Jessica

Jessica Ranks #45 on ‘The 22nd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces’

Many beautiful women worldwide have been carefully selected by TC Candler to be a part of “The 22nd Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Faces – 2011″, a popular poll that is viewed by over 25 million visitors from around the world

Jessica Jung

J E S S I C A (제시카) Stage Name: Ice Princess JESSICA (얼음공주 제시카 – eoleum gongju Jessica) Birth Name: Jessica Jung (제시카 정) Korean Name: Jung Soo-yeon (정수연) Nicknames: Sica, Jessi, Jess, Sergeant Sic, General Sic, Sicachu, Sickal (knive), Sica-sama Position: Main Vocalist Date of Birth: April 18, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Aries Bloodtype: B Sibling(s): 1 younger sister (Krystal Jung) Language:Korean (Fluent), English (Fluent), Chinese (Basic), Japanese Specialty: Dance Casted: 2000 SM Casting System Training Duration: 7 Years 6 Months School: Korea Kent Foreign School (K

Teaser Photos: Jessica, Sooyoung and Tiffany!

Update: HQ pictures and wallpapers by JaeCee In keeping with their promise of revealing daily content for Girls’ Generation’s third full album, The Boys, SM Entertainment have today revealed teaser images of the trifecta that is Jessica, Sooyoung and Tiffany! At this stage, it is becoming more and more likely that the ongoing speculation regarding a fairytale concept may actually be reality