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Yuri’s Recent Skinny Figure Has Become A Hot Topic

Yuri''s articles are flooding on news sites— Cecil (@Chichinhu) May 13, 2011 It seems that Yuri’s recent diet has become a HOT topic. I’m sure many of us noticed from yesterday’s performance at KBS’s ‘Input Concert 2011 in Seoul’ that our Black Pearl has gotten a lot skinnier and netizens are no exception as they too have noticed and have been commenting about her new figure

Is Choi Jung Won getting too skinny?

The press screening of the movie ‘Perfect Game’ starring Jo Seung Woo and Yang Dong Geun took place at the Lotte Cinema in Seoul on December 12th. Choi Jung Won was in attendance for the meeting with the press and showed off her sexiness in an above the knee length tube top dress

Han Yeseul's Unbelievable Skinny Legs

Actress Han Yeseul's unbelievable skinny legs have caught the attention of fans.  On the 13th, through an online photo site, pictures of Han Yeseul was revealed.  In the pictures, Han Yeseul is lying on the floor playing with a black dog

Park Han Byul's Skinny Ankles

Actress Park Han Byul's skinny ankles have caught the attention of fans.  Park Han Byul posted a picture of herself on her twitter.  In the picture, Park Han Byul is wearing a baseball jacket with short shorts

Jang Keun Suk and Go Jun Hee in chic black skinny jeans

Actor Jang Keun Suk and actress Go Jun Hee showed their great tastes in fashion in black skinny jeans. Jang and Go have recently finished a photo shoot for Codes Combine, a clothing brand they are working for as models

Lee Junghyun's Baby Face and Skinny Body

  On the 16th, Lee Junghyun posted a picture of herself on her twitter along with the comment "Everyday I march to the movie set...After an all-nighter I must head over to China for a performance~ Because I'm so used to the cold weather, the -24 degree weather was refreshing

NS Yoon-G’s displays beautiful skinny legs in FitFlops

Singer NS Yoon-G, who is currently promoting her new mini-album, showed off her beautiful legs through a photo shoot for the 2012 S/S line of British shoe brand Fitflop. The use of eye-popping floral backgrounds and casually elegant styling matches well with the comfy-looking sandals

miss A Suzy’s Thunder Thighs Make Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon Look Too Skinny

miss A’s Suzy has been drawing attention for her sexy thunder thighs on the March 10 episode of KBS “Invincible Youth.” Although the show had aired over the weekend, fans have taken notice of Suzy’s sexy thighs as it drew more attention for making Girls’ Generation’s Hyoyeon look almost too skinny

miss A’s Jia has super skinny legs

miss A’s Jia recently showed off her skinny legs. On March 24, at around 12: 30 p.m., Jia tweeted a picture of herself with the comment, “With my Hello Kitty.” In the picture, Jia is seen dressed as casual with a hoodie, skinny jeans, and with cute sneakers with kitty figure on them

After School’s Nana has skinny thighs even when sitting down

After School‘s Nana has stirred up the jealousy of women after a photo highlighting her legs was posted on Twitter. Raina uploaded a recent photo she took with Nana. The two of them are sitting on a bed in their hotel room, looking incredibly cute

SISTAR says “We’re not on the skinny side”

On April 20th’s airing of KBS‘s ‘Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook‘, SISTAR performed their new title song, “Alone“, and sat down for a ‘talk time’. During the short interview, MC Yoo Hee Yeol asked, “I think one of the reasons the fans love SISTAR is because they continuously take care of themselves

SNSD Seohyun skinny as a skeleton?

SNSD Seohyun’s recent picture is creating a stir. Recently on First Look’s Twitter, a picture was uploaded with the comment, “A preview of First Look’s cover shooting site! SM members have gathered up

Sohee Flaunts "Flawless Skinny Fit" in "High Cut"

Wonder Girls' Sohee posed for fashion magazine "High Cut" on the beach. In this photo shoot, Sohee showcased several outfits from Tommy Hilfiger Demin, appealing both her girly cuteness and mature feminine charms

T-ara’s Hyomin shows off her skinny legs by wearing hot pink skinny jeans

T-ara’s Hyomin showed off her unique fashion style. On the afternoon of May 4, Hyomin uploaded a picture and tweeted, “A snapshot with my favorite hot pink skinny jeans.” Sticking her hands in both pockets, Hyomin who is wearing a jersey and hot pink skinny jeans, is standing absent-mindedly

Taeyeon Reveals Her Secret To Her Skinny Appearance~

During a recent recording of SBS E!TV’s ‘TV Cultwo Show-Talking About With Stars’, the MCs asked her how she maintains her figure. She surprised everyone by replying, “I eat ramyun late at night and don’t sleep afterward

Girls' Generation Sooyoung's Super Skinny Airport Fashion Catches Attention of Fans

sooyoung, snsd, girls generation Girls' Generation Sooyoung's Super Skinny Airport Fashion Catches Attention of Fans Girls' Generation Sooyoung's Super Skinny Airport Fashion Catches Attention of Fans Girls’ Generation Sooyoung's airport fashion is becoming an issue

Ivy Photo Shoot, Skinny But Voluminous

ivy Ivy Photo Shoot, Skinny But Voluminous Ivy's photo shoot was revealed, buying much attention from internet users. On May 30, an online community revealed the recent photo shoot pictures of Ivy

SISTAR’s Bora has difficulty balancing due to her skinny ankles

SISTAR‘s Bora caught the attention of viewers with her skinny ankles. SISTAR was interviewed for the June 3rd installment of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘, in which the members shared a few interesting stories and some surprising facts

Super skinny legs of Super Junior’s Leeteuk are in the limelight

Super skinny legs of Super Junior’s Leeteuk are in the limelight. In the episode of SBS’s Star King that aired on June 23 at 6:30 p.m., Leeteuk and other two emcees Boom and Park Mi Seon challenged to win the title of Hottest Body

Comedian Jung Hyung Don's Skinny and Younger Pictures

Comedian Jung Hyung Don‘s military photos have recently surfaced in online communities titled in a post as “Jung Hyun Dong’s military days, Doni’s different character and feel