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Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo discusses marriage and children

Shinhwa’s Lee Minwoo discusses marriage and children

Shinhwa are famous for being the longest running idol group that has never disbanded, and also for one-of-a-kind relationship they have between the members.

On the 1st of March, Lee Minwoo openly made fun of Shinhwa members Kim Dongwan and Eric Mun, on SBS Power FM’s radio 2 O’Clock Cultwo Radio Show.

DJ Jeong Chanwoo revealed that he had once heard Lee Minwoo confess that he wanted to get married and appear on MBC’s “Dad! Where Are We Going?” with his future son or daughter. However Lee Minwoo commented that since he has not married yet, right now it’s impossible, but later, he would like to get married at around the same time as the other members of Shinhwa and have their children on the stage with them at a Shinhwa concert one day.

MC Kim Taegyun then asked, “Who do you think will get married first?”, to which Lee Minwoo chose Kim Dongwan and Eric Mun, and stressed the necessity of their marriage because they were starting to get old and wrinkly

Minwoo talks about the current status of Shinhwa + being dissed by Ga In

Shinhwa‘s Minwoo made a guest appearance on the February 26 broadcast of “Radio Star“.

The talented singer revealed the current conditions of Shinhwa members, sayin, “They are spending time on their own. Eric is completely absorbed in collecting swords and Dongwan is vacationing in Canada. Junjin is continuously enjoying drinking. Hyesung should be preparing for an album, but rather than preparing, he is immersed with virtual golf and baseball.”

The hosts teased him, “Sounds like the usual schedules for some playboys,” bringing laugh to everyone on set.

Minwoo then surprised everyone by revealing, “Ga In dissed my outfit.” He then showed a signed CD sent to him by Ga In on which the sexy Ga In wrote, “I am relieved that we made a comeback at the same time

Shin Hye Sung of Shinhwa renews contract with his agency

Shinhwa‘s Shin Hye Sung has shown loyalty to his current agency managing his solo activities, Liveworks Company, by renewing his contract

Shinhwa Shin Hyesung Renews Contract with Agency, ‘Loyalty’

Shin Hyesung, Shinhwa

Shinhwa Shin Hyesung Renews Contract with Agency, 'Loyalty'

Shinhwa member Shin Hyesung confirmed that he had renewed his contract with his current agency, showing his loyalty to his agency.

Shin Hyesung first signed his contract with his agency in 2009 and held many activities and promotions outside of Korea. 

His agency had always let him be free as a musician and had supported him all those years. These qualities allowed him to renew his contract with his company.

Shin Hyesung commented, "I am thankful to my agency for always supporting me as a solo singer and as part of the group Shinhwa. I will continue to work hard and become a better singer."

His company stated, "We have known Hyesung for about 10 years now and we've seen his true passion for music

Shinhwa”s Shin Hye Sung Renews Contract with Liveworks Company

Shin Hye Sung renewed his contract with his current agency Liveworks Company, which he has been signed with since 2009.

Shin Hye Sung commented, "I thank the agency for showing its full support for my activities as Shin Hye Sung and as the main vocalist of Shinhwa, and I will concentrate on becoming an even better singer with my future activities."

Lee Jang Eon, head of Liveworks Company, said, "I′ve known Shin Hye Sung for about 10 years, and I′ve seen he is a singer that always shows a great passion toward music. I′m thankful he made the decision to stay with the agency though he would have had many better offers made to him, and we will show our full support so he can mature in both his solo activities and in his promotions with Korea′s longest-running idol group Shinhwa."

Shin Hye Sung plans to concentrate on his promotions with Shinhwa for the time being, starting from Shinhwa′s 15th anniversary concert to be held from March 16-17

Shinhwa to assess their strength with ballet on ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’

On the upcoming broadcast of JTBC‘s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast‘, the members of Shinhwa will assess their thigh strength by carrying on with their ballet lessons from the previous broadcast.

The guest ballet dancers threw a challenge to the members, saying, “Even if you put a fist between my thighs, it won’t slip out.” After that, Shinhwa continued to compete to see the strongest thighs among the members. However, it was difficult for them as they attempted to maintain the posture. Besides, the members took part in the ‘Best Ballerino’ title on this episode.

Don’t forget to catch Shinhwa’s transformation into ballet dancers on November 18th at 7:35 KST.

Watch the hilarious preview below!


Shinhwa press conference to be broadcast live online

Popular K-pop group 'Shinhwa' will hold a news conference in Seoul next month to publicize their comeback after a four-year hiatus during a live online broadcast for the group's fans all over the world, the group's entertainment agency said Friday.The news conference is scheduled to be held at a CGV chain theater in Cheongdam-dong, southern Seoul, on March 5, the Shinhwa Company said.Fans of the longest-running boy band in the country can watch the event in real time for free by connecting to any of the three Websites of local music cable channels at,, and, according to the company."The decision for an online broadcast was made as Shinhwa members expressed hope to share the moment of their first public appearance in four years together with their fans who supported them for the past 14 years", the company said

Shinhwa Frenzy, 8,000 Fans in Beijing for Last Stop of Asia Tour

shinhwa, hyesung, minwoo, junjin, eric, andy

Shinhwa finished off their Asia Tour with their last stop, Beijing.

On July 7, Shinhwa completed their Asia tour, "2012 SHINHWA GRAND TOUR-THE RETURN."

Starting with their 2nd album title song, "T.O.P." the members were seen wearing white outfits. In the audience was over 8,000 fans cheering them on.

"Hello! We are Shinhwa!" which is their famous introduction was yelled at the beginning of their concert. As this was their last concert, member Shin Hyesung commented, "Since today is our last concert, we will strive to show you the best performance!" The members also commented in chinese for their fans, which melted the hearts of many.

Due to Jun Jin's back surgery, he was not able to dance his best on this stage

Shinhwa’s Junjin decides not to renew his contract with Open World Entertainment

Shinhwa‘s Junjin has ultimately decided not to renew his contract with Open World Entertainment.

His contract with the agency ended on May 24th, which sparked the curiosity of industry officials as to whether he’ll part ways with the agency or renew his contract with them.

A representative of Shinhwa revealed on June 26th, “Junjin has terminated his contract with Open World Entertainment and is deliberating over his future.”

Considering the controversy surrounding the Open World Entertainment CEO, the decision to not renew his contract is perhaps one that many have already guessed would happen. Junjin will finally be leaving the company he’s called home since 2008 to find a new agency that will support his career in both singing and acting

Shinhwa transforms into beloved cartoon characters for Children’s Day

The members of Shinhwa dressed up as beloved cartoon characters for Children’s Day.

This picture above was uploaded onto Shinhwa Company’s official Twitter on May 5th along with the tweet, “The time slot for JTBC’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’ has been changed to 23:00 starting from today. Don’t miss ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’.

For ‘Shinhwa Broadcast’, the members had to do their best to win the love of children so the members dressed up as cartoon characters to entertain them. All six members looked adorable with Eric dressed as Tigger, Andy as Pororo, Hyesung as a clown, Jun Jin as Dooly, Dongwan as Super Man, and Minwoo as Ppungppungyi