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SNSD's Goddess-Like Body Proportions Were Just Illusions?

Recently, photos of SNSD, looking more or less human with average-looking body proportions, have gone viral in Korea, attracting netizens' attentions. The photos titled “SNSD’s Average Appearance

SNSD Seo Yeon's crazy body proportions becoming an hot topic

snsd, seo yeon SNSD member Seo Yeon's perfect proportions are becoming hot topic. Recently a photo was posted on a online community titled "Seo Yeon's perfect body proportions' were posted. In the photo are Seo Yeon and Soo Young in 'Mr

Secret Jeon Hyosung’s incredible body proportions wow the netizens

Group Secret member Jeon Hyosung (Jun Hyosung) proves you don’t need to be supermodel tall to have jaw-dropping body proportions. The photo above was posted on an online community recently under the title, “Unexpectedly good body proportions of Jeon Hyo Sung”

Random Musings: Gifts A-Plenty, Music Bank In Paris, Body Proportions and Einstein

You know, when I first started this I was actually somewhat worried that I might have certain weeks where I won’t have anything interesting to cover, forcing me to drone on a bit more than I usually do

Sohee’s ideal body proportions missing in the absence of kill-heels

Rather unflattering pictures of Sohee, the Wonder Girls beauty, are drawing a lot of attention. One of the posted photos titled, “What has happened to Sohee, the hottie?” In the picture, Sohee dressed casually in black skinnies and hooded T shirt with red sneakers

Super Junior’s Kim Kibum shows off his perfect body proportions

Super Junior’s Kim Kibum recently showed off his perfect body proportions. The singer and actor flaunted his marvelous figure through a picture taken on the set of tvN’s new Monday-Tuesday series I Love Italy

'Big' Gong Yoo's Million Dollar Body Proportions

kbs, big, gong yoo, lee min jung 'Big' Gong Yoo's Million Dollar Body Proportions The fourth episode of KBS drama 'Big' that aired on the 13th of June, featured Kang Kyung Joon in Seo Yoon Jae's body (Gong Yoo) spending over $700,000 USD of Seo Yoon Jae's money to save his house

Kang Sora Proves Her Perfect Body Proportions

On yesterday’s episode of MBC’s “Section TV Entertainment News,“ Kang Sora surprised viewers with her long legs. The actress stands tall at 168 cm (5’6″); and since her debut, she’s been attracting attention for her long slim legs

After School’s Lizzy ranks her body proportions as #1 among her group members

During the July 24th filming of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, After School‘s Lizzy revealed her thoughts on how her figure ranked among her fellow members. Lizzy shared, “Compared to members Nana and UEE, [people] think I have an average body

BEAST's Yang Yoseob Reveals Perfect Body Proportions? 'Never Ending Legs'

BEAST, Yang Yoseob, Mnet, M Countdown, twitter BEAST's Yang Yoseob Reveals Perfect Body Proportions? 'Never Ending Legs' BEAST member Yang Yoseob revealed his great body proportions

IU's Surprising Body Proportions Becomes An Issue, 'Unexpected Figure'

IU IU's Surprising Body Proportions Becomes An Issue, 'Unexpected Figure' IU's surprising body proportions were revealed. Recently, a photo of IU under the title, 'IU's proportions, unexpected figure', was posted online, becoming an hot issue

Actor Jo In Sung's Superior Body Proportions Becomes An Issue Online

jo in sung jo Actor Jo In Sung's body proportions is becoming an issue online. Recently on an online community, a photo titled "Jo In Sung's unbelievable body proportions" was posted. In the revealed post in a screenshot of the 15th episode of SBS "That Winter, The Wind Blows," Jo In Sung can be seen with his small face and extremely long body

Wonder Girls Sohee's Unedited Body, 'Unbelievable Proportions'

Wonder Girls, Sohee Wonder Girls Sohee's Unedited Body, 'Unbelievable Proportions' Wonder Girls Sohee's unedited body photos have gained much attention online. Pictures from a recent photo shoot with a clothing brand was released

Yoo Jae Suk Has Perfect Body Proportions

Yoo Jae Suk recently received lots of Internet attention for having the ultimate body proportion. In the 12th century, mathematician Leonardo Fibonnaci created the Golden Ratio which stated that the ideal body would measure the head as 1/8 of the entire body

Yubin's Improved Body Line Captures Attention

Wonder Girls' Yoobin has captured the eyes of netizens with her improved bodyline! In the Wonder Girl's new music video "The DJ is Mine," Yubin appears wearing a red tank-top and hot pants that show off her curves and confident swagger

T-ara Hyomin Shows Off Her Body In a Mini Dress

T-ara, Hyomin, dress, photoshoot, commercial, filming T-ara member Hyomin revealed pictures where her body is emphasized.  On the 26th, Hyomin posted pictures on her twitter along with the comment, "Filming a commercial for a cosmetic line

T-ara's Hwa Young's Body Exposed on TV

T-ara, Hwa Young's body exposed T-ara's Hwa Young's body was exposed by accident. On January 29, while performing "Lovey Dovey" on SBS's "Inkigayo", Hwa Young's clothes became loose and slipped off accidently revealing a part of her body

Hyo Min's flawless body line+slim legs "what is your secret?"

hyo min, t-ara Girl group T-ara member Hyo Min's beautiful body line is becoming an issue. On the 26th Hyo Min posted on her Twitter "during filming an ad for make up". This photo is becoming a hot topic among netizens on the 30th currently

Yuri Has The Best Bikini Body?

According to a community poll done by “DC Inside”, SNSD’s Yuri has the best Bikini body among female idols.  The exact question was, “Which idol has the slimmest waist and best body for Bikini’s?” As well all know, this isn’t really surprising

SNSD Seohyun Captivates Fans with her Flawless Body

SNSD’s Seohyun is garnering a lot of attention for her flawless figure. Recently, several photos of the maknae, titled “Seohyun the Model,” were uploaded to various internet communities sites. In the photos, Seohyun displayed her perfect body proportions with a tiny face, long arms, long legs, making her the envy of every girl