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Sunmi & Gayoon accepted into Dongkook University

Former Wonder Girls’ Sunmi and 4minute’s Gayoon are admitted to Dongkook University for the 2011 school year as Theater majors. The duo is joining Wonder Girls’ Sunye and SNSD’s Yoona who are both 2nd year senior in the same program

4minute’s Gayoon apologizes for questionable photo

Embroiled in a controversy over a picture her 4minute groupmate Jiyoon uploaded which showed Gayoon throwing up the middle finger, Gayoon apologized through 4minute’s official fancafe on January 16

4Minute’s ‘Double Yoon’, Jeon JiYoon and Huh GaYoon’s cutie contest

4Minute members Jeon Jiyoon and Huh Gayoon revealed their ‘Double Yoon’ cutie selcas. Jeon Jiyoon tweeted some pictures on December 23rd tagged, “Double Yoon TV.” In the pictures, Jeon Jiyoon is wearing a blue winter hat and Huh Gayoon is wearing a red winter hat looking as cute as can be

4minute?s Gayoon makes a performance mistake on ‘Inkigayo’

A Cube Entertainment artist Mario recently unveiled a new digital single entitled “Text Message” featuring singer Baek Ji Young. To help promote the song, Mario performed on February 12th’s episode of ’Inkigayo‘ along with 4minute‘s Gayoon

4minute’s Gayoon delivers a sophisticated pictorial for ‘High Cut’

4minute‘s Gayoon is looking fierce for her pictorial with High Cut magazine! Several shots from her pictorial were recently unveiled online, and Gayoon galvanized fans with her powerful charm. Though she was decked out in colorful pieces befitting of the upcoming Spring season, Gayoon looked anything but sweet and soft

4minute Heo Gayoon for "High Cut"

4minute’s Heo Gayoon took part in a photoshoot solo for the first time. The fashion photoshoot was for “High Cut.” Through this opportunity, Heo Gayoon showcased her fashion sensibilities. The theme was a “Color Point Look” for the upcoming spring season

4minute’s Jiyoon and Gayoon post a silly photo from Japan

4minute members Jiyoon and Gayoon posted an adorable, comedic photo from Japan, where a special broadcast of ‘M! Countdown‘ took place. Jiyoon uploaded the photo on April 25th and tweeted, “We are in Japan

4minute’s Gayoon to make her acting debut in ‘Light and Shadow’

4minute‘s Gayoon will be transforming into a hit ’80s singer for MBC‘s ‘Light and Shadow‘. Gayoon is making her first attempt at a drama role at this week’s filming

4minute's Gayoon to join the cast of the drama "Light and Shadow"

4minute's Gayoon is set join the cast line-up for MBC's ongoing drama "Light and Shadow." On the 4th of May, Cube Entertainment stated that Gayoon will participate in the drama and will play the role of Hyunkyung, the leader of popular girlgroup "Purple Sisters," in the series

4minute’s Gayoon Turns into 80s Diva in Latest Still Cuts for MBC “Light and Shadow”

4minute Gayoon’s acting debut drama series, MBC “Light and Shadow,” released still cuts of the star singer on May 7. The scenes are from tonight’s episode where Gayoon will show up as Hyun Kyung, the leader of the 80s pop girl group, Purple Sisters

[NEWS] 4minute’s Gayoon to make acting debut in ‘Light and Shadow’

4minute’s Heo Gayoon will be making her first attempt in acting at the MBC’s ongoing drama series ‘Light and Shadow’. According to her agency, Cube Entertainment, Gayoon will transform into a hit 80’s singer and will play the role of Hyun Kyung which is the leader of a popular girl group Purple Sisters

4minute’s HyunA and Gayoon to appear on ‘Top Gear Korea’

4minute‘s HyunA and Gayoon hit the race track in high-performance cars. The 4minute members appeared for the “star lap time corner” on XTM‘s ‘Top Gear Korea‘ in Isan this past 8th

4minute’s Gayoon gets into mix-ups because of age?

4minute member Gayoon expressed confidence in her bare face. On the May 16th episode of ‘Weekly Idol‘, the members of 4minute, who are currently promoting their track “Volume Up“, appeared as guests

4minute’s Gayoon wows with a chic image in ‘Fast’ magazine

4minute‘s fashionista Gayoon was selected for the June edition of ‘Fast‘ style magazine. In the pictorial Gayoon shows off her charismatic expressions and flaunted her beautiful figure, pulling off the “black chic” concept with ease

4minute Heo Gayoon Sexy in Black for "Fast"

4minute’s Heo Gayoon showed off a “Black Chic” concept that was very charismatic for a photoshoot with the style magazine “Fast.” The photoshoot was revealed on May 31. She made the cover for the magazine

4minute’s Gayoon praised for her acting on ‘Light and Shadow’

4minute‘s Gayoon is receiving attention for her charms in MBC‘s drama ‘Light and Shadow‘. In ‘Light and Shadow’, Gayoon perfectly pulled off the role of Hyungyung, leader of a famous group Purple Sisters, with her strong vocals and dance skills

4minute's Huh Gayoon, "My Ankles Are My Complex"

4minute, Huh gayoon huh gayoon 4minute's Huh Gayoon revealed her complex. On a cable TV program called "Style Log: Weekly," which aired on June 19, Huh Gayoon made an inconsiderate remark by saying that her ankles were her complex

4minute’s Jiyoon and Gayoon snap a selca before heading off to England

4minute‘s Jiyoon and Gayoon snapped a selca in the airport before heading off to their trip in England. On June 21st, Jiyoon attached the above photo on Twitter and wrote, “The Yoons before going off to England“

Bare Faced 4minute Jiyoon-Gayoon, On Their Way To England!

4minute, Gayoon, Jiyoon Bare Faced 4Minute Jiyoon-Gayoon, On Their Way To England! Girl group 4minute member's Jiyoon and Gayoon take a snapshot before boarding their flight to London. On June 21, Jiyoon wrote on her twitter, "The Double Yoons! Before heading to England!" along with a picture

4minute’s Gayoon poses with a snake for ‘Dazed & Confused’

4minute Gayoon‘s fashion pictorial with Dazed & Confused magazine was recently revealed, and her transformation is leaving fans in awe. The concept of the shoot was about a woman who loves snakes, and Gayoon had to pose with a 2 meter (6