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Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Daesung to Appear on SBS “Healing Camp”

An SBS representative revealed that Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Daesung took part in filming SBS “Healing Camp” at YG Entertainment’s headquarters. According to the representative the two Big Bang members spoke about the marijuana incident and also the fatal car accident

G-Dragon and Daesung will open up about their scandals through ‘Healing Camp’

Big Bang members, G-Dragon and Daesung, have decided to open up about their respective controversies through SBS TV‘s ’Healing Camp‘. On February 10th, an SBS representative revealed that the two idols wrapped up recording for the show, where they discussed their personal struggles after getting embroiled in scandals involving marijuana and a fatal car accident

All of Big Bang to Appear on The Talk Show "Healing Camp"

Posted: February 11, 2012 7:12 PM EST Big Bang G-Dragon and Dae-Sung of Big Bang are going to appear on SBS talk show, Healing Camp. The two singers has finished shooting for the show, and all of Big Bang members participated towards the end

Preview of Big Bang on ‘Healing Camp’ revealed

On February 13th, a preview of Big Bang‘s upcoming appearance on SBS‘s ‘Healing Camp‘ was revealed. The filming took place at YG headquarters in Seoul, shortly before their departure to New York City

Big Bang’s Preview of ‘Healing Camp’

SBS ‘Healing Camp’ released a preview of the episode featuring Big Bang’s Daesung and G-Dragon, they appeared on the show to apologize for their controversies of 2011. During the show both of them will share about the hardship, difficulties and personal struggle to overcome them

Big Bang Appearing in 'Healing Camp' Preview Released

'Healing Camp' preview for the next episode where every big bang members are appearing is drawing big attention online. Big Bang's 'Healing Camp' was filmed at YG Entertainment corporate builing in Seoul on Feb 8th, schedule to be broadcasted on Feb 20th

Preview of G-Dragon and Daesung's Appearance on "Healing Camp"

At the end of the episode of SBS “Healing Camp” that featured Yoon Jong Shin on February 13, a brief preview was shown about the highly anticipated Big Bang Episode that will broadcast next week. In the preview G-Dragon briefly says “Axis of Evil

Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Daesung open their hearts in Healing Camp

At the end of the February 13 episode of SBS’s popular talk show Healing Camp, the next episode’s preview was followed, which surprisingly turned out to star in Big Bang’s week. Through the brief preview of the show’s next episode, we could see Daesung having tears forming in his eyes

Han Ga In Changes from “Concept Girl” to “Healing Girl” in TMETS

Actress Han Ga In is arousing the desire of Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) and Yang Myung (Jung Il Woo) in The Moon Embracing the Sun. In episode 12 of MBC drama The Moon Embracing the Sun (TMETS) broadcast on February 9th, 2012, Hwon grips on Wol, and said, “Who permitted you to leave without permission? Who is the one saying to soothe the pain in my heart? Before the confusion in my heart is calmed down, you cannot leave me

'Healing Camp' Seung Ri comments "TOP and I are the faces of Big Bang"

Big Bang all agreed "We never know we would be an idol group". On the 20th broadcast of SBS 'Healing Camp' they revealed "We came in without knowing we were going to be an idol group, but when the president told us we were going to be idols, we all looked at each other's face and was speechless"

'Healing Camp' DaeSung, "I Got Hurt By the Comment 'Murderer'"

Big Bang DaeSung revealed his feelings about the car accident incident. In SBS 'Healing Camp' aired on the 20th, Big Bang's G-Dragon and Daesung came out. When he was asked about his feelings at the time of the accident, he said "I had never thought something like this would happen to me so my mind was completely blank

Surprise of SeungRi-TaeYang-TOP: 'Healing Food' for G-Dragon and Daesung

In SBS 'Healing Camp' aired on the 20th, SeungRi, TaeYang and TOP had a surprise cooking performance for G-dragon and Daesung. G-dragon and Daesung were really surprised, and they said "But it does feel good", showing their happiness

'Healing Camp' GD talks about his scandals with female celebrities

Big Bang leader GD talked about his scandals. On the 20th broadcast of SBS 'Healing Camp' GD appeared with other Big Bang members and was questioned about being 'Big Bang's biggest scandal maker'

Big Bang on 'Healing Camp' 'Tae Yang was jealous for TOP'

Big Bang member Tae Yang revealed a time when he was hurt by TOP. On the 20th broadcast of SBS 'Healing Camp', Big Bang members who are preparing for a new album came on TV to talk about their last two years

Daesung talks about his car accident on ‘Healing Camp’

Big Bang‘s Daesung opened up regarding his car accident that took place last year. Daesung and fellow member G-Dragon guest-featured on the February 20th episode of SBS ‘Healing Camp‘ to talk about their scandals that had a significant impact on their careers

'Healing Camp' Ratings Increase With The Help Of Big Bang

  SBS 'Healing Camp' has increased its  ratings by 0.8% since last week with the help of Big Bang's appearance.  On the 21st, it was recorded that SBS 'Healing Camp' received a ratings of 7

Lee Hyori to Guest on "Healing Camp"

Lee Hyori is going to make an appearance on "Healing Camp." Sources from "Healing Camp" spoke with MyDaily on April 10 and said, "Lee Hyori has decided to make an appearance on 'Healing Camp.' The shooting is going to start on April 11, but the location isn't decided yet

Hyori Tweets Following “Healing Camp” Recording: “Should I Steal the Tape and Run?”

On April 11, Lee Hyori recorded an episode of SBS “Healing Camp.” Following the recording, she tweeted, “I’m back after filming ‘Healing Camp.’ I talked about my life from my childhood until now, and I realized that I’m such a lucky person

Lee Hyo Ri talks honestly on ‘Healing Camp’

Singer Lee Hyo Ri recently talked about how she felt after appearing on Healing Camp. On April 11, Lee tweeted, “I finished recording Healing Camp. I realized that I’m a very lucky person after I had the chance to talk about my childhood

Lee Hyori to appear on upcoming episode of ‘Healing Camp’

Judging from several tweets made by singer Lee Hyori, she will be appearing on an upcoming episode of SBS‘s intimate interview program, ‘Healing Camp‘. The singer expressed her thoughts on Twitter after filming for the show, “I just got back from recording ‘Healing Camp’… As I was talking about my childhood years to my present life, I began to realize once again how fortunate I was… Thank you