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Happy Birthday Goo Hara!

Kara member Goo Hara's official birthday picture has been revealed!On January 13, Kara's youngest member Kang Ji Young tweeted, "Hara Unnie (term addressed to an older female) Happy Birthday~" along with a picture

Happy Birthday Sexy Cakes!

Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas this year is……. a Takoyaki lovin’ former Hyoyeon dance rival Kkab girl who could possibly have written my favorite track on “The Hoot” album with a bangin’ S-Line

IT’S OUT! Happy Girls’ Generation Day!

back to edit in 2 secs… The moment we’ve all been waiting for… days, weeks, MONTHS spent writhing impatiently in anticipation for the girl’s comeback. Well my friends, the MOMENT HAS FREAKING ARRIVED! THE GIRLS’ ARE BACK! SM finally unveiled the MVs for ‘The Boys’ through their youtube channel at midnight (give or take a few minutes), officially marking 19th October 2011 ‘Girls’ Generation Day’

SONEs Wish Hyoyeon A Happy Birthday!

Precious Dancing Queen/Choding Hyoyeon, turned 23 today, and SONEs from all over the world joined in on the celebrations, wishing her a very Happy Birthday. Early in the morning at 1am KST, ‘Happy Birthday Kim HyoYeon’ claimed the seventh spot on Twitter’s worldwide trends list: SONEs were also trending #kimhyoyeon and #kimchoding

Happy 3rd Anniversary

I don’t write these types of posts often..and I despise sounding like a ball of cheese but for an occasion as special as this, I have to write something, right? If you have no interest in reading about my thoughts towards SNSDKorean and all that ish, feel free to just skip right on over this! I apologize if this isn’t written in a super fancy manner or whatever, but I thought it’d be best to write it in a tone that suits my personality Well…3 years

Arden Cho wishes Sooyoung a Happy Birthday

[UPDATE] Recent tweet from Arden to Soshified: @soshified Sooyoung is a cutie for sure and thankful for all the love!! Goodnight <3 great job on the site!— Arden Cho (@arden_cho) February 12, 2011 Original Post after the jump

After School Happy Pledis concept photos (part 2)

A different set of concept photos from After School’s Happy Pledis album.I think these photos are the theme for their title track Love Love Love.

After School Happy Pledis concept photos (part 1)

After School have released a charity album Happy Pledis.The profit from the album will be donated to the Save the Children Foundation.Bekah is not working with this album as she has returned to Hawaii for her long holiday

Happy Together 3, G4 member’s Yoo Jae Suk doppelgänger?

G4 have been added to ‘Happy Together 3′ to inject more laughter into it. On ‘Happy Together 3′, comedians Kim Won Hyo, Kim Joon Ho, Jung Bum Kyun, and Choi Hyo Jong have been added as co-MC’s under the name G4 (gag men 4)

Se7en with happy worries, “Thinking of fun things to do with the fans”

Singer Se7en is deeply immersed in some happy worries. On February 1st, Se7en posted on his Me2Day, “The album I prepared for everyone who will by my side ‘Even If I Can’t Sing’

Secret, Jun Hyosung wishes you a happy new year & G.Na proves their friendship

Secret member Jun Hyosung sent out a lunar new year’s greetings. Jun Hyosung tweeted on January 22nd, “Everyone, are you spending a great new year’s holidays?” I will wish for you to have a prosperous new year and for this year to be full of only good things>__< kee I will give you the power of the dragon since it's the year of the black dragon+_+!! Let's Secret time

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung says “Happy New Year” with cartoonized Kara

In the early morning hours of January 23rd, Kara member Kang Jiyoung sent out greetings on her Twitter account. The first tweet has a message in Japanese wishing for a happier new year. Each of the members of Kara are cartoonized beautifully in the picture posted with the message on it

Kim Sun Ah, “Happy holidays! With the scent of the young emotions”

The lovely actress Kim Sun Ah sends out her greetings for the holiday season. The lunar new year is here and Kim Sun Ah did not forget to send out her greetings to the fans. Kim Suh Ah posted on her Me2Day account on January 21st, “So it’s the beginning of the lunar new year holidays? Careful with the cars

Park Bo Young wishes everyone a happy new year with her honey skin selca

Actress Park Bo Young sent out greetings for the new year to the fans boasting her honey skin. Park Bo Young tweeted on January 23rd, “Have a prosperous new year”, along with a picture. The picture shows Park Bo Young without a trace of makeup, showing off her beautiful honey skin

Jung Ryeo Won happy with birthday wishes from the set of ‘The History of the Salaryman’

Actress Jung Ryeo Won revealed that everyone was wishing her a happy birthday on the set of ‘The History of the Salaryman’. Jung Ryeo Won tweeted on January 21st, “Wow, I’m a happy person! The birthday cake from the staff on set, directors~ Excited!” along with a picture

Park Han Byul’s ‘Happy Birthday’ selca ready to blow a kiss

Park Han Byul revealed a selca for a friend’s birthday. Park Han Byul tweeted on January 21st, “Lana Lana!! Here in Korea, it’s your birthday. Happy happy birthday! I will be the first to wish you a happy birthday through Twitter!! Oomhahahaha! It’s my gift, my picture”, along with a picture

Lee Hyori “happy these days” thanks to Lee Sang Soon?

Lee Hyori drew attention with words that seemed to be referring to her boyfriend Lee Sang Soon. On the January 14th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Relay’, the set of Lee Hyori’s pictorial was revealed

Lee Chun Hee, “Wife Jun Hye Jin was happy too that Jiyeon said I’m her ideal man”

Actor Lee Chun Hee drew attention revealing the reaction of his wife, Jun Hye Jin, to T-ara member Jiyeon‘s statement that Lee Chun Hee is her ideal type. Lee Chun Hee appeared on the January 10th installment of SBS TV’s ‘Strong Heart’ and he opened up saying, “I saw Jiyeon, who had said that I was her ideal type, on ‘Strong Heart’ and she said she likes Yoon Shi Yoon

WG Yubin on Sunye’s relationship, “Envious and happy for her”

Group Wonder Girls member Yubin expressed that she envies Sunye for her relationship. The December 13th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Life Theater’ was the wonder Girls episode. On this installment of ‘Star Life Theater’, Yubin made mention of Sunye who has recently revealed that she is in a romantic relationship

Super Junior, Siwon to Sungmin covered in cake, “Happy Birthday”

Group Super Junior member Choi Siwon celebrated band mate Sungmin‘s birthday. Siwon tweeted to Sungmin on January 1st, “Happy Birthday! Hope you enjoy your birthday and the first day of the year 2012!” along with two pictures