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SNSD, “Some of us don’t gain any weight even if they eat a lot”

Girl group SNSD revealed that there are members who do not gain weight no matter how much they eat. SNSD appeared on Mnet’s ‘Beatles code’ to air at midnight on December 8th, and revealed their honest opinions on dieting

Han Gain's Doll Face Up Close

Actor Han Gain's close up picture of her face was revealed. Through an online community, a close up picture of Han Gain has caught the attention of fans.  In the picture, Han Gain is wearing a green shirt with her hair neatly tied back

'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' Han GaIn and Yoon SeungAh's Self Camera

MBC drama 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' cast Han GaIn and Yoon SeungAh revealed their self camera.  On the 11th, Yoon SeungAh posted a picture on her twitter along with the comments, "It's almost Valentine's Day~^^ It's Wul and Sul's hearts

Han GaIn and Yuna: They Look Old Without Beauty Lines!

Actor Han GaIn and SNSD member Yuna's edited pictures of beauty lines below their eyes removed is catching a lot of attention. Recently in the online community, pictures have been posted up with the title of 'Han GaIn and Yuna: what would they look like without the baby fat under their eyes?' As seen in the picture, there is a drastic difference between their normal state and their eye beauty lines removed

Han GaIn Gets Back Her Acting Skills Along With Her Memory

Wul (Han GaIn) finally got her memories back. Along with the memories, her acting skills are settling into their place. In the 14th episode of MBC drama 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' aired on the 16th is captured Wul getting back her memories after seeing the ghost of her child self

Han GaIn on Her Looks: 'It Would Be Faster to Find What I Like'

Actress Han GaIn talked about her complex of her face. On the 18th on KBS2 'I Like Movies', she was interviewed along with Um TaeWoong, Suzy, and Lee JaeHoon for the movie 'Introduction to Architecture

Han Gain Doesn't Look Good With Kim SooHyun

  Comedian Shin Bora sent a courageous message to Han Gain. On the 19th, Shin Bora did a segment on KBS 'Gag Concert' that questioned the MBC drama 'The Moon That Embraces The Sun' cast.  Shin Bora shouted, "Show me your courage

Han GaIn- Kim SooHyun: Kiss Scene in Preview!

Posted: February 23, 2012 4:15 PM EST Kim Soo Hyun, han ga in It seems like the love line between YunWoo and Hwon in 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' will officially start. At the end of 16th episode of MBC drama 'The Moon that Embraces the Sun' aired on the 23rd, Kim SooHyun and Han GaIn pictured them almost kissing, arousing much curiosity from the viewers of the drama

Gain Shows Her Skins

Posted: February 26, 2012 10:08 PM EST Ga-In revealed some exclusive photos of her lingerie. Ga-In from Brown-Eyed Girls is a model for Korean inner-wear brand, Yes, and the pictures show her unique charms

Brown Eyed Girls' Gain Lingerie Shooting Photo Revealed

Gain member of Brown Eyed Girls, was casted as main model for a lingerie brand 'Yes' in January, and the company released video of her photos which was not released before. In the short video clip which runs for 30 seconds, Gain radiated various beauties from a shy and lovely girl, to a bold and sexy woman

Yoon Eun Hye Addresses Weight Gain Rumors

Over the weekend, actress Yoon Eun Hye was in Hong Kong for the "6th Asian Film Awards," where she participated as one of the ceremony presenters. Once the event was over, netizens began posting screen captures from the show to various internet communities

Shinhwa and 2PM gain interest for having many similarities

Original idol group Shinhwa and 2PM are gaining interest from fans for their similarities. On the March 26th broadcast of Mnet‘s ‘Wide Entertainment News,’ it was revealed that there were many parallels between sunbae (senior) group Shinhwa and hoobae (junior) group 2PM

Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and Lee Dong Wook Dating Rumors Gain Steam

On April 3, local media Dispatch released paparazzi photos of Girls’ Generation’s Jessica and actor Lee Dong Wook together at comedian Jung Joon Ha’s birthday party. The photos taken on March 18 show the co-stars of KBS drama “Wild Romance” sitting next to each other at a separate table, almost looking like a couple deeply in love (see photos here)

JYP releases "Someone Else" ft. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain single + MV

JYP (J.Y. Park, Park Jinyoung) has made a comeback and released a new single on April 22nd, which features Brown Eyed Girls' Gain. After a 2-year hiatus, Asia's leading producer is finally returning to the stage

[VIDEO] JYP unveiled Someone Else MV featuring Gain!

JYP announced his comeback with the release of Someone else MV. Check out the MV here featuring Brown Eyed Girls Gain!

Lee Hyori and G.NA’s beautiful swimsuit bodies gain attention

Singer Lee Hyori and G.NA‘s swimsuit photos have created a buzz across the internet. Recently, photos of the two singers surfaced on an online community bulletin under the title, ‘Lee Hyori and G

JYP Entertainment’s single eyelid stars gain attention

For those familiar with K-pop and beauty standards in Asian countries, you know that double eyelids are one of the most obsessed about factors in one’s appearance. However, JYP Entertainment‘s single eyelid stars have recently been gaining attention as examples of celebrities who have no problems shining even without the coveted double eyelids

Pixie Lott's Album Featuring G-Dragon & T.O.P Continues to Gain Momentum

English singer, Pixie Lott, and Big Bang members G-Dragon and T.O.P have collaborated on the single, “Dancing on My Own.”  The single is featured in Pixie Lott’s Japanese album, “Young Foolish Happy,” which was released in Asia on April 30

JYP comes back to M! Countdown with "Someone Else" ft. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain

With his EP "Spring - 5 Songs for 1 Spring" releasing earlier this month, along MV for the track "Someone Else" ft. Brown Eyed Girls' Gain also releasing through JYP's YouTube channel, JYP has finally returned to the live stage on tonight's M! Countdown, after delaying his comeback due to voice loss

Did Song Hye Kyo really gain weight?

A picture of Song Hye Kyo is currently attracting many people’s attention. According to reports, the picture of Song in a comfortable outfit was taken on May 17 in Hong Kong. In the picture, Song is in a loose-fitting T-shirt and black short pants and wearing sunglasses and flip-flops