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Haha and Singer Byul Announces Wedding Date!

Haha, Byul Haha and Singer Byul Announces Wedding Date! All around entertainer Haha and singer Byul have revealed their wedding date. Haha and Byul have announced their wedding date to the media today

Kim Jae Dong plays a joke on his bachelor life after news of HaHa’s wedding

Entertainer Kim Jae Dong recently tweeted on his official page joking about his bitter bachelor life following HaHa‘s announcement of his wedding, “I’m going to take all of the wedding invitations I’ve received and use them to heat up my room this winter by lighting them on fire

Haha Asks Yoo Jae Suk to Explain about His Wedding Photo with Byul

Haha‘s fiancée Byul and friend Yoo Jae Suk were spotted as bride and groom in a picture. After Haha announced his relationship and wedding date with singer Byul during a press conference he had called, he stumbled upon a surprising picture on Twitter

HaHa: It’s definitely not a ‘shotgun’ wedding

On August 15 at 12 p.m. (KST) at MBC’s Dream Center in Ilsan, Haha met with the press in a press conference to shed light on his surprise wedding announcement with Byul. Appearing in a slick black suit, Haha bashfully opened by saying, “Little kid Haha will be getting married

With The Wedding Announcement Out, HaHa And Byul Freely Speaks On Twitter

Haha, Byul, Twitter, marriage, wedding haha As HaHa and Byul annouced their marriage to the public, the two began to talk to each other publicly on Twitter. On Wednesday, Byul revealed her feelings for HaHa through Twitter saying, "I cheer for you! Because you are a wonderful person

Singer Yoon Do Hyun reveals that he was one of the few who had know of HaHa’s wedding plans

On the August 15th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘, after airing the news of Haha‘s marriage announcement, Girls‘ Generation‘s Sooyoung commented, “I congratulate HaHa on his marriage, but I feel like he will also receive a lot of resentment

Yoo Jae Suk-Byul, Wedding Picture... Haha "What is this?! Explain it to me!"

Yoo Jae Suk, Byul asfd A wedding picture of Yoo Jae Suk and Byul were revealed, catching attention. Yesterday, one internet user tweeted to Haha, 'Are you going to praise Yoo Jae Suk even after this picture?' along with a picture

HaHa’s wedding news to make ‘Infinity Challenge’ members surprised

Through ‘Infinity News’, HaHa will share emotions about his wedding event on the August 25th episode of MBC‘s ‘Infinity Challenge‘. HaHa announced his wedding on his press conference officially on the 15th in Ilsan

Haha Gets His Wedding Approved By miss A's Suzy?

Haha, miss A, Suzy, MBC, Byul, 19TV Mutiny Haha Gets His Wedding Approved By miss A's Suzy? miss A Suzy sent a text message approving Haha's marriage miss A's Suzy sent a text message approving Haha's marriage

Byul Loses Her Dad a Month Before Her Wedding + Haha & Byul Already Legally Married

Singer Byul’s father, Kim Ho Sang, passed away earlier this morning at Yonsei University’s Severance Hospital in Seoul. Kim suffered a medical accident which paralyzed his entire body in 2002

Haha Invites Jason Mraz to His Wedding, "Are You Coming To My Wedding?"

haha, jason mraz, twitter haha invites jason mraz HaHa expressed that he wants to invite Jason Mraz to his wedding. Today, HaHa posted a picture of musician Jason Mraz on his Twitter, saying "Mraz

Byul and Haha to continue their wedding plans

After completing the funeral for Byul’s father, HaHa and Byul will be going on with their original plans. A representative of HaHa shared, “There are no changes to HaHa’s future promotions. Luckily, he had no schedule during the funeral period

Byul Reveals a Picture of a Wedding Dress, Fiance Haha in Awe

Byul, Haha Byul Reveals a Picture of a Wedding Dress, Soon-To-Be-Husband Haha in Awe Byul in a wedding dress was revealed. Today, Haha posted the video of his proposal and of Byul in a wedding dress on his Twitter

HaHa And Byul Release Two Wedding Photos

HaHa, Byul HaHa and Byul have taken wedding photos! Funny enough, the photos match their relationship and personality perfectly. In both photos, HaHa's 'hybrid' personality was brought to life in a charismatic manner

HaHa and Byul’s new wedding photos to be brought out

The HaHa-Byul couple has released their wedding pictures, which were clearly not any normal wedding pictures that we could see everyday. This time they decided to opt for a hilarious and comical theme with their wedding photo shoot, where HaHa acted as her ‘Infinity Challenge‘ character “Hybrid”

Byul Wants to Keep Her Wedding Night with Haha Under Wraps

Byul politely turned down a question asking her about her ′nights′ with Haha.On the October 31 broadcast of SBS′ One Night of TV Entertainment, Byul gave her honest answers about her fiance Haha

Kim Jong Gook undergoes ‘a mental breakdown’ after hearing Haha’s wedding announcement

During a recent interview, singer-entertainer Kim Jong Gook revealed his reaction to Haha’s wedding announcement. He confessed, “Haha is a friend whom I’ve discussed marriage and life hardships with

Running Man star Kim Jong Guk says Haha’s wedding announcement left him feel betryed

Singer and Running Man top player Kim Jong Guk recently revealed that he felt betrayed when Haha announced his wedding The episode of KBS2’s Happy Together 3 that aired on November 1 was themed “Ballads for Fall

'Taxi' Byul, Reveals a Picture of Mini Wedding with HaHa

byul, haha, TVN, TAXI byul mini wedding with haha Singer Byul revealed a picture of a mini wedding she had with HaHa. In tvN "Taxi" aired today, Byul said, "Lee Sung Mi suggested that we have a mini wedding

Running Man star Kim Kong Jong Huk says, “I lost my appetite at the news of Haha’s wedding”

Singer and Running Man star Kim Kong Guk recently revealed how shocked he was when he heard the news of the announcement of Haha and Byul’s wedding. Kim Jong Guk had an interview on the first episode of Midnight Entertainment TV that aired on November 7