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Boyfriend's Youngmin and Kwangmin Sport New Haircut

Boyfriend’s twin members Youngmin and Kwangmin are currently sporting new hairstyles. Their disheveled locks appeared on popular social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. Netizens quickly caught on and wondered what the fashionable and radical haircut is for

Boyfriend’s Kwangmin shows off a tousled hairstyle

Boyfriend member Kwangmin was recently spotted with a unique hairstyle that’s sparked interest on the internet as of late. The photos were taken during a photo shoot for fashion magazine Allure Korea then posted on the group’s official Facebook and Twitter pages, showing off Kwangmin’s supremely tousled look, as if a huge gust of wind pushed his hair upwards

New Mnet reality show trains Boyfriend to become Hallyu leaders

Boyfriend will be hosting their very first reality program through Mnet! The show is called ‘Boyfriend’s W Military Academy‘, and the members will be expected to undergo various missions and training sessions in order to become new leaders of the Hallyu wave

Boyfriend says hello to Spring with ‘Vogue Girl’

Idol group Boyfriend are getting ready to usher in the Spring season with their latest pictorial for ‘Vogue Girl‘ magazine. The boys departed from their typical uniformed look by rocking different styles

Boyfriend twins, Kwangmin and Youngmin, to cameo in Fat Cat’s next performance

Singer Fat Cat has brought on a slew of male celebrities recently to cameo for her music program performances, and she’ll be doing it again for tonight’s episode of ‘Show! Music Core‘

Koyote’s Shinji supports her boyfriend at his basketball game

Koyote‘s Shinji, who recently revealed her relationship with basketball player Yoo Byung Jae, has tweeted a photo of herself at his basketball game. The accompanying caption read: “At the basketball game to see my boyfriend~^^♥ with a friend~keke loving it~!” Shinji seems to be happier ever since the relationship began, and the two lovebirds received much support as they continue to show their affection in public

Netizens find old photos of Jun Ji Hyun’s new boyfriend

The face of Jun Ji Hyun‘s new boyfriend Choi Jun Hyuk has been revealed, becoming a hot topic of conversation amongst netizens online. This is the first time the actress has publicly acknowledged a relationship, and by doing so has further evoked curiosity amongst her fans as to who he could be

Boyfriend greets overseas fans in costumes that show off their individuality

Boyfriend, who have just been awarded allkpop‘s ‘Best Rookie of 2011′, have embarked on a mission to reach out to their international fans. On their reality show, ‘Boyfriend’s W Military Academy’, the members of Boyfriend were given the mission of taking photos that showed off their individuality to make themselves more known to fans overseas

Wonder Girls’ Sunye Sighted in Canada with Boyfriend

Recently, a photo of Wonder Girls’ Sunye and her boyfriend has been posted on an online board. The photo was uploaded under the title, “Sunye with her boyfriend during her Canada trip.” In the photo, Sunye is with her boyfriend (far left) and an unknown man

Recent photo of Wonder Girls’ Sunye and her boyfriend

A picture of Wonder Girls‘ Sunye and her missionary boyfriend was recently revealed. On January 30th, a photo of the couple was revealed on an online entertainment news committee site under the title, “Sunye on vacation in Canada with her boyfriend“

SISTAR’s Dasom & Boyfriend’s Hyunsung to postpone college for the time being

  SISTAR member Dasom and Boyfriend‘s Hyunsung will be enrolling in college next year. Although both idols took their college entrance exams last year for the 2012 school year, they have decided to postpone college in order to pursue their entertainment careers

Sandara Park’s pictures from the past… An ex-boyfriend?

Group 2NE1 member Sandara Park‘s pictures from the past with a guy have been revealed. Recently on an online community board, some of the pictures of Sandara working as an entertainer in the Phillipines have been revealed

Sunye goes on a trip to Canada with boyfriend

Group Wonder Girls‘ leader Sunye‘s photo taken with boyfriend in Canada has been revealed. The photo above was posted on an online community on the 30th under the title, “Sunye is vacationing in Canada with her boyfriend”

Jun Ji Hyun’s handsome boyfriend revealed

Actress Jun Ji Hyun‘s boyfriend, Mr. Choi Jun Hyuk‘s face has been revealed to the world, making waves online. Jun Ji Hyun made big headlines recently with her admission of a being in a relationship for the first time in her career

Hwang Jung Eum’s boyfriend Kim Yong Jun to join the military in the spring

Group SG Wannabe’s Kim Yong Jun is likely to join the military this spring. Kim Yong Jun has recently received a draft notice and according to a close associate of his, he will be enlisting in the military in the first half of 2012

Goo Hara’s boyfriend Yong Jun Hyung’s girlfriends were all pretty?

Group B2ST (aka, BEAST) member Yong Jun Hyung‘s pictures with his girlfriends from the past are all the buzz online. Recently on an online community board, some pictures have been posted tagged, ‘B2ST Yong Jun Hyung, past pictures with girlfriends’

Lee Hyori to MC new program, “If boyfriend Lee Sang Soon is to appear?”

Lee Hyori is coming back to TV. It has been announced that Lee Hyori will be the MC of SBS‘s new music program and that Jung Jae Hyung would be her partner. Lee Hyori’s management company representative revealed on January 16th in a phone conversation with NewsEN, “Music program MC is confirmed

Sunye, Revealing about the boyfriend “is not out of nowhere”

Group Wonder Girls member Sunye made mention of her boyfriend. The December 13th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Star Life Theater’ was the wonder Girls episode. Sunye revealed on this installment of ‘Star Life Theater’, “So many people think it was sudden but for me, it was a process that was prepared little by little

Boyfriend reveals dance practice video for ‘I’ll Be There’

The six member boy band Boyfriend has released a dance practice video on the 6th for their song ‘I’ll Be There’. Boyfriend’s agency released the video through youtube and official fancafe, revealing an up and close look of the boys’ hard work

Boyfriend on ‘Inkigayo’ shake up the hearts of the women

Boy band Boyfriend have come back with a new song shaking up the noonas. On the January 1st SBS’s ‘Inkigayo – New Year’s Special’ Boyfriend sang their song ‘I’ll Be There’