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Wonder Girls So He Showing Off Her Superior Bottom With Golden Ratio

So Hee unveiled a denim photo of herself. Tommy Hilfiger recently selected Wonder Girls So Hee for 2012 Tommy Hilfiger model. On this photobook, So Hee gave away the innocent girly feeling, but was reborn with an true angel with flawless bottom

Yuri’s golden ratio figure: “No photoshop needed”

  Girl’s Generation Yuri‘s beautiful golden ratio figure has become a hot topic. Recently, an online community uploaded a picture of Yuri on its bulletin page, of her participation at an opening event for a department store

Girls' Generation Yuri's Golden-Ratio Figure Awes Netizens

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri’s golden ratio figure has become a hot topic among netizens. More and more netizens are aware of photoshop’s magical touch in pictorials, thus doubting celebrities’ “perfect” figures in photos

Experts find out golden ratio of woman's body

Experts have analyzed the golden ratio of beauty to develop medical technology. At first, the research was to find out the standards of beauty during the time of ancient Greeks and Romans through statues such as the Venus of Milos

SNSD’s Tiffany, Yoona, and Jessica have the golden-ratio body figure

Girlgroup SNSD’s Tiffany, Yoona, and Jessica attract eyes with their perfect figure in an image that did not undergo photoshopping. Recently, a picture titled “Undoctored image of Tiffany, Yoona, and Jessica” was posted on an online community gallery

Son Dambi Flaunts Her Golden Ratio

Singer Son Dam bi wowed fans with her stunning figure as a cereal model. Son Dam Bi has recently been invited to be the endorsement model for Nongshim Kellog’s weight-loss cereal Special K after actress Lee Soo Kyung

Airport Fashion: SNSD, MBLAQ, BEAST, Kara and Other Idol Stars Heading to the Golden Disk Awards in Japan

Airports in Korea and Japan have been hustling and bustling for the past two days due to the major outflux and influx of top idol stars traveling to the 26th Golden Disk Awards in Osaka, Japan. For two straight days, January 11-12, the 26th Golden Disk Awards will be held

Winners Announced for 2nd Day of 26th Golden Disk Awards

On January 12, the second day of the 26th “Golden Disk Awards” was held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan. On today’s show, hosted by F.T. Island’s Lee Hong Ki and miss A’s Suzy, the winners of the digital sales awards were announced (Check out the winners of yesterday’s physical album sales awards here)

Stars walk the red carpet for the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’

On January 11th, the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘ finally kicked off at the Osaka Kyocera Dome in Japan. Since it’s the first time for the awards show to take its ceremony overseas, a plethora of popular artists lined up to walk the red carpet in front of hundreds of reporters and fans

Jay Park prepares a piano performance for the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’

Singer Jay Park will be deviating from his normal dance routines by presenting a special piano stage at the ’26th Golden Disk Awards’! On January 10th, Sidus HQ‘s Twitter shared an update with a photo of the singer hard at work

Jay Park poses with his Golden Disk Award + Dance practice video with Prepix Crew

Singer Jay Park received the ‘Disk Bonsang’ recently from the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘, and he’s absolutely jubilant over the win! As always, Jay Park made sure to express his appreciation for his team, who’ve helped him become a major success

Dal Shabet proudly shows off their Golden Disk Award

It seems that Dal Shabet is still in shock over winning an award from the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘. On January 14th, Dal Shabet uploaded a picture onto their official Twitter and wrote, “Together with the Golden Disk Rookie Award! Isn’t it beautiful? See how it looks like Serri’s Penguin lips? But Ah Young… You’re not supposed to eat your hand~ It’s not something you eat~ Very cute and pretty Dal Shabet fighting!” The Dal Shabet members are seen gathered around their Golden Disk Award after getting off stage

[UPDATED] SNSD Nominated for Three Categories at the Golden Disk Awards

+ Updated with voting information – As the GDA voting page is entirely in Korean, Soshified has very kindly created a translated voting guide. So what are you waiting for? GOGOGOGOGOGO!!! <- link to information page It’s been announced for the 26th annual Golden Disk Awards (Korean Grammy Awards) SNSD has been nominated in three categories which include: Album of the Year, Digital Album of the Year and Most Popular Artist of the Year

The 26th Golden Disk Awards Recap: Digital Album Awards

Respected authority in Korean music, ‘Golden Disk Awards’ took place overseas for the first time since inception. The first ‘Golden Disk Awards’ took place in 1986. The ‘Golden Disk Awards’ is arguably the most prestigious awards ceremony since its reputation for fair standards precedes it as the committee utilizes figures from album and digital music sales only

G.NA shows off her ‘Golden Disk’ trophy

Singer G.NA celebrates her ‘Golden Disk’ win with friend and 4Minute member, Nam Ji Hyun. G.NA tweeted a short message and a photo collage on the 12th, “Thank you so much!!! I am so energized~~~!!!^^^”

The 26th Golden Disk Awards Recap: Physical Album Awards

Respected authority in Korean music, ‘Golden Disk Awards’ took place overseas for the first time in Japan and Super Junior were the winners that swept it all. The first ‘Golden Disk Awards’ took place in 1986

SNSD, golden goddesses at MBC Gayo Daejaejun

Girl group SNSD showed off their beauties in the golden dresses. The ’2011 MBC Gayo Daejaejun’ took place on December 31st. It was broadcast live with connections to Kwang Myung Speed Dome, Ilsan MBC Dream Center, New York Times Square, Imjingak, and Busan BEXCO

K-Popcorn, Chocolat, golden goddesses on stage cute and sexy

Group Chocolat geared up with cuteness and sexiness in their gold outfits. Chocolat put on a performance on Channel A’s ‘K-Popcorn’ on December 10th at 10:30pm. Chocolat released their first single ‘Chocolat First Single Album’ back in August and promoted the title song ‘Syndrome’ and recently they released a new single

Wonder Girls' Sohee's Perfect Body Ratio

Wonder Girls’ Sohee shows off her perfect bodyline in the 2012 Tommy Hilfiger Denim photoshoot. In this photoshoot, Sohee throws off her usual innocent and babyfaced image and displays her perfect body line

KARA Wins 5 Awards At Japan's Golden Disc Awards

Popular girl group KARA is just on fire in Japan. At the 26th annual Japan Golden Disc Awards, the group took home 5 awards: Best Asian Artist, Best 3 Albums, Year's Download Song, Best 5 Downloads, Best Music Video