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“Athena: Goddess of War” Concert a Success

The “Dramatic Live Athena” concert that celebrated the release of the DVD for “Athena: Goddess of War” and also TV broadcast was held on January 7 in the Japanese Saitama Super Arena. On stage, the fight between Cha Seung Won and Choo Sung Hoon (Yoshihiro Akiyama), and Soo Ae’s knee kicks were shown on stage

KARA Gyuri's Goddess Selca Picture

Girl group KARA’s goddess and leader, Gyuri, revealed a selca picture of herself during Kōhaku Uta Gassen, Japanese network NHK's annual New Year's Eve music show. The singer uploaded the selca on her Twitter with the caption: “Before Kōhaku Uta Gassen

SNSD's Goddess-Like Body Proportions Were Just Illusions?

Recently, photos of SNSD, looking more or less human with average-looking body proportions, have gone viral in Korea, attracting netizens' attentions. The photos titled “SNSD’s Average Appearance

Park Min Young sports a ‘winter goddess’ look

Popular actress Park Min Young recently updated fans with a new selca photo revealing her changed hairstyle yet again. On January 14th, Park Min Young tweeted, “Tada! It’s the long haired Min Young you haven’t observed in awhile~ have a great weekend everyone!” In the photo, Park Min Young can be seen with long brown hair, a big change since her latest drama, KBS‘s ‘Glorious Jane‘

Kara’s Park Gyuri, Jung Nicole, and Goo Hara spark a goddess debate

Recently on an online community board, some pictures of the members Park Gyuri, Jung Nicole, and Goo Hara of the group Kara have been posted from a press conference in Japan. Park Gyuri is wearing a classy black dress with sparkles with beautifully wavy hair and perfect makeup accentuating her beauty

Ha Ji Won, the refreshing goddess of spring

Actress Ha Ji Won transformed into the goddess of spring. Ha Ji Won graced the cover of the February issue of fashion magazine ‘Sure’ recently. Ha Ji Won left behind the image of a strong woman she is well known for from her projects, and showed off the refreshing and sweet energy all her own wearing the bright and comfortable look

Park Min Young ‘winter goddess’ with long hair

Actress Park Min Young revealed a changed hairstyle. Park Min Young tweeted on January 14th, “Tada! Long haired Min Young you haven’t seen in a while Ppororong~” along with a selca. In the picture, Park Min Young’s hair is long and brown, which is different from the short hair she was sporting in a drama until recently

Song Ji Hyo the sexy goddess of firy red descends

The multitalented actress Song Ji Hyo is extremely busy nowadays showing off her skills in drama, and variety. Song Ji Hyo’s fans are used to the makeup free down to earth yet beautiful ways of Song Ji Hyo on ‘Running Man’ and love her more for it

Lee Bo Young the alluring goddess, ‘Ji Sung is so lucky…’

Lee Bo Young revealed a pictorial looking absolutely irresistible. Lee Bo Young worked on a photo shoot with photographer Jo Se Hyun for the pictorial in the January issue of Yuseong Joongang. In the MBC drama ‘Aejung Manmanse’ (aka, ‘Hooray for Love’), Lee Bo Young plays the character Kang Jae Mi who is a confident and lovely divorcée

Go Ara, “I became a doll, a goddess while I didn’t even realize”

Actress Go Ara expressed that she is just grateful for her nicknames a goddess or a doll, etc. Go Ara said during the interview for the January issue of fashion magazine ‘Elle Girl’, “I became a doll, a goddess while I didn’t even notice it

Dal Shabet Subin, goddess in uniform to school on a bus

The youngest member of Dal Shabet, Subin‘s image was captured wearing her school uniform on the way to school on a bus. On December 17th, a picture was posted on an online community board titled, “Subin goes to school on a bus

Kara’s Kang Jiyoung dubbed by the netizens as the, “The new goddess”

Group Kara‘s youngest member, Kang Jiyoung‘s untouched pictorial image is making waves on the web. The photo above was posted on an online community board on the 13th and it shoes Kang Jiyoung during a photoshoot

Kim Sa Rang, a goddess in pink descends for a fan meet

Kim Sa Rang‘s fan signing took place at the Lotte Department Store in Myeongdong, Korea.The fan signing with Kim Sa Rang was to mark the opening of the ‘Bequem Pop-up Store’. Bequem is a fashion company established by singer Chae Yeon as the CEO

T-ara Jiyeon Transforms into a Goddess-Idol Princess in New Drama

T-ara, Jiyeon, wanna-be, idol, star, Dream High T-ara member Jiyeon has been crowned as a "wanna-be" star due to her stylish charm. On KBS 2TV's new drama "Dream High 2," Jiyeon plays the role of Leanne, the horrible actress who wishes to be a star

Rainbow Pixie Members Are Goddess-like During their “Inki Gayo” Performance

Rainbow Pixie, Inki Gayo, Hoi Hoi, spell Rainbow Pixie cast love spells and mesmerized the audience with their cuteness. During their "Inki Gayo" performance on the 5th, the three girls put together an adorable stage singing "Hoi Hoi

Kim Tae Hee's Goddess Smile

Once again Kim Tae Hee's beautiful smile has caught the attention of many. This time, it's from fans looking through her Japanese blog. Recently, a picture of Kim Tae Hee was uploaded to the staff blog of her Japanese homepage

Hyori graces the cover of Nylon magazine as a Spring goddess

The beautiful Lee Hyori has graced the cover of the latest issue of Nylon magazine. The singer, who will be making her comeback to the entertainment industry after two years as the host of SBS‘s “You and I”, cast aside her sexy and powerful image for a softer and more innocent one

Lee Hyori is the Goddess of Spring for Nylon Magazine

Singer Lee Hyori exuded her charms by transforming into a spring goddess for the March issue of "Nylon Magazine." She headed to Bali for the pictorial. For this pictorial which has as themes "Nature" and "Beauty," the fashionista graced the cover of fashion magazine "Nylon," and showcased her fairy-like appearance through multiple looks and outfits

Park Min Young looks like a real ‘goddess’ in Rome

Actress Park Min Young recently took some well-deserved time off in Rome, Italy. The ‘Glory Jane‘ star shared the photos above via her Twitter page on February 17th with the words, “In Rome

Lee Min Jung in Bali: She’s a goddess indeed

  Recently, actress Lee Min Jung unveiled her beautiful pictorials taken in Bali.   On February 24, Lee created a flash of her several pictorials taken in Bali and uploaded it on her website