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The release of a series of picture of Cheon Jeong-myeong filming the new movie "Heart to Heart"

The release of a series of  picture of Cheon Jeong-myeong filming the new movie

The photographs which shows the filming process of the Cheon Jeong-myeong‘s new movie “Heart to Heart has been  publicized.

According to Red Line Entertainment, although Cheon Jeong-myeong is very busy, it looks like he really enjoys filming this new movie. He also called for the support of enthusiatic fans.. ... Read more

Sandara Park signs up for web series

Sandara Park signs up for web series

Actor Kim Yeong-kwang of the drama series “Pinocchio” and Sandara Park, a member of girl group 2NE1, will pair up for a new online drama series, according to Kim”s agency. . ... Read more

"Reply" series to possibly go even further back in time to 1988


There”s speculation being thrown around regarding Producer Shin Won Ho“s latest drama project, but unfortunately, nothing has yet to been confirmed. It looks like the production crew is intent on keeping everyone on their toes while they figure it out, but the latest possibility appears to be an even further blast to the past rather than a move towards the nearer present like previously speculated. . ... Read more

KBS Series "Spy" Gives Sneak Peek at Go Sung Hee and Yoo Oh Sung

KBS Series

The anticipation for the upcoming KBS mini series “Spy” is rising especially that new still photos from the series are released.

The latest images released featured actor Yoo Oh Sung and actress Go Sung Hee assuming their roles in the new KBS drama “Spy.”. ... Read more

MBC Show "Infinity Challenge" Hints At Forthcoming International Series

MBC Show

The MBC variety show “Infinity Challenge” is preparing for an even bigger challenge as it plans to step on the world stage with an international version of the show.. ... Read more

Docu series "K-Pop Incubation" to reveal trainee days of KPOP artists

Docu series

Aside from airing “Inkigayo,” MYX TV will also have documentary series entitled “K-Pop Incubation,” which will disclose how KPop artists train before their debut.. ... Read more

Girls" Generation"s Sunny sings "First Kiss" for Hwang Sung Je"s "Super Hero" project series


Girls” Generation”s Sunny is lending her sweet voice for a song called “First Kiss”, which is actually part of the on-going “Super Hero” project series by composer and producer Hwang Sung Je.. ... Read more

Son Seung Yeon to sing national anthem at "Korean Series"

Son Seung Yeon to sing national anthem at

Son Seung Yeon will be singing the Korean national anthem at an upcoming “Korean Series” game.

The singer earned the name “monster rookie” from “Immortal Song 2“, and it looks like her voice caught the attention of the Korean Baseball Organization. She has the honor of singing at the Samsung Lions vs Nexen Heroes game on November 7 at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul. . ... Read more

Sungjae serenades fans with "Confession" for BTOB series "I Will Be Your Melody"

Sungjae serenades fans with

Sungjae crooned Jung Joon Il“s “Confession” for part 2 of BTOB”s “I Will Be Your Melody” season 2, leaving fans to melt into a puddle with his beautiful voice.. ... Read more

Psy to continue his "All Night Stand" concert series at the end of the year

Psy to continue his

Psy will be holding a concert at the end of the year.

According to YG Entertainment, Psy will be holding his trademark concert brand “All Night Stand” this year as well. He”ll be holding a total of 5 concerts on December 19, 20, 21, and twice on the 24th at the Olympic Gymnastics Gym.  . ... Read more