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Gaeko thanks his wife for “the most important gift of my entire life”

Gaeko has revealed a glimpse of his most prized birthday gift of all. The Dynamic Duo member, whose birthday was on January 14th, composed a tweet that said: “Thank you all so much for wishing me a happy birthday

Park So Hyun becomes an affectionate wife for husband Kim Won Jun

Kim Won Jun‘s wish finally came true. On the January 14th episode of MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, Kim Won Jun’s ‘wife’ Park So Hyun who has trouble revealing her true emotions finally showed some ‘aegyo‘ for her on-air husband

Lee Soo Geun to talk about his wife on ‘Win Win’

Earlier, it was reported that Entertainer Lee Soo Geun‘s wife Park Ji Yeon received a kidney transplant last November thanks to her father, and is currently spending time in recovery. An official representative informed Star News recently that ”She received the transplant last year, and still continues to receive treatment regularly

Lee Soo Geun’s wife still awaits improvement after kidney transplant

Television presenter Lee Soo Geun‘s wife, Park Ji Yeon has received a kidney transplant in November of 2011 with kidney donated by her father. Unfortunately for the Lee family, Park Ji Yeon fell in the small percentage of patients who develop complication after the transplant

Lee Chun Hee, “Wife Jun Hye Jin was happy too that Jiyeon said I’m her ideal man”

Actor Lee Chun Hee drew attention revealing the reaction of his wife, Jun Hye Jin, to T-ara member Jiyeon‘s statement that Lee Chun Hee is her ideal type. Lee Chun Hee appeared on the January 10th installment of SBS TV’s ‘Strong Heart’ and he opened up saying, “I saw Jiyeon, who had said that I was her ideal type, on ‘Strong Heart’ and she said she likes Yoon Shi Yoon

Luna to Appear As a Newlywed Wife

f(x) Luna is appearing as a newlywed wife on the weekend drama “Go! Mrs. Go!” Luna plays the daughter “Seo In Young” of “Go Bong Shil.” (Portrayed by Kim Hae Sook) !Warning Spoiler! In episode 16, “Jaesoo” (Portrayed by Yoon Joon Sung) is in love with Luna’s character

We Got Married, Leeteuk’s infinite love for wife Kang So Ra (Spoiler!)

Singer Leeteuk revealed his infinite love for Kang So Ra. The December 31st installment of MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ was a continuation of the year end special which started last week. Ham Eunjung-Lee Jang Woo, Park So Hyun-Kim Won Joon, and Kang So Ra-Leeteuk couples were invited into the studio to share conversations of a deeper meaning

Yoo Jae Suk’s wife Na Kyung Eun says, “He’s too nice so misses out sometimes”

Na Kyung Eun had mentioned Yoo Jae Suk on the air in the past On the December 30th episode of MBC’s ‘Feel Good Day’, a segment was presented looking at the past and the present of the National MC Yoo Jae Suk who has become the king of variety working up from the days as an known

Kim Won Joon confesses he’s falling for ‘We Got Married’ wife, Park So Hyun

Singer Kim Won Joon delighted fans after he confessed that he’s truly fallen for his on-air spouse, Park So Hyun! The ‘We Got Married‘ star guest-featured on the February 3rd broadcast of ‘Entertainment Wide‘, where he revealed, “Park So Hyun really did become my ideal woman after we began filming for the program

F(x) Luna, Newly Wed Wife Fashion

Luna, F(x)  Luna underwent an amazing transformation for her new act as a young wife in the drama, 'Saving Gobongshil'. Donning a flowery apron, feeding her husband 'Jaesoo', and unleashing waves of cuteness, she's become something of an icon for what newly wed lovely wife should be

Tiger JK reveals a big headed photo of himself with his wife

Musician Tiger JK revealed a photo with Yoon Mi Rae(aka Tasha, T). On the 7th he posted a photo on his me2day with the title 'Swag'. In the photo Tiger JK and Tasha are standing together looking charismatic

Comedian Jung Hyung-Don's Wife On A Korean Drama

Posted: February 11, 2012 7:02 PM EST Han Yu-Rah, the wife of korean famous comedian Jung Hyung-Don and currently a scripter, appeared on Korean drama, "Gun-bbang Teacher and Star Candy" from 2009

Super Junior?s Kyuhyun & ?wife? Lou Yi Xiao enjoy boxing on the Nintendo Wii

A special preview from the Chinese special for ‘We Got Married‘ was revealed on February 11th featuring ‘newlywed couple’, Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and Chinese actress Lou Yi Xiao

Ki Tae Young shows off the chocolates made by his wife Eugene

Actress Eugene is known for doing sweet things for her husband Ki Tae Young, and this past Valentine’s Day was no different. Ki Tae Young shared the above photo on his Twitter page on February 15th and wrote, “My closest friend in the whole wide world

Gi Taeyoung Shows Off Chocolates From His Wife YooJin

  Actor Gi Taeyoung shoed off the chocolates he received from Yoojin.  On the 15th, Gi Taeyoung posted a picture on his twitter along with the comments, "My best friend in the whole world...its chocolates that my girlfriend made for me

Sean asks his wife “Even if I can’t do hip-hop…?”

Sean's parody of Se7en's latest song has got netizens chuckling. On the 17th, Sean posted on his twitter a parody of Se7en's "Even if I can't Sing" along with a photo of himself. Sean and his wife, Actress Jung Hye Young, are one of the most famous celebrity couples

Kim Won Jun chooses Lee Se Jun’s wife as his ideal type instead of Park So Hyun

Singer Kim Won Jun, who has been loved by many people as a virtual husband of actress Park So Hyun in MBC TV’s We Got Married, chose Lee Se Jun (of Yurisangja)’s wife as his ideal type instead of his former virtual wife Park

Jang Hyuk Wore Tights to Get with His Wife

Jang Hyuk appeared on the February 23 episode of tvN’s “Location Talk TAXI” and talked about how he met his wife. He began with, “My wife taught Jazz Pilates at the gym I work out. I saw her and decided to sign up for Pilates

Is Go Soo’s wife pregnant?

Actor Go Soo married his non-celebrity wife, Kim Hye Yeon who is 11 years his junior on the 17th.  A recent photo of the newly married couple at the airport has sparked some interest online. The photo was posted on an online community board and the person who uploaded the photo stated that it was a picture of them at the airport on their way to their honeymoon destination, Koh Samui Island in Thailand

Jung Hyun Dong pretend marriage, pregnant instead of Guri "I don't want my wife to have a hard time"

Jung Hyun Don, who has pretend-married Guri in 'LuluLala' made everyone laugh by stating that he has become pregnant in place of his wife. December 18ths episode of MBC TV 'Our Sunday Night-LuluLala; will capture the imge of Jung Hyun Dong and Guri as well as Kim Shin Young and Bang Young Guk as they visit baby goods store as 'couples'