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Go Ara's Surreal Hazel Eyes: "I Don't Wear Circle Lenses"

Go Ara revealed that she doesn't wear circle lenses. On January 5, the actress made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV's program "Happy Together" to promote the movie "Papa," along with fellow co-stars Park Young Woo and Son Byung Ho

KBS eyes March broadcast date for YoonA & Jang Geun Suk’s ‘Love Rain’

KBS‘s highly-anticipated drama, ‘Love Rain‘, may hit the small screens in March! A representative from the production staff spoke with TV Daily on January 16th and revealed, ”Although details haven’t been confirmed yet, KBS has expressed their wish to air ‘Love Rain’ in March

Sandara Park's Scared Eyes

2NE1, Sandara Park, Japan, picture, makeup, performance, face 2NE1 member Sandara Park revealed a picture of herself with huge eyes, making a scared expression.  On the 28th, Sandara Park posted a picture on her ME Today along with the comments, "We are in Japan

MY EYES!!!!!

Recently on ‘Saturday Night Live (Japan)‘, the male cast (yes, MALE) parodied SNSD‘s ‘Mr Taxi‘. While my jaw still aches from laughing, lets just say that there was more than one reason that brought tears to my eyes

All eyes on Gary as Song Ji Hyo’s relationship is revealed, “Stop telling me to cheer up”

As the relationship between actress Song Ji Hyo and the CEO of her management company has been made public, the interest on Gary and his reaction is high. In response to all the attention, Gary tweeted on February 2nd “Did we really work so hard on the joke…? Since as a colleague was worried about me and even apologized, gonna have to work even harder!” Gary also continued, “Stop telling me to cheer up! There is nothing for me to have a tough time with…Someone else is having a hard time in actuality…It’s just hard for me to find myselfHeehee

Kang Min Kyung’s touch of fashion sense draws all eyes to her bottom?

Kang Min Kyung‘s fashion sense shined through a small detail. Davichi member Kang Min Kyung sang ‘Beautiful Goodbye’ together with Park Gun Hyung at the pre-recording of MBN’s ‘The Duet’

Lizzy, smokey eyes+baby pink lips, “More beautiful than a rose”

After School’s Lizzy shows off sexy makeup for a mature look. Lizzy tweeted a short message along with the photo above on the 25th, “Have delicious dinner lol Woo~

Simon D, red hair, red eyes selca ‘Under eye circles pop’

Hip hop duo Supreme Team member Simon D revealed a selca looking somewhat tired in red hair. Simon D tweeted on January 11th, “I couldn’t sleep so my eyes are red but can’t tell because of the hair color” along with a picture

f(x) Krystal, blonde with blue eyes looks so exotic!

Krystal‘s transformation with blonde hair surprised the netizens. Girl group f(x) member Krystal posted on her Me2Day account on January 6th, “Foreigner Krystal Ahn” along with a picture

CHAOS member Park Taeyang can hardly take his eyes off Hyuna

JTBC’s ‘Music on TOP’ was aired live on the 5th at the JTBC Hoam Art Hall. Trouble Maker had won the #1 spot on the day and members Hyuna and Jang Hyun Seung were about to give their ‘thank you’ speech

Go Ara’s mysterious brown eyes are not thanks to circle lenses

Go Ara denied the stories that she uses circle lenses. On the January 5th installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Happy Together 3′, Park Yong Woo revealed, “I thought at first that Go Ara was wearing lenses

Son Ye Jin rings in the new year smiling with her eyes

Actress Son Ye Jin‘s new year’s greetings are all the buzz. Son Ye Jin posted a video clip of new year’s greetings through her Me2Day account. Son Ye Jin said in the clip, “Hello

Hyuna reveals a cute cat eyes photo

Currently promoting with the project unit Trouble Maker, singer Hyuna reveals a cute photo to start the day. Hyuna tweeted in the morning of the 28th, “This kid doesn’t even make sense” and she revealed the photo above

We Got Married, Lee Jang Woo can’t takes his eyes off Ham Eunjung’s childhood pictures

Ham Eunjung‘s childhood pictures have been revealed drawing attention. On the December 10th episode of ‘We Got Married’, Lee Jang Woo took Ham Eunjung and his mother-in-law camping close to home

Kim Hyun Joong draws eyes with his ‘street sweats’ look

Singer Kim Hyun Joong is famous for his snappy suits and roguish style, so when rehearsal photos from his upcoming concert in Japan revealed a ‘street sweats look’, they instantly made headlines

FT Island Lee HongKi "Eyes Open, Ears Listening"

On the 7th, Lee HongKi uploaded a picture on his twitter with the words "I feel like somebody behind me is copying my expresseion..."  The picture was a close-up of Lee HongKi's face that showed his clear white skin and big eyes and nose

MBLAQ Has Their Eyes On A Pink?

Idol group MBLAQ expressed their liking towards girl group A pink. MBLAQ attended MBC Everyone 'This Weeks Idol'.  During the show, MBLAQ member Seungho complimented A Pink by saying "A Pink members are really kind and upright

Kim Soo Hyun Impresses with Fierce Eyes in Graduation Photos

On February 10, Kim Soo Hyun’s graduation photos through the years were posted on an online community board. In the photos titled “Kim Soo Hyun’s elementary, middle, and high school graduation photos,” the star actor’s change in looks over the years is apparent

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun and Brown Eyes’ Yoon Gun release collaboration single “Don’t say no”

Earlier this month, rumors were swirling of a possible duet between Girls’ Generation‘s Seohyun and R&B singer Yoon Gun, later confirmed by the release of a 45-second teaser.  Now, the pair have finally released the full digital single, “Don’t say no“

Shin Mina's Makes Her Eyes Uneven

Posted: February 13, 2012 10:56 AM EST Shin Mina, past photo, uneven eyes Actor Shin Mina's past photo was released. On February 13, on an online community forum, a photo was posted of Shin Mina with a title that read, "Shin Mina's Hilarious Photo from the Past"