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So Ji-sub confirms crime drama Ghost

He’s got a strong sense of duty, a perfectionist attitude toward his work, and is one of his department’s top brainsHis leadership skills are excellent but also believes that harboring friendships can be detrimental to his work 1, Only You, Rough Cut, I’m Sorry I Love You, What Happened In Bali…); what I’d really love is to see him give his furrowed brows a rest and laugh up a storm in a comedyIt’s no surprise that he’s once again playing an intense character in a dramatic thriller, since that’s his bread and butter (Road NoGhost will be a Wednesday-Thursday drama that premieres in May

So Ji Sub offered leading role in upcoming drama "Ghost"

According to So Ji Sub's promoter 3HW on March 8th, the Hallyu star may return to TV acting after being offered the leading role in SBS's upcoming drama "Ghost." A representative from 3HW stated, "So Ji Sub was offered the lead role for the drama

So Ji Sub the Main Character of Upcoming Sci-Fi Drama "Ghost"

So Ji Sub will be coming back to television! Currently it has been confirmed that he is cast for the upcoming SBS drama “Ghost.” (This is a temporary name) The drama will be science fiction. It will be about a cyber-world and cyber investigators trying to solve the secret behind humans hiding inside of advanced machinery

MBLAQ’s G.O. Close to Joining So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee for New Drama "Ghost"

MBLAQ’s G.O. is close to joining the cast of new SBS drama “Ghost,” it was reported by local media on April 4. According to OSEN, an SBS official said earlier today, “G.O. received the casting offer about a month ago

MBLAQ's G.O confirms his participation for the drama "Ghost" + postpones sub-unit debut

MBLAQ's G.O confirmed his participation for the drama "Ghost." Previously, it was reported that G.O was personally tapped by the production to play a role in the drama which also stars So Jisub and Lee Yeonhee

Kim Byeol renames herself Song Yoon-ha and is cast for "Ghost - Drama"

Actress Kim Byeol has been cast for the drama "Ghost - Drama" after changing her name to Song Yoon-ha. According to her management BH Entertainment on the 30th, Kim Byeol changed her name to Song Yoon-ha which means summer sunlight

"Ghost - Drama" Lee Yeon-hee and So Ji-sub at script reading

New SBS drama revealed pictures from the script reading session. In the picture, the cast of the drama are dressed casually and concentrating on their scripts. Lee Yeon-hee, Song Ha-yoon and other actresses appeared with natural hairstyles and clothes but they shone even still

"Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee's visual shock

So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee had their title shoot. The team for SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" proceeded with the shoot in Seoul at the start of May. So Ji-sub, Lee Yeon-hee, Kwak Byeong-gyoo and others stood under the sun on a helicopter-pad of a high-rise building

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Ghost - Drama"

Added new stills for the upcoming Korean drama "Ghost - Drama" (2012)Directed by Kim Hyeong-sikWritten by Kim Eun-hee-INetwork : SBSWith So Ji-sub, Lee Yeon-hee, Eom Gi-joon, Choi Daniel, Kwak Byeong-gyoo, G

"Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub monitors himself over and over again

Actor So Ji-sub has become the king of monitoring. Behind cuts of So Ji-sub who takes on the role of cyber investigations detective Kim Woo-hyeon in the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama", were revealed. So Ji-sub continuously monitored himself while waiting for the next train to arrive during the shoot in a subway station

"Ghost - Drama" Lee Yeon-hee "So Ji-sub is unexpected when he's on break"

Lee Yeon-hee revealed that she has had the best experience so far working with So Ji-sub is the new SBS TV drama "Ghost - Drama". She said, "So Ji-sub has the best concentration I have ever seen but is usually nice and talkative during breaks too"

"Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub the detective

Actor So Ji-sub is now a cyber investigator. So Ji-sub takes on the role of cyber investigations detective Kim Woo-hyeon who fights various cyber crimes in the SBS TV drama "Ghost - Drama" which is to be aired for the first time on the 30th

"Ghost - Drama" So Ji-sub, attracted to the new subject and script

So Ji-sub who takes on the role of Kim Woo-hyeon in the SBS TV drama special "Ghost - Drama", replied to writers Kim Eun-hee's compliments about him. It seems that Kim shouted for joy when she got news that So Ji-sub was cast for the drama she wrote

So Ji-sub and Lee Yeon-hee, "Ghost - Drama" poster

New SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" revealed its poster. The poster was revealed in 3 versions and it delivers tension like the crime investigating drama itself. In the background of the poster are the digital sign numbers '0' and '1' laid out accordingly

Round 3, "Bridal Mask", "I Do" and "Ghost - Drama" last

While all the KBS 2TV, MBC and SBS dramas have taken off their veils, KBS 2TV "Bridal Mask" lead the way and SBS "Ghost - Drama" came in last. According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, "Bridal Mask" on the 30th rated 12

[Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" Lee Yeon-hee transforms into a charismatic officer

Lee Yeon-hee is now a charismatic female police officer. In the first episode of the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama", Lee Yeon-hee appears as the cyber investigations hottie Yoo Kang-mi. Despite the fact that she is a cop, she looks weaker than the victims and way too good looking for this character

MBLAQ's Lee Joon Makes Cameo on Drama "Ghost"

“Ghost” which stars So Ji Sub and Lee Yeon Hee had MBLAQ’s Lee Joon as a cameo for the show. The cameo was for the first broadcast of the show on May 30. In the scene that Lee Joon appears as a kid looking at his cellphone and walking

[Spoiler] "Ghost - Drama" Choi Daniel becomes So Ji-sub after entire operation

Genius hacker Hades Park Gi-yeong (Choi Daniel) was reborn as team manager Kim Woo-hyeon (So Ji-sub). In the second episode of the SBS drama "Ghost - Drama" aired on the 31st of May, Park Gi-yeong was hurt terribly in an unknown accident while meeting with Kim Woo-hyeon and barely survived

Check out the preview for Block B’s new track “Burn Out” for new SBS drama, ‘Ghost’

Idol group Block B sang “Burn Out” for the new SBS drama ‘Ghost‘, and the track recently aired on the show. Music director Choi Sung Wook who is responsible for soundtracks from KBS 2TV‘s ‘I’m Sorry I Love You‘, SBS ‘Bad Guy‘, ‘Secret Garden‘, and more has participated in creating the OST for “Ghost”, and Block B has stepped up as the first artist to lend their voices