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Kim Ha Neul starts shooting for Gentlemen’s Dignity as the only woman

Actress Kim Ha Neul started the shooting for SBS’s Gentlemen’s Dignity as the only woman. Gentlemen’s Dignity, which will air on May 26, is creating a stir with its outstanding actors: Jang Dong Geun, Kim Ha Neul, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Min Jong, and Lee Jong Hyuk

Girls’ Generation’s Sooyoung poses with the gentlemen from ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

Actor Kim Su Ro revealed a photo taken on the set of SBS‘s ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity‘ with Girls’ Generation member Sooyoung. On June 5, Kim Su Ro tweeted, “Prologue of 5th episode of ‘Gentleman

Juniel's Debut Single 'Ila Ila' Becomes the Theme Song in the Drama 'Gentlemen's Dignity'

juniel, Gentlemen's Dignity juniel Rookie artist Juniel's debut song 'Ila Ila' has been chosen as the theme song for actress Jin Ee Yoon(playing Im Meh Ah Li) in the SBS drama 'Gentlemen's Dignity'

BoA captured with Kim Min Jong of Gentlemen’s Dignity

Singer BoA cheered for actor Kim Min Jong. On the afternoon of July 16, BoA uploaded a picture on her Twitter with the caption, “My handsome man Choi Yoon! It’s been a while since I last met him! His clean skin that arouses jealousy from the twenties! Fighting for the remaining two weeks!” In the picture, BoA is posing with Kim Min Jong by making V signs

Gentlemen's Dignity to be Cancelled for the London Olympics?

Gentlemans Dignity gentlemens dignity Popular weekend drama SBS, "Gentlemen's Dignity's" possible cancellation for the London Olympics is stirring interest. Following the information revealed on July17th, episodes 19 and 20 airing on the 21st and 22nd will probably be canceled for the London Olympics

CNBLUE's Jonghyun 'A Gentlemen's Dignity' OST Song Tops Weekly OST Charts!

Jonghyun, A Gentlemens Dignity, My Love cn blue jonghyun CNBLUE's Jonghyun, who is currently starring in the SBS drama "A Gentlemen's Dignity" is currently recieving an explosive amount of attention for his self-composed song for the OST "My Love

Actor Lee Jong Hyuk of 'Gentlemen's Dignity' Reveals He's The Opposite of His Character 'A Devoted Husband'

Lee Jong Hyuk, SBS, Good Morning, Gentlemens Dignity lee jong hyuk Actor Lee Jong Hyuk is gaining interest for revealing that his true personality is very different from the one he portrays in his drama

‘Gentlemen’s Dignity’ Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul share Final thoughts on last filming

The 20 episode drama ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity‘ only has episodes 19 and 20 left to go on air. It is unknown when it will air exactly, because of the 2012 London Olympics. With only two episodes left for SBS‘s ‘Gentlemen’s Dignity‘, lead roles Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul shared their thoughts on wrapping up the drama through short handwritten messages

Kim Min Jong from Gentlemen’s Dignity donates rice wreaths

Kim Min Jong donated rice wreaths for the destitute. Dreame that ran the rice wreath donation event due to Kim Min Jong’s request on September 12 revealed that they delivered 260kilograms of rice to Gyun Ji regional institute

‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ cast members transform into Spring gentlemen for ‘High Cut’ Magazine

The four young boys of ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ turned into lovely Spring gentlemen for a recent photo shoot. Yeo Jin Goo, Lee Min Ho, Im Siwan, and Lee Won Geun all posed for the February 2nd edition of fashion magazine, ‘High Cut‘

Will Kim Ha Neul Appear Alongside Jang Dong Gun for "A Gentleman's Dignity"?

Kim Ha Neul is in strong consideration to act alongside Jang Dong Gun, who will be making his first small screen come back in 12 years for the new SBS drama "A Gentleman's Dignity." Things are not confirmed yet but it is reported that Kim Ha Neul is positively thinking about joining the cast

Kim Ha Neul reviewing ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

Actress Kim Ha Neul is reviewing ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’ for her possible appearance. Kim Ha Neul’s management company AM Entertainment representative said in a phone conversation with Star News on February 1st, “She is reviewing for appearance on ‘A Gentleman’s Dignity’

Kim Haneul considers A Gentleman’s Dignity

Okay, now this I can get behind. Apparently when you get a movie star to headline your drama, all the other movie stars line up too. Kim Haneul (You’re My Pet, Blind) is now the latest contender to star opposite Jang Dong-gun in upcoming miniseries A Gentleman’s Dignity, slated for May

Jang Dong Gun & Kim Ha Neul to star in SBS’s ‘Gentlemen’s Class’

Actors Jang Dong Gun and Kim Ha Neul have been cast in SBS‘s upcoming romantic comedy, ‘Gentleman’s Class’. The two will be working with PD Shin Woo Chul and scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook, who previously worked on ‘Secret Garden‘

Jang Dong-gun and Kim Haneul confirm A Gentleman’s Dignity

So the contracts have been signed and statements have been made: Jang Dong-gun (Warrior’s Way) and Kim Haneul (Blind) have signed on to star in upcoming SBS weekend drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, the highly anticipated drama from the team behind Secret Garden and Lovers in Paris — PD Shin Woo-chul and writer Kim Eun-sook

Kim Ha-neul Confirmed To Join Jang Dong-gun In "Class Of Gentlemen"

The main male-female duo for the upcoming new drama "Class Of Gentlemen" has been confirmed. Top actress Kim Ha-neul will be joining Jang Dong-gun on his small screen comeback. This is the first time for the two to be working together

CN Blue's Lee Jong Hyun Joins Cast of Jang Dong Gun's Comeback Drama "A Gentleman's Dignity"

Amid the anticipation of CN Blue’s comeback in March, the band’s vocalist and guitarist Lee Jong Hyun is cast in his first drama. Local news agencies report that he joins the star-studded ensemble of “A Gentleman’s Dignity,” a drama that has already generated buzz for being top star Jang Dong Gun’s first television project in 12 years

B1A4 members become romantic spring gentlemen for ‘Hats On’

B1A4 tried on some colorful Spring hats for their newest photo shoot. The members of B1A4, who recently made a strong comeback with their new song “Baby I’m Sorry“, transformed into romantic Spring gentlemen for their latest ‘Hats On‘ photo shoot

Jang Dong Gun’s new drama ‘Gentlemen’s Class’ to go up against ‘Gag Concert’

Jang Dong Gun will make his triumphant return to the small screen after 12 years. However, it’s being reported the drama is going up against a popular variety show in the same time slot. Actor Jang Dong Gun has decided to make his comeback to television in SBS’ new drama ‘Gentlemen’s Class‘, which will share 40 minutes of overlap in broadcast time as the popular comedy program on KBS2, ‘Gag Concert

Vampidol Kim Woo-bin joins Gentleman’s Dignity

Can we just skip the other parts and do Biscuit Teacher Redux with these two? So far it’s the only relationship that intrigues meAnyway, he’s been added to the cast of the upcoming drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, starring Jang Dong-gun and Kim Haneul The drama also stars Kim Min-jong and Kim Suro, and is produced by the team behind Secret Garden and Lovers in Paris — PD Shin Woo-chul and writer Kim Eun-sookAnyway, he’s been added to the cast of the upcoming drama A Gentleman’s Dignity, starring Jang Dong-gun and Kim HaneulHis character is described as a notorious troublemaker, who I’m guessing will also have the hots for teacher