Oon Photoshoot

GFRIEND"s sports themed photoshoot


New girls GFRIEND are known for their youthful and energetic image.

The girls pose for the latest issue of Ceci magazine. The girls prove that being young is the best makeup, the girls pose in some casual clothes and different sports accessories in the pictorials shared below.. ... Read more

"InStyle" releases more pictures of Tiffany"s hot photoshoot in the desert


Tiffany continues to look gorgeous in additional photos released from her “InStyle” photoshoot.

While in the last batch of pictures, Tiffany looked hot in the dessert setting, she now opts for a more ladylike look with her long, flowy maxi skirts. With her golden blonde hair and her soft features, she complements her blue and white feminine outfits well, especially with her white, lace dress and floral heels. . ... Read more

YoonA is cute and quirky in more pictures from "CeCi" photoshoot

YoonA is cute and quirky in more pictures from

“CeCi” has graced fans with even more pictures of Girls” Generation”s YoonA for their April issue!

In the pictures, YoonA looks cute and carefree with an innocent, child-like air about her. From her coy finger bite to her kissy face, YoonA matches her quirky outfits that include a translucent, floral jacket and polka dot heels. Surrounded by fruits, YoonA is playful, lovely, and ready for spring. . ... Read more

Hyolyn plays with cats in new photoshoot

Hyolyn plays with cats in new photoshoot

SISTAR”s Hyolyn poses for the latest issue of ALLURE magazine.

She is seen posing comfortably on the bed with some adorable cats, she poses with beautiful smile in her latest photos, fans are totally liking the concept of this photoshoot.. ... Read more

Hyoyeon greets the spring with "Vogue Girl" photoshoot

Hyoyeon greets the spring with

Hyoyeon greeted the spring through her “Vogue Girl” photoshoot!

She used bright colors such as sky blue, pink, and orange for her makeup and hair for the photoshoot, looking as pretty as ever to greet the much welcomed warmer season. In the interview, she said, “I stretch every morning and night. And I drink so much water that the members say I have a water cooler attached to me.“. ... Read more

Girls" Generation hit the beach early for "Baby-G" photoshoot


Girls” Generation showed off their legs for their newest “Baby-G” photoshoot!

The girls took to the beach for an early summer vacation shoot, showing off their perfect beach bodies on the sand. Each girl had a different color to show off, and even though the photoshoot lasted a while, the girls were professionals throughout the shoot and took care of each other as well. . ... Read more

AOA reveal behind the scenes footage for “SBENU” photoshoot

AOA reveal behind the scenes footage for “SBENU” photoshoot

Korea’s shoe brands, SBENU revealed behind-the-scenes footage of AOA on the set of the its recent photoshoot!

In the short film, the girls imbue lively pastel colors while posing adorably with SBENU’s new line. Although AOA is known for their unfathomably sexy charms, this time the girls showcased a cute look instead. At the end of the film, AOA does not forget to give a short video message regarding the photoshoot.. ... Read more

Sulli takes part in a photoshoot with "High Cut", signals her return to the industry?

Sulli takes part in a photoshoot with

f(x)“s Sulli has taken part in a magazine photoshoot! Although you might wonder what the big deal is, if you remember, she”s been on hiatus for a while now and this is her first official activity besides attending premiere events for her previously filmed movie. This leaves us to wonder if this could possibly mean she”s ready to make her full return to the scene! . ... Read more

Kim Sae Ron"s new photoshoot, absolutely skinny legs

Kim Sae Ron

Kim Sae Ron is blossoming into a very attractive woman, no doubt, many K-drama fans notice that, but still she”s causing a stir among netizens with her absolutely skinny legs.

She poses for TBJ Nearby, as usual she poses professionally in her latest photoshoot, then it comes the “absolutely skinny legs” comment again, check out what they said about her legs. ... Read more

SISTAR"s Soyu talks about how she"s different from IU during photoshoot and interview with "@Star1"


SISTAR“s Soyu took part in a photoshoot with “@Star1” magazine, dishing on her future plans as well as her vocal style.

Soyu was asked what she considered was the difference between her and singer IU. She replied, “IU has this pure and clear feel that can”t be hidden in her voice. In comparison, I guess my voice has a bit of something,” seemingly indicating that she thinks she has a distinct style. . ... Read more