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Star Milla Jovovich shows her dance moves to the tune of ‘Gangnam Style’

‘Gangnam Style‘ fever is still rising. Another international star was infected by Psy virus. The world-renowned ‘Resident Evil‘ star Milla Jovovich, recently showed her adoration to the latest dance craze that struck the whole world by storm

PSY himself to star in parody video of “Gangnam Style”

Singer PSY has acted in a parody video of his own “Gangnam Style” MV. In the video, swimmers danced the ‘horse riding’ at the same time, dancing to “Gangnam Style”. Although parody videos “Gangnam Style” is nothing new, this video is different because it features PSY himself in the clip

KCON Announces Nu'est Addition To Join "Gangnam Style" Co-star In Jam-packed Convention Line Up

Nu'est Joins 4 Minute, B.A.P., VIXX, EXO-M and G.NA as Performers Confirmed for Concert BWB (Blue Whale Brothers, Danny Im (1YTM), Eat Your Kimchi and Aimee Lee Lucas Among Additional Convention Participants KCON (www

Gangnam Style Ranks 3rd On UK's Charts, Psy is a 'World Star'

Gangnam Style, Psy Gangnam Style Ranks 3rd On England's Charts, Psy Is A 'World Star' Psy's "Gangnam Style" that shook America, ranked 3rd on England's charts. On the Officla Charts Company of England, Psy's "Gangnam Style" ranked 3rd

Soul Star to unveil new single “Gangnam Station Exit 10″

Vocal group Soul Star is back with a new single “Gangnam Station Exit 10“! The song is about wanting to reconnect with a past lover as Exit 10 at Gangnam Station was once a popular spot frequented by couples back in the ’90s through the early 2000s

“Gangnam Style”child star Hwang Min Woo used to prefer Big Bang to Psy

In case you are not familiar with his name, Hwang Min Woo is the cute boy who wowed audience with his dancing ability in Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” music video. He recently shared that prior to the filming of “Gangnam Style”, he used to like Big Band more than Psy

Psy makes a special promise to “Gangnam Style” MV child star Hwang Min Woo

On the November 15th broadcast of YTN‘s ‘News12 – Issue & People‘, “Gangnam Style” MV child star Hwang Min Woo and his mother became guests. On the show he shared that Psy made him  a special promise

Child star Hwang Min Woo to dance “Gangnam Style” with B.A.P, BtoB, and 24K at 2012 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award

South Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports & Tourism and Korea Creative Content Agency (KOCCA) recently had an annual award show, ‘Korean Popular Culture & Arts Award‘ earlier today at Seoul’s Olympic Hall

What Do "Gangnam Style" and "Call Me Maybe" Have in Common Besides Star Wars?

  It seemed like most of British people listened to PSY’s “Gangnam Style” and Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe,” it was announced by “The Official Charts Company” on January 14th

Girls Generation Yoona's Affair Scandal with 'Gangnam Style' Star Psy? 'Sorry to His Wife'

Girls Generation, SNSD, Yoona, Psy yoona affair with psy Girls' Generation's Yoona clarified the affair rumors with Psy. In KBS 2TV "Happy Together" aired today, Yoona revealed that she was shocked by affair scandals with Psy

Lee Seung Gi Surpasses Popularity of 'Gangnam Style' Star Psy for Commercial Ads, 'What's His Secret?'

Lee Seung Gi Lee Seung Gi Ranks Number 1 for Commercial Ads, 'What's His Secret?' Singer and actor Lee Seung Gi is ranked number 1 for commercial ads for 3 months in a row. The commercial agency reports that Lee Seung Gi has ranked number 1 again for last month

Jung Hyung Don to 'Gangnam Style' Star HyunA 'Hey, You're Not So Great Either'

Jung Hyung Don, Defconn, 4minute, Heo Ga Yoon, Jeon Jiyoon, Kwon Sohyun, HyunA, MBC, Weekly Idol Jung Hyung Don’s Spiteful Remarks to HyunA 4minute's HyunA remained undaunted by comedian Jung Hyung Don's spiteful remarks

'Gangnam Style' Star HyunA Photo Shoot, With Only a Shirt On?

HyunA, 4minute hyuna photo shoot kwave 4minute's HyunA revealed a photo shoot with only a shirt on. Recently, HyunA filmed a photo shoot with the fashion magazine 'Kwave' with a oversized white button-up shirt

Kim Rae Won to Star in “Gangnam Blues” with Lee Min Ho

Actor Kim Rae Won confirmed his appearance in movie "Gangnam Blues". On the 18th, Kim Rae Won"s agency HB Entertainment claimed that "Kim Rae Won finalized his decision; it"s been a long time since his last moive - Kim Rae Won is set on bringing his best to the screen through thorough character analysis"

'Gangnam Style' star to ignore plagiarism charges

Psy will not act on any allegation that his hit song "Gangnam Style" is a work of plagiarism, said an official affiliated with the star according to local media reports yesterday. A local composer argued that the global hit released in July plagiarized one of his pieces and filed a lawsuit at a local court in October asking for more than 100 million won ($91,000) in compensation

Psy's 'Assarabia' Controversy Raises Issues About His Next Single: Can K-Pop's Biggest Star Duplicate His 'Gangnam Style' Success?

, Psy Psy ran head first into the dangers of international fame last week, when his song "Assarabia," a potential follow-up to the K-pop star's smash hit "Gangnam Style" was forced to be censored in order to avoid what could be potentia Psy ran head first into the dangers of international fame last week, when his song "Assarabia," a potential follow-up to the K-pop star's smash hit "Gangnam Style" was forced to be censored in order to avoid what could be potentially taken as a slur against Arabian people or even Arabs everywhere

Psy's Manager Originally Wanted 'Gangnam Style' Copyright For New Justin Bieber Version: 'He Was Not Interested In Who I Was' Star Says [VIDEO]

Psy, Psy Gangnam Style, GentlemanPsy, Gentleman there was a time when even his manager Scooter Braun didn't believe that Psy (shown onstage here) could ever recreate the success of "Gangnam Style"--the most watched YouTube clip in history

Gangnam Style Star Hyuna, 4minute on SNL Korea 'School Uniforms and Sexy Comedy'

4minute, Hyuna Hyun A, 4Minute on SNL Korea ‘School Uniforms and Sexy Comedy’ International sexy star, Hyuna, from the music video of "Gangnam Style" will host Saturday Night Live Korea on April 27 along with the members of 4Minute

JYJ Receiving "Best Idol Star Award" from KBS (Video Clip)

As we reported previously, in 2011 through their website KBS held a “Best Idol Star” Netizen voting event. JYJ won the “Best Idol Star” award with 58,357 votes. In order to give the award while all three members of JYJ were together, the production team from KBS went to them during a photoshoot

Veteran Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young Confirmed for tvN "Opera Star"

The Singers Park Ji Yoon, Kim Jong Seo, and Son Ho Young have been confirmed for tvN’s “Opera Star.” A representative of “Opera Star 2” stated on January 9, “For male singers we have Kim Jong Seo, Son Ho Young, The One, and Park Ji Hun