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Yesung Goes "Free" While Being in Japan

You wondered why you couldn't see Yesung on Leeteuk's tweet about their dinner in Japan or that maybe he was the one holding the camera and taking the pictures. Well, this time he goes solo during his aventures in Japan

Baby Yesung revealed!

Group Super Junior’s Yesung revealed his baby picture. Yesung tweeted on the 23rd, “I’m watching on today as well” and he attached the cute picture above. In the picture, baby Yesung has a slight smile on his face and he’s looking at the camera with a playful look on his face

Sulli and Donghae’s affectionate selca with Yesung’s surprise appearance

Sulli and Donghae took a selca together looking affectionate. Super Junior member Donghae tweeted on January 2nd, “December 31st with Sulli, Yesung hyung..” along with a picture. In the picture that Donghae revealed, Donghae is posing affectionately with Sulli right next to him

Yoon Dohyun's Unlikely Friendship With Super Junior Yesung

Posted: February 18, 2012 1:57 PM EST Yoon Dohyun, super junior, yesung, entertainment relay, friendship XX Singer Yoon Dohyun revealed that he often goes to saunas with Super Junior member Yesung and showed off their unlikely friendship

Super Junior’s Yesung shows off a glowing photo

  Super Junior member Yesung revealed a selca that showed off his glowing complexion. Yesung uploaded a photo with the caption “Alright, let’s go to WHAS!,” on his personal Twitter on March 19th

Super Junior’s Yesung’s Family Photo Draws Attention for “Superior Genes”

On March 23, Super Junior’s Yesung shared a family photo with his father and brother, under the caption that read, “The guys in our family, with my father and younger brother. Are we superior?” In the photo, Yesung is staring at the camera with his father and younger brother, who all have strikingly similar features

Super Junior’s Yesung shows his support for SHINee’s comeback

Super Junior member Yesung thoughtfully prepared snacks to congratulate his junior artist and label mate SHINee on their recent comeback. SHINee made a comeback performance with “Sherlock“ on the March 23rd airing of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Music Bank

K-Pop Destination: Handel and Gretel (Super Junior's Yesung)

No doubt Super Junior's Yesung is used to headlining the news, but now another member of his family is finding himself in the spotlight -- Yesung's little brother, Jong Jin. This photogenic young man has attracted some attention of his own, thanks to his idol-worthy good looks and the fact that he brews a mean cup of coffee

Super Junior’s Yesung shows off his family members

Yesung of Hallyu super group Super Junior showed off his family members in a recent selca. On March 23rd, Yesung posted the above photos on his Twitter account with a caption that read, “The men in our family, my dad and my younger brother

Super Junior’s Yesung makes a surprise visit into a chatroom

Fans chatting in a particular chatroom were in for some luck as Super Junior‘s Yesung made a surprise entrance to one of his fansites. On March 27th, the singer uploaded a proof-shot of his visit into the chatroom on his twitter account and wrote, “A sudden invasion while fanpage hopping! This is fun haha

Super Junior’s Yesung takes a selca with his good looking younger brother

Super Junior‘s Yesung and his equally handsome little brother took a selca together, proving that good looks must run in the family. On March 29th, Yesung uploaded the selca on Twitter, and wrote, “I visited with my good looking (?) little brother Jong Jin, and then went to Heestory

Super Junior’s Yesung shares a bald photo with fans

Super Junior member Yesung shocked his fans by undergoing a complete transformation. On April 11th, the singer shared the photo below via his official Twitter page and wrote, “Will I look something like this if I shaved my head?” The image which appeared to be made using various photo filters looked highly realistic, causing his fans to laugh and cry at the same time

New Selcas of Yesung

Apparently Yesung was in a good mood today b/c he just tweeted three smoldering hot selcas. Which one is your favorite?Soooooo Lucky!!!!!!^_^

Super Junior’s Yesung takes a picture with Eunhyuk dressed like Marilyn Monroe

Super Junior’s Yesung released a picture of himself with Eunhyuk dressed like Marilyn Monroe. On April 30, Yesung uploaded a picture on his Twitter account with the comment, “I just came back to Korea, finishing the Super Show in Indonesia

Super Junior’s Yesung takes a picture with his brother

Super Junior’s Yesung recently released a self portrait which he took with his brother Kim Jong Jin. On May 4, Yesung tweeted a picture with the short comment, “Nice weather.” In the picture, Yesung is posing with his brother in comfortable clothes

Super Junior’s Yesung takes a casual photo with his brother

Super Junior member Yesung snapped a photo with his younger brother Kim Jong Jin. On May 4th, the singer posted the above photo on his Twitter page and wrote, “Great weather.” Yesung displayed his classic charismatic charm with his fierce gaze, while his brother gave the camera a gentle smile

Super Junior's Yesung Reveals a Photo of Himself Dressed as a Woman

Super Junior's Yesung revealed himself as a lovely woman. On May 11, along with a picture, he wrote on his twitter, "If I were to dress as a woman, would I look like this?"In the picture, Yesung has pins and flowers in his hair while wearing a traditional Korean dress

SNSD’s Seohyun and Super Junior’s Yesung have something in common

SNSD’s Seohyun and Super Junior’s Yesung have something in common. SNSD’s Jessica appeared in the May 18 episode of tvN’s talk show Taxi and told various episodes about her. Super Junior’s Sungmin and f(x)’s Luna appeared on the show as secret guests

Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Yesung have a habit of sitting next to one another on plane rides?

Super Junior‘s Yesung and Leeteuk seems to be inseparable when it comes to picking seats in the plane. Many fans already know the tendency that the two have of sitting side by side on plane rides, and Leeteuk’s latest tweet is another proof shot of this undying bond

SNSD's Seohyun's and Super Junior Yesung's Common Habit

On a recent episode of tvN's "Talk Show Taxi" that aired on May 18, SNSD's Jessica and Super Junior's Sungmin shared their thoughts about a member from their group. Lee Young Ja asked Sungmin, "Which member are you not compatible with?" After thinking for some time, Sungmin answered that his personality was not compatible with Yesung's