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Top 11 contestants of Indonesia’s ‘Galaxy Superstar’ to receive special K-Pop training

Korea’s world famous idol training system will be making its way into the Indonesian music market! Composer Kim Do Hoon, the hitmaker behind CNBLUE‘s “Loner” and 2AM‘s “Like You“, has been named the official trainer for an Indonesian audition program titled ‘Galaxy Superstar’

Superstar K3 Busker Busker to Release an Album Later This Year

Busker Busker will resume their activities as a three man band after the band's drummer, Brad had returned from the States on January 12. Mnet, who is handling Busker Busker's management at the moment says, "Brad has definitely returned to Korea

Superstar K3's Do Dae Yoon Closes Twitter After Comments He Made

Do Dae Yoon of “Superstar K3” has decided to close his Twitter account regarding his recent Tweets about singer, IU and Big Bang member, Taeyang. He had stirred up a lot of controversy with his Tweets made over the past 24 hours

Wonder Girls Giveaway: Win WG signed merch, Diamond Tears Headphones, Samsung Galaxy Tab and more!

As you should already know, the Wonder Girls‘ TV movie, ‘The Wonder Girls‘, will air via Teen Nick on Thursday, February 2nd at 5:00 p.m. PST/8 p.m. EST. To celebrate their grand movie debut, allkpop has prepared an amazing giveaway for our wonderful readers, courtesy of the Wonder Girls and JYP Entertainment! So, what’s up for grabs? - Wonder Girls “UNRELEASED” ‘THE DJ IS MINE‘ single CD - Autographed Wonder Girls Movie Poster - Laptop case - Diamond Tears Headphones (Not yet released!) - Samsung Galaxy Tab 1st Prize: 5 winners will win EVERYTHING 2nd prize: 5 winners will win Diamond Tears Headphones, the CD, the poster and a laptop case 3rd prize: 10 winners will win the CD, the poster, and a laptop case 4th prize: 10 winners will win the CD That’s a total of 30 winners and 85 prizes! — How do you win? For a chance to win these amazing prizes, make sure to tune into Teen Nick and watch “The Wonder Girls” movie on Thursday, February 2nd at 5:00 p

Superstar K3’s Chris Leaves Korea Due to Sexual Abuse Rumors

Superstar K3's Chris was close to being sued by a group because of his “private life.” The problem was a personal meeting with a female member of his fan café. Around 10 fans argued that they were sexually abused

Superstar K2 John Park Teaser Released

On February 2, Superstar K2's John Park teased his debut on Mnet "M! Countdown." The 75-second-long teaser video presented many different images of John Park, from retro superstar to a nonchalantly guitar playing John

Superstar K3′s Chris Golightly flares up over accusations of sexual harassment

Chris Golightly, known for his appearance on Mnet‘s ‘Superstar K3‘, is facing several sexual harassment accusations from more than 10 fan cafe members. The singer has denied the claims and stated that that he would be leaving Korea to take part in ‘X-Factor‘, an audition program held in the States

Superstar K3′s Two Months share new “couple” selcas

Indie pop duo Two Months delighted fans with a fun selca update featuring both members, Do Dae Yoon and Kim Yerim! Dae Yoon felt that Two Months have been away too long from their fans, and so he shared two new photos through his Twitter

Superstar K2 Chris Golightly Asks for Press Conference to Address Sexual Abuse Allegations

Recently Superstar K2’s “Chris Golightly” has been making headlines because of rape allegations by more than 10 women from his fan club. He had stated that he would be leaving the country, but he did not

"K-Pop Superstar" Sets The Tone For A Better Reality Voting System

Posted: February 10, 2012 5:38 PM EST k-pop, superstar SBS's hit show "K-Pop Superstar" is making a change to the format. Each week the contestants will compete with one getting eliminated. First place contestants will automatically advance, third place will get eliminated, and the second place contestants will get one more chance to grace the stage

Superstar K3′s Chris Golightly apologizes to his fans

  Chris Golightly, a former contestant from Mnet‘s audition program ’Superstar K3‘, has apologized to his fans for his recent scandal. The aspiring singer hosted a press conference at a cafe in Seoul on February 10th, where he addressed his scandal and attempted to clear up any misunderstandings

Superstar K Juddge Yun Jongshin confesses, "I Actually Wanted to Take Kang Seungyoon Under my Wing."

On last night's Healingn Camp, Yun Jongshin revealed his thoughts about Kang Seungyoon, his mentee in Superstar K season 2. "At first sight, I knew his potentials." Yun Jongshin said. "He looked ordinary but I could feel his energy right away

Mnet ‘Superstar K’ Participant Kim Bo Kyung’s New Hairdo

Mnet 'Superstar K' participant Kim Bo Kyung showed off her newly changed hairstyle. On the 14th, Kim Bo Kyung posted two pictures on her twitter along with the comments, "Give me Valentine's Day chocolates!" In the pictures, she is bearing a blue hoodie while posing for the camera with various expressions

"Superstar K3" Do Dae Yoon Reveals Suffering

"Superstar K3" contestant Do Dae Yoon of the duo, Two Months, recently expressed his sufferings, which generated much interest among netizens. On the main panel of his mini homepage he wrote, "God, I'm suffering

Nam Sang Mi Resembles Superstar of 70s – Jeong Yun Hui

After the photo of actress in MBC 50th anniversary special planning drama series Lights and Shadows, Nam Sang Mi, was released, it garnered attention. In the photo, Nam Sang Mi looks dignified, facial lines are clear, nose bridge stands high, possesses both urban temperament and classical oriental beauty, resembling the famous Korean actress Jeong Yun Hui during the 1970s, attracting the attention of Internet users

Frustrated by his scandal, Superstar K3?s Chris Golightly decides to return to the States

Chris Golightly revealed earlier today that he would be going back home to the States. The singer seems to have been torn between leaving Korea and wanting to stay for a while, as he has talked about leaving before but did not follow through

Infinite Selected For Galaxy Player

Posted: February 19, 2012 8:22 PM EST infinite The boy band, Infinite, will be an advertising model for a product Galaxy Player. Samsung Electronics is hoping to target the teenager consumers through Infinite who has been one of the most popular bands among the young students

INFINITE selected as models for the new Samsung ‘Galaxy Player’

In hopes of beating Apple‘s iPod as the king of all portable media players, Samsung has enlisted the aid of popular idol group INFINITE to become their new models for their Galaxy Player. The company has released an official photo of the boys, who look suave, chic, and sexy in their black suits

Delivery Girl Meets Superstar

Any fans might have a dream of meeting their stars. It is very natural for fans to dream about meeting their stars in person, holding their hands, and talking to them. So they go to the concert, attend the fan meetings, and try to have a seat in the front row

Infinite is selected as a representative for Galaxy Player

Group Infinite was recently selected as a representative for Samsung Electronics Co.’s Galaxy Player. The company has been selecting top stars, including Lee Seung Gi, Kim Yuna, Han Ga In, and more