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f(x)’s Luna shows off her V-line in recent selca

F(x)‘s Luna flaunted her V-line face in her recent selca. Recently, Luna posted on her me2day, “I’m going to school right now but why is the weather so cold. There’s a show going on at my university

Luna shares a selca with a bouquet given to her by a fan

It has only been a week since the five ladies of f(x) returned to hit the stage once more, electrifying fans and the like with their newest summer single “Electric Shock.” To welcome the girls back into the game, various fans have sent the group numerous gifts to express their love and support

f(x)’s Luna to upload a new selca with her twin sister

f(x)‘s Luna shared a picture with her twin sister on October 1 and commented: “Did you all have a great Chuseok? It’s been a long time since I took pictures with my family and my twin sister. I’m having a happy Chuseok

Luna and Kim Hae Sook Look Close in Recent Selca

f(x)’s Luna has recently showed off her impressive personal connections by taking friendly photos with actress Kim Hae Sook, who is starring in the movie ”Tough as Iron.” Luna wrote on her Me2day, “The movie ‘Tough as Iron’♥ Went to see it with my friends and family thanks to Kim Hae Sook’s invitation

f(x) Luna Stays Fit and Blooming in Latest Selca

Fx, Luna, me2day, photo, selca, fitness, pretty f(x) Luna recently uploaded on her me2day account her new selcas. The photo was taken after Luna got freshened up after a workout. Because of her flawless skin, you could see how she takes care of her skin just to make it look more youthful looking

Kang So Ra Reveals New Selca from the Set of "Dream High 2"

Actress Kang So Ra unveiled a selca while filming for the upcoming KBS drama “Dream High 2”. On January 10, Kang So Ra tweeted, "Dream High 2 teaser is being released~ I'm in the middle of filming!" She then posted the following photo

KARA Gyuri's Goddess Selca Picture

Girl group KARA’s goddess and leader, Gyuri, revealed a selca picture of herself during Kōhaku Uta Gassen, Japanese network NHK's annual New Year's Eve music show. The singer uploaded the selca on her Twitter with the caption: “Before Kōhaku Uta Gassen

Shindong takes a selca at the top of a ski hill

Super Junior‘s Shindong is enjoying a much-deserved day off by taking on the slopes! On January 13th, the idol updated his me2day with a selca taken from the top of the hill. He wrote, “I’m snowboarding! Yahoo! The first boarding session of 2012! Now to go down, haha!!” Fans laughed at Shindong’s bright personality, which was just as loud and energetic on top of a snowy hill as it was on stage

Danny Ahn celebrates g.o.d.’s 13th anniversary with a selca

g.o.d.‘s Danny Ahn celebrated the group’s 13th anniversary today with a special update on Twitter! On January 13th, Danny Ahn tweeted, “It’s g.o.d.’s 13th birthday!!!! Wow~~ kekeke

Lee Hongki shares a unique selca

FT Island’s Lee Hongki uploaded a unique picture onto his twitter. On January 16th, Hongki uploaded the above picture onto his twitter and tweeted, “This kind of feeling?” The picture shows Hongki crouching in front of a mirror and making a cute pouting face that brought smiles to the faces of fans

HyunA displays her feminine charm in new selca photos

4minute‘s HyunA shared a series of new selca photos, displaying her innocent charm. HyunA shared the above photos via her official Twitter page and wrote, “Jiho oppa told me that I look fit and healthy… Thank You

SECRET’s Hyosung reveals a makeup-free selca

SECRET‘s Hyosung recently revealed her fresh, makeup-free face! On January 13th, Hyosung shared a new selca on Twitter and wrote, “I’m heading back to Korea now, but who is this in this picture?” She continued, “Did you know? Today is Friday the 13th and my birthday (October 13th, 1989) was also on a Friday

T-ara’s Boram shows off her V-line in a new selca

T-ara‘s Boram has mesmerized fans with a new selca that highlighted her classical beauty. On January 14th, Boram wrote on her minihompi, “I’m just a simple-minded person changing from one thing to another

f(x)’s Luna and SS501′s Kim Kyu Jong go on a hamburger date

In the upcoming episode of TV Chosun‘s weekend drama, ‘Saving Ahjumma Go Bong Shil‘, f(x)‘s Luna and SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong have a scene where they enjoy a romantic hamburger date

Fans Amused with Kim Soo Hyun’s Embarrassing Selca

Kim Soo Hyun has been garnering a lot of attention recently for his role as King Lee Hwon in popular drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun,” co-starring Han Ga In and Jung Il Woo. However, an embarrassing(?) photo of the hot star has surfaced various internet communities, amusing his fans and other netizens

Taeyeon Selca and More!

Taengoo = dukong sa rang!  This cute selca surfaced recently of Taeyeon and her favorite stuffed peas!  It almost hard not to see her with her beloved dukong’s these days! She was also seen filming a cameo for the SBS sitcom “Salamander Guru and the Shadows,” which features labelmate Minho of SHINee

Our Nice Princess Puts Out Another Cute Selca And Message Online

Well, what do you all think ? Can she get any cuter than this ?!!Our dear Nice Princess Jessica recently updated her Japanese online fansite with this, oh, so adorable, selca and a heartwarming message for her fans from the Land of the Raising Sun

Yuri Appears In A New Selca

A new selca of our favourite black pearl was recently posted online for the enjoyment of fans. Donghae, a member of Super Junior, recently posted a selca, on the 6th of September 2011 to his Twitter account, which he took of himself, together with SNSD’s Yuri and f(x)’s Amber

[UPDATED] New Taeyeon selca revealed via UFO!

UPDATE: Taeyeon’s comfort object, her infamous Toy Story 3 Peas in a Pod Plush Toy have names! -mikechi. According to a recent UFO reply, Kid Leader has revealed the names of her 3 peas in a pod, to which she clutches so tightly: SO CUTE! -Original post- Remember those four adorable selca pics Taeyeon revealed last week?  Well, she has revealed a new selca via her UFO today!  How can you say no to that pout-y, but too cute face??  Heart melting especially with the green pillow, isn’t it?! by: nukem384@snsdkorean Credits: Bestiz, wonderfulgeneration

Hyoyeon Leaves A Message With A Selca

Kim Choding recently left a message and a selca for Japanese Sones. Translation of the message: To all Japanese fans, this is Hyoyeon. Did you watch the Bad Girl PV? Since there was a scene in which we rode a bike and we appeared with a new wild image, I would love it if a lot of people watches it! And because the summer this year is really hot everyone please take care of your health