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MV for OST track "I Love You, I’m Sorry" featuring ALi"s voice

MV for OST track

Singer ALi lent her voice for the OST track “I Love You, I’m Sorry” for MBC“s “Angry Mom.”
The music video of the OST track was already dropped, and at the end of the MV the singer also pays tribute to the victims of Sewol tragedy.
Watch below:. ... Read more

[HanCinema"s Drama Review] "Hogu"s Love"


The rise of cable television has also marked the increase in freedom of expression for drama creators. Especially paid channels which are not freely available to the public can handle topics which might be considered “morally harmful” for public television networks and therefore be censored more strictly. “Hogu”s Love” is a series which features a lot of major societal taboo topics and combined with tvN”s signature romantic comedy style, it explores them in a refreshing and heartfelt manner. . ... Read more

[Video] Added new adult rated trailer, poster and videos for the Korean movie "Love Clinic"

[Video] Added new adult rated trailer, poster and videos for the Korean movie

Added new adult rated trailer, poster and videos for the upcoming Korean movie “Love Clinic”

“Love Clinic” (2014)Directed by Kim AaronWith Oh Ji-ho, Kang Ye-won, Ha Joo-hee, Kim Min-gyo, Hong Seok-cheon, Oh Min-seok,…Formerly known as “Taste of Love” and “Cheeky She, Stuck Up He” (Cheeky She, Prickly He, 발칙한 그녀, 까칠한 그놈, bal-chig-han geun-yeo, kka-chil-han geu-nom)SynopsisA romantic comedy about a female urologist who has kissing allergies and a male gynecologist with physical fusion, opening their own hospitals on the same floor, same building.Release date in Korea : 2015/05/07 . ... Read more

Upcoming Korean movie "Maze: Secret Love"

Upcoming Korean movie
Added the upcoming Korean movie “Maze: Secret Love“”s page to HanCinema database”Maze: Secret Love” (2015)Directed by Hideo JojoWith Kim Min-gi, Kang Ho, Hwang Ji-hoo, Aino Kishi, Akiho Yoshizawa,…SynopsisDong-hyeon and Yong-joon coincidentally meet at an acting audition. ... Read more

Niel and Juniel reunite to sing "Spring Love" on M!Countdown

Niel and Juniel reunite to sing

It”s been three years since we heard the flawless collaboration stage between Teen Top Niel and Juniel.

The two reunite with each other during Niel”s comeback stage at M!Countdown for his repackaged album”s title song “Spring Love” featuring the ever sweet and pretty Juniel.. ... Read more

Bobby Moon reveals teaser for "Love Timing" featuring SS501"s Kim Kyu Jong

Bobby Moon reveals teaser for

SS501“s Kim Kyu Jong is featured in Bobby Moon“s “Love Timing” and a teaser for the track was recently revealed.

“Love Timing” is a collaborative track written by producer/singer Bobby Moon and Golden Boy. . ... Read more

Brown Eyed Soul"s Sung Hoon is next to drop solo MV, "I Love You"

Brown Eyed Soul

Brown Eyed Soul”s Sung Hoon is the next and third member in the group”s relay single project as he drops the MV for “I Love You,” a beautiful, haunting, and powerful ballad that depicts heartbreak.
His voice is unique and emotional, driving listeners to strongly feel the message that the song is trying to relay. He goes to soothing low before reaching an amazing high, giving his all into the song. . ... Read more

Brown Eyed Soul"s Sung Hoon reveals MV teaser for next solo member track "I Love You"

Brown Eyed Soul

Sung Hoon is the next Brown Eyed Soul member to release a solo track. Following Naul”s successful single “You From the Same Time“, Sung Hoon has reveals his music video teaser for “I Love You“.. ... Read more

Yang Ji-won reveals making scene of "Divorce Lawyer in Love"

Yang Ji-won reveals making scene of

Yang Ji-won from the group Spica revealed a scene from the new SBS drama “Divorce Lawyer in Love“.

The picture was taken on the set and she posted, “The first episode is on the 18th! Watch it!”. . ... Read more

"Divorce Lawyer in Love" Jo Yeo-jeong shows off her amazing perfect body and doll-like beauty


On April 15th, actress Jo Yeo-jeong is posing for reporters at the press conference of the SBS” special project new weekend drama, “Divorce Lawyer in Love” at SBS Mok-dong building in Mok-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul. . ... Read more