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Chocolat to Model for Basketball League NBA

Chocolat has been named the main model for “NBA Korea,” the Korean branch of the U.S. basketball league, NBA. The league said Chocolat’s sporty and powerful image fit the overall brand concept of NBA in Korea

Park Shin Hye Picked as First Model of “MBC Music”

Park Shin Hye has been picked as the first model of MBC’s new music channel, “MBC Music.” Known for being an avid music fan, Park Shin Hye filmed the TV commercial and promotional photos for the new channel on December 28 and 29

Nine Muses "We Are Sick of Being Called Model-Dols"

Girl group Nine Muses, who debuted in August of 2010, was instantly a hot topic due to the fact that most members used to be models. However, this attention became a barrier for the girls to overcome in order to truly receive recognition as artists

Eugene selected as the newest model for cosmetics brand Lancome

Actress Eugene has been selected as the newest face for internationally-famous cosmetic brand ‘Lancome‘. The actress who has maintained her youthful beauty since her days as an S.E.S member has been selected as the newest Lancome model, along with world famous celebrities such as Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, and more

Fashion Model Compliments Hyori's Beauty

Fashion model Hye Park (readers may be familiar with her modeling for Teen Vogue in the US), wrote about Lee Hyori in a Junuary 16 blog post. Hye Park posted a photograph of herself with Lee Hyori. She wrote, "She (Hyori) is so beautiful

Top model Hye Park shares a photo taken with Lee Hyori

Top model Hye Park shared a selca photo she took with singer Lee Hyori. The model shared the above photos via her personal blog on January 16th and wrote, “So pretty… I… can’t take photos next to you unni

KARA, B2ST, and more win at 7th annual ‘Asia Model Awards’

On January 18th, a few of Korea’s top idols were handed awards at the 7th annual ‘Asia Model Awards‘. The ’2012 Asia Model Awards’ is a multi-effort production, funded by the Ministry of Culture, Sports, & Tourism, co-managed by DKB & Model Center International, and hosted by the Korean Models’ Association

IU Becomes a Cosmetics Brand Model

IU has become a model for the cosmetics brand, “The Saem.” Representatives for the company stated, “IU is receiving a lot of love as the ‘nation’s younger sister,’ and her bright and clear skin is envied by many females

Brown Eyed Girls Ga In As an Underwear Model for "Yes"

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga In transformed into an underwear model. Ga In modeled for the inner wear brand “Yes.” This commercial was a bit different form Ga In’s usual image. As can be seen in the pictures, she is moving away from her shocking and chic image to a lovely one

SISTAR model for Plastic Island clothings

Rookie girl group, SISTAR, have been faring quite well in the music industry, captivating many with their fresh sound.The girls recently modeled for clothing brand, Plastic Island, and showed off a different look than on stage

Moon Chae Won’s confident model-like walk at ’2011 Korea Lifestyle Awards’

The Hanbok Fashion Show of Hanbok designer Park Sool Nyo took place at the ’2011 Korea Lifestyle Awards’ on December 5th at the Intercontinental Hotel Grand Ball Room in Seoul. Moon Chae Won is seen posing for pictures before the Hanbok Fashion Show at the ’2011 Korean Lifestyle Awards’

Kara wins the ‘Asia Star’ award at the ’2012 Asia Model Awards’

The ’2012 Asia Model Awards’ ceremony was held at the Seoul Olympic Park, Olympic Hall. The event was organized by the ‘Korean Model Association’ and the ‘Model Center International’

Top model Hye Park, “Can’t take pics with Lee Hyori”

Some pictures of singer Lee Hyori together with model Hye Park have been revealed. Hye Park posted on her mini homepage on January 16th, “Really pretty..I..Can’t take pictures next to unnie” along with pictures

Moon Chae Won and Yoo Ah In selected together for Soju CF model

The two biggest box office stars of last year, Yoo Ah In and Moon Chae Won are the new faces of a Soju brand. Soju commercials are coveted by even the biggest of the stars, then perhaps it’s no coincidence that the currently hottest two actors have been chosen to represent one of the major Soju brands

Lee Seung Gi comes #1 in yet another CF model consumer preference rating

Following a survey which showed Lee Seung Gi lead the CF model likability for the past 7 months, the multi-talented entertainer has another top rating under his belt. As of today December 22nd (Korean time), Kobaco (Korean Broadcast Advertising Corp) has announced that Lee Seung Gi ranked #1 in the CF model consumer preference rating

Kim Sun Ah poses like a model at the airport, the pic taken by Lee Dong Wook?

Actress Kim Sun Ah says goodbye to the fans at the airport. Kim Sun Ah posted on her me2day on the 18th, “Kim star heading to the runway! Let’s go to Tokyo! I’ll come back soon! I will come home after spreading ‘Scent of a Woman’ far and wide” and she revealed the supermodel like photo above

Hong Soo Ah looking even better than a racing model

Actress Hong Soo Ah revealed pictures taken in New York. Hong Soo Ah tweeted on December 15th, “A yellow cab for filming and Broadway..New York at sunrise. It was pretty. It was really cold but Seoul is on the warmer side” along with pictures taken in New York

Lee Min Jung’s model was Lee Hyori for ‘Wonderful Radio’

Actress Lee Min Jung revealed that she modeled her latest role on the former Fin.K.L member Lee Hyori. Lee Min Jung attended the production report of her latest movie ‘Wonderful Radio’ at the 100 Anniversary Memorial Hall of Yihwa High School for Girls on December 6th

T-ara Receives $1,000,000 Guarantee to Model for Chicken Chain

On February 6 Core Contents Media stated that the chicken chain “Brilliant Chicken” (Gi Bal Han Chicken) chose T-ara as their exclusive models. The guarantee for a one-year contract that T-ara will receive is a whopping $1,000,000

U-Kiss Soo Hyun’s Model Pose In France

Group U-Kiss member Soo Hyun showed off his middle pose in France. On the 10th, Soo Hyun posted a picture on his twitter along with the comments, "Hehe does it feel like France?" In the picture, Soo Hyun is posing for the camera in an all-black outfit with sunglasses on