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Lee Min Ho foto iseng

Foto Lee Min Ho macem-macem yang dijamin bikin kita semua hepi! Minta lagi oppa fotonya!!

Foto-foto Kim Hyun Joong di Playful Kiss

Buat yang lagi nonton Playful Kiss, minta ♥ dan komennya pleaseee~

Foto-foto Jadoel Lee Min Ho

Nemu beberapa foto Lee Min Ho lagi nih hehehe jangan lupa komen dan klik <3 kalo kamu cinta diaa!!!

SNSD's YoonA & Yuri Appear in Japanese SAT

SNSD members Yuri and YoonA's names were featured on the Japanese SAT. The Japanese SAT exam similar to America and Korea's, the aptitude test which evaluates students and determines their college attendance was held in Japan on January 14

Girls’ Generation Yuri to step down from her MC position on ‘Music Core’

Girls’ Generation member Yuri will be stepping down from her position as an MC on MBC‘s Show! Music Core. A representative wrote via Girls’ Generation official web page on the 27th, “Hello, everyone

SNSD's Yuri Says Farewell on "Music Core"

SNSD's Yuri has unfortunately announced that she will be departing from her MCing duties on MBC's "Show! Music Core" due to her busy schedule with her new drama, "Fashion King." The January 28 episode was the final episode featuring Yuri beside fellow member Tiffany

SNSD Yuri sheds tears on TV

Yuri SNSD, Girl's Generation SNSD Yuri cried on broadcast program "Show! Music Central." AS the show was about to close, she revealed that she would no longer be on the program in order to focus on her acting career

Sung Yuri’s New Drama “Feast of the Gods” Releases Trailers and Posters

It has been quiet on the promotion radar, but Sung Yuri’s new drama, “Feast of the Gods” is set to air this coming weekend. “Feast of the Gods” stars Sung Yuri, Joo Sang Wook (“Giant”), Lee Sang Woo (“Thousand Days’ Promise”), and Seo Hyun Jin (“The Duo”) in a story set in a restaurant that specializes in traditional Korean cuisine that used to be only served to the king

Yuri to Resign from MBC’s Show! Music Core

It was announced on January 27th that Yuri will be leaving MBC’s Show! Music Core [PIC].  MC YulTi noooooooo!! Their last show together will be January 28th.  The SM staff posted a message saying “Although it is unfortunate, Yuri will be showing a better image to the fans through other activities

[Update] Yuri to return to acting with “Fashion King”

Sports Donga (Korean media site) has now confirmed that Yuri will indeed be signing on for the ‘Fashion King’ Drama. With this affirmation of Yuri’s role comes an inside look at the first official script reading provided by Korean media outlet Sports Donga

[Updated] Yuri, Sooyoung and Seohyun to Share their Academic Lives

Update: video links to all four episodes of Star Life Theatre added. Really worth watching. Have you ever wondered what the girl’s do during their time at school?  Sooyoung, Yuri and Seohyun will be giving viewers a peak into their campus lives on KBS2′s ‘Star Life Theatre’

Kwon Yuri

Y U R I (유리) Stage Name: Black Pearl YURI (흑진주 유리 – heukjinjoo Yuri) Birth Name: Kwon Yu-ri (권유리) Nicknames: Yul, Kkab-Yul (hyper/playful Yul), Kwon Seobang (Husband Kwon), Kwon Banjang (Class-President Kwon), BK Yuri Position: Supporting Vocalist/2nd Main Dancer Date of Birth: December 5, 1989 Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius Bloodtype: AB Sibling(s): 1 older brother (Kwon Hyuk-jun) Language: Korean (Fluent), English, Chinese (Fluent), Japanese Specialty: Dance, Acting, Swimming Casted: 2001 SM 1st Annual Youth Best Contest (Best Dancer, 2nd Place) Training Duration: 5 Years 11 Months School: ChungAng University (중앙대학교) Department of Theater | graduated from Neunggok High School Career: - 2005 KM Super Junior Show ‘The King’s Boyfriend’ - 2006 CF Dongil Highvill Lake City - 2006 MV DBSK - ‘Beautiful Life‘ - 2006 CF China Chocopie CF (with Jang Dong-gun) - 2006 CF East-West food Hat Choco mitte - 2007 Movie ‘Attack on the Pin-Up Boys‘ (as Ballet Girl) - 2007 Sitcom KBS ‘Unstoppable Marriage’ (as Kwon Yu-ri) - 2008 OST for SBS drama Working Mom ‘Ggok‘ (with Sooyoung) - 2008 Variety Show KBS2 ‘Kko Kko Tour’ season 2 - 2009 MV K

Some Random Fun From Yuri And Sooyoung

Wondering what the above image represents ? Well, it seems our 2 Jangshins were up for some lunch-time fun whilst they were recently back on campus . Recently posted on-line, our 2 lovable ladies, at the spur of the moment, decided to leave a wrttten message at the restaurant where they had their lunch-date after classes

Teaser Photos: Yuri, Yoona and Seohyun

Update: Added HQ pics and wallpaper versions by JaeCee The last batch of concept teaser photos have been officially released!!!! OMGOMGOMG -INSERT LOTS OF CRAZY INCOHERENT SPAZZ- hem… Without further ado, prepare yourselves for…

More UFO Fun From Yuri And Sunny !

Ready for more funny UFO replies to brighten your day ? This time around, we get to enjoy the quirky, fun replies from our Sunny Bunny and Black Pearl to their fans UFO messages to the 2 ladies. Although not the latest news to hit the Web (the replies were done on the 13th and 14th of September 2011 respectively) and only recently translated, they are still worth reading for the sheer fun-value of the replies

Yuri reveals a secret about Sooyoung!

On September 12th, SBS aired it’s Chuseok special “Dalgona” in which Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sooyoung appeared. They began their guest appearance by talking about SMTown Live in Paris and some of the stories from that trip

Yuri Appears In A New Selca

A new selca of our favourite black pearl was recently posted online for the enjoyment of fans. Donghae, a member of Super Junior, recently posted a selca, on the 6th of September 2011 to his Twitter account, which he took of himself, together with SNSD’s Yuri and f(x)’s Amber

[Updated] Yuri Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine

Updated: added magazine scans. SNSD’s Yuri, who was recently praised for her ‘superior genes,’ will be featured in Cosmopolitan’s September issue. As displayed in the photos that have already surfaced, her shapely figure is the perfect frame for such body-conscious pieces

[UPDATED] Yuri, Tiffany and Sooyoung to Host Japan’s Largest K-Pop Concert!

+ Promotional video added (unsubbed) -mikechi. — Yuri, Tiffany and Sooyoung have been selected to host the “K-POP All Star Live in Niigata” concert on August 20th! The event, which will be held at Niigata’s Tohoku Denryoku Big Swan Stadium, is expected to attract a 46,000 strong audience, which has lead organisers to say that it will be the largest Korean music concert to be held in Japan thus far

Yuri voted #1 by college students for “Superior Genes”

On August 10th, the results from a plastic surgery clinic were revealed from the question “Which female star has a cute and chiseled face?”  A total of 421 university student participated in the survey (both male and female)