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Lee Min Ho foto iseng

Foto Lee Min Ho macem-macem yang dijamin bikin kita semua hepi! Minta lagi oppa fotonya!!

Foto-foto Kim Hyun Joong di Playful Kiss

Buat yang lagi nonton Playful Kiss, minta ♥ dan komennya pleaseee~

Foto-foto Jadoel Lee Min Ho

Nemu beberapa foto Lee Min Ho lagi nih hehehe jangan lupa komen dan klik <3 kalo kamu cinta diaa!!!

TEEN TOP’s Niel, C.A.P. and Chunji cover Big Bang’s ‘Sunset Glow’ on 1000 Songs Challenge

On the January 29th episode of SBS’s ‘1000 Songs Challenge‘, TEEN TOP surprised the audience by perfectly singing Big Bang‘s “Sunset Glow“. As if they prepared in advance, the boys confidently sang, rapped and danced to the song, but failed to advance to the next level

TEEN TOP’s Chunji goes on a date with ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon for Mnet show

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji was recently spotted on a date with famous internet ulzzang Kang Hye Yeon. But don’t worry Angels, it’s only for Mnet‘s TV program, ‘Hidden Track Romance‘

TEEN TOP’s Chunji graduates from high school

TEEN TOP’s Chunji has graduated from high school! Although Chunji is laden with a busy promotional schedule for TEEN TOP’s “Going Crazy”, he was able to attend his graduation ceremony at the Seoul Gangseo-gu Community Health Center on February 7th

Teen Top Member Chunji Reveals This Graduation Picture

Group Teen Top member Chunji revealed his graduation picture. On the 8th, Chunji's graduation picture was revealed on Teen Top's official Me Today page, along with the comments, "In celebration of graduation! Revealing Chunji! Thank you for congratulating me~ I will study hard in college too~ Congratulation to everyone who graduated this year and I wish you luck in the future

TEEN TOP Chunji graduation photo revealed, ‘So cool’

Idol group TEEN TOP member Chunji‘s high school graduation photo has been revealed. On February 8th a Chunji’s graduation picture was posted on TEEN TOP’s official Me2Day account with a message that read, “Marking graduation! Revealing Chunji’s graduation photo! Thank you for the congratulations~ Will work hard in college too~ Congratulating everyone who graduated this year and hwaiting for the new school life!” In the picture, Chunji looks quite handsome with light brown hair and perfectly impressive facial features

TEEN TOP’s Chunji reveals his graduation photo

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji has officially graduated from high school, and to celebrate this moment, he’s shared his yearbook photo with fans. Chunji wrote on TEEN TOP’s me2day: “A graduation memory!!! Chunji’s graduation photo revealed!!! Thank you for the congratulations~ [I] will also work hard in college~ Congratulations to everyone graduating this year and good luck to those who will attend college!!!” It appears that Chunji took this photo during the middle of TEEN TOP’s activities, as his bright blonde hair stands out from the ‘discreet hair color’ standard enforced on high school students in Korea

Teen Top's Niel, Chunji and L. Joe First Time MCing

Posted: February 11, 2012 8:55 AM EST teen top, niel, Chunji, l.joe, MCs, Music Core On February 11, Group Teen Top's member Niel, Chunji and L. Joe served as the special MCs for the MBC's "Show Music Core"

Teen Top’s Chunji thanks fans on Valentine’s Day

On February 14th, Teen Top‘s Chunji treated fans with a selca through Teen Top’s official me2day account. Along with the photo, Chunji thanked Teen Top fans, “Today was a happy day filled with all of our Angel members love^^ Happy Valentines Day♥” Showing off his good looks and big eyes, Chunji captured the hearts of fans with his effortless selca

TEEN TOP’s L.Joe and Chunji recall childhood memories

On February 21, TEEN TOP’s L.Joe and Chunji posted their childhood photos on me2DAY with the comment that said “Little cutie L.Joe boasting of his strength. I feel kind of shy to see my little self

TEEN TOP’s L.Joe & Chunji share their childhood photos

  TEEN TOP‘s L.Joe and Chunji have shared their baby photos through TEEN TOP’s official me2day page. On February 21st, L.Joe wrote, “Look at little L.Joe showing off his muscles!! It’s a little awkward seeing myself as a child again

Teen Top’s C.A.P & Chunji Parady the Sun and the Moon

The Teen Top group member C.A.P and ChunJi are parodying the national drama The Moon Embracing the Sun. Teen Top is expected to show the parody on The Secret Island program on Mnet. The Secret Island is a variety show where the members of Teen Top complete a variety of tasks on Jeju Island

Teen Top's Chunji is the MC for Variety Show "Exploration of Genders" and Shares Selca

Teen Top's Chunji shared a selca of himself in bunny ears.On March 5, Chunji revealed this selca he took in light of his first recording as the MC of "Exploration of Genders," which is a new corner on MBC's "Our Sunday Night

Brian Joo snaps a photo with TEEN TOP’s Chunji

Singer Brian Joo recently revealed his close friendship with TEEN TOP‘s Chunji by uploading a photo onto his Twitter on March 12th. The singer wrote, “Currently filming MBC‘s ‘Exploration of Genders‘ with Teen Top’s Chunji

Seyong (My Name) changes names of Chunji, Dongjun and Minwoo and Byeon Kisu

My Name’s charismatic member Seyong is known as a ‘master’ of fan service. As expected, the KBS2’s Dream Team’s filming on April 15th at Yeouido was a not an exception. Aside from doing the basic smile, wave, aegyo, bbuing bbuing, giving ‘hearts’ etc

Teen Top’s Chunji reveals that he likes girls who pushes him around

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji surprised viewers when he revealed his unique ideal type. Chunji has recently appeared on MBC’s ‘Exploration of Genders‘ and talked about his dating experience

TEEN TOP’s Chunji says, “I used to peep at a girls’ high school”

TEEN TOP’s Chunji talks about his wicked hobby he had when he was a high school student. In the episode of Our Sunday Night – Namshim Yeoshim that will air on June 3, the hosts change into one-day high school teachers

TEEN TOP’s Chunji liked to peek at female students during his school days?

TEEN TOP‘s Chunji revealed a mischievous hobby he had during his school days. On the June 3rd broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Our Sunday Night-Exploration of Genders‘, ten guests as well as the host of the show went to a high school in Seoul with the task of becoming a teacher