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Loen Entertainment to debut new six-member girl group, FIESTA

Loen Entertainment has informed allkpop some interesting news about an upcoming debut! According to the agency, which houses IU, has revealed that they will be debuting a new six-member girl group going by the name of FIESTA in August

LOEN Entertainment to debut new girl group, Fiesta, next month

LOEN Entertainment has just announced the upcoming debut of their newly formed girl group named Fiesta. Made up of six members, an image teaser was released today featuring member Jai. Jai is pictured in black and white, and sports a tousled hairstyle with a braided headband

IU's agency to have a Fiesta

Fiesta's leader Loen Entertainment, the agency behind K-pop sensation IU, is set to debut a girl group next month.The group's name has been revealed to be Fiesta, and just like the meaning of the word, "the group will showcase amazing vocals and performances with a party feel"

Loen Tree releases “Sea of Moonlight” MV teaser ft. IU, Sunny Hill, Zia, Ga-In, and FIESTA

Last week we reported that Loen Entertainment will be revealing Loen Tree’s first title track off their summer album, appropriately titled ‘Summer Story‘, on July 26th.  Today, Loen Tree released the first teaser for one of the songs off the album, “Sea of Moonlight“

Loen Tree releases “Sea of Moonlight” ft. IU and FIESTA

LOEN Entertainment has a special gift to help fans chase away the heat of the summer! The label’s artists such as IU, Ga In, Sunny Hill, Fiesta, G.Gorilla, Lee Min Soo, Ra.D, and more have come together as ‘LOEN TREE‘ to create their summer project album, ‘Summer Story‘

LOEN Tree releases "Sea of Moonlight" single ft. IU and FIESTA

The first single off the upcoming LOEN Tree album has been released on July 26th! LOEN Entertainment has gathered their artists to create LOEN Tree, joining the many agency family groups such as SMTOWN, YG Family, JYP Nation, United Cube and more

IU and FIESTA releases "Sea of Moonlight" MV

Following the release of the first single, "Sea of Moonlight," off the upcoming LOEN Tree special summer album, "Summer Story," set to be fully released on July 28th. The title track "Sea of Moonlight" features LOEN Entertainment artists IU and upcoming girl group FIESTA

LOEN Tree releases "Summer Night" EP ft. IU, FIESTA, Ga-in, Sunny Hill and more

After revealing their first title track "Sea of Moonlight," LOEN Entertainment released the second title track to LOEN Tree's "Summer Story" mini-album on August 2nd. The song is called "Take Out" and is composed by Ra

LOEN Entertainment's New Girl Group FIESTA Will Debut This Month

New girl group FIESTA, under IU’s agency LOEN Entertainment is set to officially debut at the end of August. The six-member girl group has already previously broken into the music scene through a single with IU, “Sea of Moonlight,” through the “Loen Tree Summer Story” album

IU's Company Group 'FIESTA' Debuts on 31st

FIESTA, Loen Entertainment, IU Loen Tree idol group FIESTA who made appreance with IU with "Moonlight Ocean" uploaded a concept photo on Friday. In the photo, FIESTA showed playful and feminine charm with vivid hair and unique make up

Rookie girl group BIKINY unveils MV for new single “Fiesta”

Rookie girl group BIKINY recently unveiled a MV for their new single, “Fiesta“. CJ E&M Music stated, “Don’t be biased about BIKINY only existing during the summer! In January 2013 girl group BIKINY comes back with the song “Fiesta”

Lee Min Ho Gears up for Innisfree Fiesta Event in Hong Kong

Lee Min Ho, Hong Kong Popular flower boy Lee Min Ho has taken Hong Kong like a storm. The actor attended Innisfree Fiesta celebration on May 18 as its official spokesperson in Hong Kong Exhibition Centre

CN BLUE Happy Fiesta is coming!

Another Happy Fiesta is coming! This time it’s because of CN BLUE and it’s for Filipino BOICEs! For all those who are new to this event, the ‘Happy Fiesta’ is a tradition started by Ms