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[Update] Yuri to return to acting with “Fashion King”

Sports Donga (Korean media site) has now confirmed that Yuri will indeed be signing on for the ‘Fashion King’ Drama. With this affirmation of Yuri’s role comes an inside look at the first official script reading provided by Korean media outlet Sports Donga

Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and SNSD Yuri's Upcoming Drama "Fashion King" Begins Filming

Upcoming drama “Fashion King,” starring Shin Se Kyung, Yoo Ah In, and SNSD’s Yuri, officially began productions today. For the first day of shooting, male lead Yoo Ah In jumped from a third floor window over twenty times for more than three hours in freezing temperatures

‘Fashion King’ 1st script reading, Yuri, Yoo Ah In, & Shin Se Kyung all present

Scheduled to be broadcasted after the end of the SBS drama ‘Salaryman Cho Han Ji’, ‘Fashion King’ had its first script reading on December 24th at the Ilsan production center. Present on the day’s script reading were actors Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Lee Jae Hoon, and Yuri joined the cast the moment she arrived in Korea from Japan

‘Fashion King’ reveals official profiles for Yuri, Yoo Ah In, and more

New SBS drama series ‘Fashion King‘ has revealed the official profiles for the four main characters! Check out the new pictorials as well as the short biography profiles of the characters for Girls’ Generation‘s Kwon Yuri, Shin Sae Kyung, Yoo Ah In, and Lee Jae Hoon below

Still Cuts from Yoo Ah In's Upcoming Drama "Fashion King" Revealed

Still cuts from Yoo Ah In's upcoming drama, "Fashion King" have been revealed and are sparking much interest. On February 6, the SBS posted still cuts of Yoo Ah In from the drama.  The captions along with the still cuts read, "Can you feel Young Gul's (Yoo Ah In) fiery charisma seeping through his facial expressions and body movements? What could Young Gul possibly want from these markets? All of the fans who are waiting for 'Fashion King,' please wait a bit more for the first episode

Yuri Official Pics from Fashion King

Official pictures from the SBS drama “Fashion King” have been released!  The show will first air March 12th at 9:55PM.  The drama is about young aspiring fashion designers all the way up to world class designers battling it out for supremacy

Fashion King starts filming with Yoo Ah-in

SBS’s upcoming drama Fashion King has begun shooting, and here are some cuts from the recent shoot. Could Yoo Ah-in be any cuter? I love his deer-in-headlights look here as he dangles from a third-story window, 10 meters above the ground

First Look into Shin Se Kyung in "Fashion King"

Shin Se Kyung has taken off her hanbok and is on her way to becoming a fashion queen. Shin Se Kyung, who played a girl with a photogenic memory in the popular drama, "Tree With Deep Roots," will now play an aspiring and talented fashion designer in the new drama, "Fashion King

Stars Back In New York: "Fashion King" Is Being Shot On Location!

Posted: February 9, 2012 10:55 AM EST Fashion King, New York, Girls Generation Just last week, NYC was abuzz with kpop stars. Looks like it's time for the kdrama stars to make their way across the Atlantic

Cast of SBS’s ‘Fashion King’ to shoot scenes in NYC & Vegas

  Actors Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, and Girls’ Generation member Yuri will be heading to the States to film scenes for SBS‘s new drama series, ‘Fashion King‘. The shoot will take place both in New York City and Las Vegas from February 11th through the 23rd, and all the main characters will be in attendance

New Drama "Fashion King" to Film Overseas

Actor Yoo Ah In, actress Shin Se Kyung, and Yuri of SNSD will be heading to the United States. SBS TV’s new drama “Fashion King,” (Screen play Lee Sun Mi and Kim Ki Ho, director Lee Myung Woo)  which is scheduled to air in March, has decided to take the cast abroad to film in the US

'Fashion King' SNSD Yuri making a all-black fashion statement

SNSD Yuri who will be making an appearance on SBS drama 'Fashion King', showed off an all-black airport fashion. Yuri left through the In Chun Airport to attend to her two-week long schedule in New York

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri Arrived in New York for shooting of ‘Fashion King’

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri departed Incheon International Airport on February 13 to film the new SBS drama ‘Fashion King.’ She arrived with other Girls’ Generation members at Incheon early morning of February 13 after completing ‘Girls’Generation Tour’ in Bangkok

Yoo Ah In shoots ‘King of Fashion’ in Brooklyn

Yoo Ah In recently shot a scene for SBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series King of Fashion in Brooklyn, New York. He shot a scene for the series in front of an old apartment in Brooklyn. His rebellious facial expression in a black half coat and his short hairstyle reminded people of James Dean, a symbol of manhood in the United States

Yoo Ah In & Shin Se Kyung complete their first scene of “Fashion King” in Manhattan

Actors Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung have wrapped up their very first scene for SBS’s upcoming drama, “Fashion King“. Due to their busy schedules, the two stars were unable to rehearse together until they both arrived on set on February 15th

Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In Finish First Filming for "Fashion King"

Both Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In finished their first filming in New York for the new Mon-Tue drama “Fashion King.” According to SBS the two stars worked together near Saint Mark’s Place in Manhattan

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri hands out Valentine’s chocolates to ‘Fashion King’ crew

Girls’ Generation‘s Yuri has charmed the hearts of her ‘Fashion King‘ cast and crew with a sweet Valentine’s Day gift. According to a representative from SBS, the staff of ‘Fashion King” traveled to NYC for a shoot on February 14th, where Yuri gave all the staff members chocolates and cards

SNSD’s Yuri gives chocolates to ‘King of Fashion’ staff

SNSD’s Yuri recently showed off her kind spirit and is drawing a lot of attention. Yuri arrived in New York on February 13 and gave the production crew for SBS’s series King of Fashion  chocolates for Valentines Day

Girls' Generation Yuri Gives Sweets to "Fashion King" Crew in New York

Girls' Generation member Yuri is as beautiful inside as she is outside. She showed her warm heart by bringing gifts to the drama "Fashion King" production crew. Yuri headed to New York on February 13 to join the cast of the drama there

“Fashion King” First Scene in Manhattan with Yoo Ah In and Shin Se Kyung

Upcoming SBS drama “Fashion King” has wrapped up their first scene in Manhattan. SBS said both Shin Se Kyung and Yoo Ah In successfully shot their first scene near St. Mark’s Place in the East Village of Manhattan