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New Eye Candy~

Pictures speak a thousand words and these that are about to be shared definitely do. First we have pictures from Elle’s online site and then we have some fan taken pictures of Jessi at Gimpo Airport

Candy kiss vs. foam kiss: the best kiss scene selected by the viewers?

Some of the loves scenes that had the hearts aflutter are revealed. For the February 2nd installment of KBS 2TV’s ‘Sedae Gonggam Saturday’ the ‘Ranking Old and New’ segment will be revealing ‘The Best 10 Love Scenes in Dramas’

Baek Ji Young and 2PM's Taecyeon Asked to Sing "My Ear's Candy" at a Wedding

Is the dance track “My Ear’s Candy” appropriate music for a wedding reception? Apparently so, if the song’s original artists are among the wedding guests present. A photo of Baek Ji Young and 2PM’s Taecyeon, taken at Baek Ji Young’s manager’s wedding, recently surfaced on the Internet and circulated on online community boards

Paek Ji Young and Taek Yun Sing "My Ear's Candy"

Posted: February 8, 2012 3:08 AM EST Paek Ji Young, Taek Yun, sing at wedding It has been reported that Paek Ji Young sang "My Ear's Candy" at her manager's wedding. On an online community forum, a photo was posted with a title that read "Paek Ji Young and Taek Yun Attended Manager's Wedding"

Baek Ji Young & Taecyeon sing “My Ear’s Candy” at a wedding

It’s been revealed that singer Baek Ji Young sang her hit track “My Ear’s Candy” at her manager’s wedding. Recently, an online community board posted this photo under the title, “Baek Ji Young and 2PM‘s Taecyeon at her manager’s wedding“

Lee Hyun Jae shares selcas with Eye Candy bandmates

‘Flower Drummer’ Lee Hyun Jaerefreshed the eyes of fans with a few pictures on the set fof his drama. Lee Hyun Jae plays Jung Do Il, a powerful drummer with a beautiful smile, in tvN drama ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band‘ and he took pictures with his ‘band mates’ on set

Sung Joon unveils "Jaywalking" MV for "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" OST

Actor Sung Joon has released a new single "Jaywalking" on February 13 through CJ E&M Music, and the music video was released the following day on the 14th. "Jaywalking" is the main soundtrack of "Shut Up: Flower Boy Band" and consists of retro shuffle rhythm with modern guitar effects harmonizing Sung Joon's charming low voice

Jaywalking – Sung Joon (Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST Part 2 with MV)

The 2nd OST (original soundtrack) for tvN cable channel drama series Shut Up Flower Boy Band is released on February 13th, 2012, together with music videos at a later date. The Shut Up Flower Boy Band OST part 2 is a song named with title of Jaywalking (무단횡단)

2NE1′s Minzy uploads candy pictures for White Day!

  2NE1′s Minzy uploaded a picture of herself eating candy for White Day. On March 14th she tweeted, “Happy White Day! Received a lot of candy~^^“, along with the pictures above. Netizens commented, “You too!” and “That candy looks yummy

Kim Tae Woo gives out candy to fans for White Day

  Kim Tae Woo uploaded a picture of himself with candy for White Day. On March 14th he tweeted, “Today I give this bear family as a gift to my fans. When opened there will be lots of sweet candy

Which celebrity do you want to ‘Candy Kiss’?

  In light of White Day, Social dating site, ‘‘ held a survey asking, “Which celebrity do you want to ‘Candy Kiss’ the most?” 318 participants chose their biases and according to the results, Kim Soo Hyun came out as the top recipient with 39

Big Bang’s G-Dragon sends a candy kiss for White Day

Big Bang‘s G-Dragon joins the growing list of stars greeting their fans for White Day. On March 14th, G-Dragon posted via me2day a photo of 2 candy lollipops covering his eyes and also shared, “Happy White Day“ In Korea, the concept of Valentine’s Day is split into two days

SHINee’s Taemin & Key gifts fan with candy for “White Day”

SHINee‘s Taemin and Key join the growing list of stars greeting their fans for White Day. On March 14th, SMTOWN‘s Facebook shared 4 photos of Taemin and Key and also wrote, Knock Knock, SHINee’s sweet White Day candy has arrived ♥ With only five days left until the release of ‘Sherlock‘, SHINee’s everyday activities will continue to be brought to you by djMelon” In each of the photos, both Taemin & Key are seen holding an oversized lollipop

JQ ft Shin Bong Sun - Cotton Candy (somsatang) (솜사탕)

JQ ft Shin Bong Sun - Cotton Candy (somsatang) (솜사탕) This is the PV of the song Cotton Candy by JQ featuring Shin Bong Sun. Single: Cotton Candy Release date is July 28, 2010 Love this song and PV so much

Lady Jane awaits to receive White Day candy from Simon D

Singer Lady Jane has once again aroused envy among female netizens after a comment she made on the latest episode of SBS‘s ‘One Night of TV Entertainment‘. On the March 14th broadcast, MC Seo Kyung Suk, MC Yoo In Na, and the panel guest members briefly conversed about White Day

Tony An performs H.O.T’s “Candy” on ‘Sketchbook’

Former H.O.T member and business man Tony An put on a surprise performance of “Candy” on Yoo Hee Yeol‘s ‘Sketchbook‘. On the ‘Youth Night’ special of ‘Sketchbook’ that aired on March 23rd, Tony and his group, Tony&SM☆SH stood on stage for a very special performance

Endless Eye Candy: K-pop on Tumblr

I don’t know how many Seoulbeats readers have Tumblr accounts, but those who don’t need to get one ASAP. You can thank me later. For those of you who have yet to be introduced to the magical world of Tumblr, it’s basically a microblogging platform and social networking website that was created in 2007

Girls' Generation to be eye candy for anti-blindness movement

On April 9, the Korean Association Against Blindness announced that girl band Girls' Generation will become the official face of their movement. "The group has shown an interest in research for the eradication of blindness, and gladly accepted the offer to represent our organization", said a spokesperson from the organization

T-ara’s Hyomin parodies a famous movie, Peppermint Candy, “I want to go back!”

T-ara’s Hyomin turned into Seol Kyung Gu from the movie Peppermint Candy. On April 18 at 9:00 p.m, Hyomin uploaded multiple pictures and tweeted, “I want to go back. Parody of Peppermint Candy in Swiss

T-ara’s Hyomin parodies ‘Peppermint Candy’ scene while in Switzerland

T-ara‘s Hyomin revealed a few photos where she parodied the 1999 Korean movie ‘Peppermint Candy‘ while roaming in the snowy fields of Switzerland. On April 18th, Hyomin uploaded the pictures above through her Twitter and wrote, “I want to go back~ ‘Peppermint Candy’ parody from Switzerland