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Song Joong Ki-Park Bo Young in ‘Wolf Boy’, Korean ‘Twilight’?

Actors Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young confirmed their appearance on the movie ‘Wolf Boy’ (working title) and started shooting on December 21st. ‘Wolf Boy’ is the story of a secretive love between a wolf boy who leads a lonely life shunned by society and a cold-hearted girl who has closed her heart to the world

EXO introduces Kris in teaser #17

SM Entertainment has just revealed their 17th teaser for upcoming boy group, EXO. This time, fans were introduced to Kris, who’s said to be one of EXO’s Chinese members. In his video, Kris climbs to the rooftop to gaze upon the skies

EXO Unveils First Teaser Photos and Video of Kris

After introducing D.O. and Su Ho yesterday, SM Entertainment’s new boy group EXO has unveiled another new member Kris today. This is the 17th teaser of EXO, introducing Kris in a couple of photos and a video with their new song, “Into Your World,” playing in the background

New member of EXO, Kris speaks four languages!

SM Entertainment unveiled the 11th member of new group EXO-K and EXO-M. On February 16, a teaser video was uploaded on EXO’s official website, YouTube channel, Facebook, Naver, and Chinese online sites, including Weibo

Lee Seung Gi's KRIS VAN ASSCHE Shirt at K2H Press Conference

It seems K2H's Lee Seung Gi's king's fashion is getting much attention. You can get the black tie white shirt Lee Seung Gi wore for about $30 on KRIS VAN ASSCHE's website. Pretty good price for a kingly fashion

miss A’s Suzy in a “Wolf Cut” Photo Draw Netizen Interest Again

An old photo of miss A’s Suzy in a retro “wolf cut” hairstyle has resurfaced on the Web recently, drawing renewed interest from Netizens. The photo was posted under the title, “When Suzy dare tried the ‘wolf cut’ hairstyle in the past

miss A’s Suzy used to sport a “wolf” haircut?

A past photo of miss A‘s Suzy sporting a daring haircut is garnering a lot of attention online. On May 16th, the above photo was posted on a Korean portal site bulletin with the title, “Suzy took on a wild wolf haircut in the past“


Birth Name: Wu Fan Stage Name: Kris Date of Birth: November 6, 1990 Position: EXO-M’s leader, Position: Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Height: 188 cm Fact: Lived in Vancouver Speciality: fluent in 4 languages (Mandarin, English, Korean, Cantonese)

Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young co-star an upcoming movie, Wolf Boy

The trailer of Wolf Boy(directed by Cho Sung Hee) starred by Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young is creating a stir. The piece has been invited to the upcoming 37th Toronto International Film Festival, which will begin from September 9

Song Jong Ki is a Wolf in New Movie "A Werewolf Boy"

Actor Song Jong Ki is back to the big screen in his new movie “A Werewolf Boy” directed by Jo Sung Hee. Response was hot after the official poster featuring the star was unveiled. Song Jong Ki is in the spolight for bringing the “Twilight Syndrome” to Korea with this supernatural production

Song Joong Ki of Wolf Boy: He should not exist in the world

[PIC] The first trailer for the movie Wolf Boy was recently released. Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young are drawing a lot of attention through the trailer. On September 6, posters for the movie were released for the first time and proved the movie is the current issue by receiving over 560,000 hits just in one day

‘Wolf Boy’ hits #1 on its premier day at the box office

‘Wolf Boy‘ featuring actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young hit #1 on its premier day at the box office. The movie was an unusual love story between a girl and a feral wolf boy she discovered in a secluded countryside house

The Jung Sisters + Kris Sing for BoA’s Cobu 3D

Have a listen at this catchy English track for BoA’s upcoming movie, “Cobu 3D”! The OST is titled “Say Yes” and is sang by Krystal, EXO-M’s Kris, and our very own Ice Princess

The Theatrical Poster For "Wolf Boy" Is Released!

Song Joong Ki, Park Bo Young, Wolf Boy Wolf Boy The theatrical poster for "Wolf Boy," also known as "A Werewolf Boy," has been released! The tagline in the middle of the poster reads "I'll protect you forever

Theatrical poster for ‘Wolf Boy’ starring Park Bo Young and Song Joong Ki to be revealed!

Most recently, the new theatrical poster for the film ‘Wolf Boy‘, featuring actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young, has been revealed. Here are the images of Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Young in their upcoming film, a rather unusual love story between a girl and a feral wolf boy she discovers in a secluded countryside house

Song Joong Ki Had Less Than 10 Lines In "Wolf Boy"

Song Joong Ki, Wolf Boy Song Joong Ki Song Joong Ki expressed his feelings about his new movie, "Wolf Boy". He had no lines in the movie but he had to act with his facial expressions and body language/movement

John Park to issue his self-composed song “Senseless Person” for upcoming film ‘Wolf Boy’

It’s recently announced that singer John Park will release his new single titled “Senseless Person“ in collaboration with the upcoming film ‘Wolf Boy‘. ‘Wolf Boy’, featuring actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young, is set to release on Halloween day, October 31st

Min Hyo Rin receives mixed reactions over her outfit at ‘Wolf Boy’ premiere

Actress Min Hyo Rin recently appeared at the VIP premiere of new movie ‘Wolf Boy‘. During the event, she wore an over-sized pink-and-orange knit sweater together with a white skirt, causing mixed reactions from netizens

John Park’s video teaser of “Childlike” for upcoming film ‘Wolf Boy’ to be released!

Singer John Park will be releasing his new digital single titled “Childlike“ in collaboration with the upcoming movie ‘Wolf Boy‘. ‘Wolf Boy’, featuring actor Song Joong Ki and actress Park Bo Young, is set to release on Halloween day, October 31st

Wolf Boy that Song Joong Ki starred in becomes a box office hit

The movie, Wolf Boy that Song Joong Ki starred in is following the steps of Masquerade that Lee Byung Hun starred in. According to the network of movie entrance system on November 3, Wolf Boy attracted 193,010 audience and ranked first place on daily box office