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"Dream High 2" Releases New Poster Featuring Two New Members

Upcoming drama “Dream High 2,” the highly anticipated sequel to last year’s hit “Dream High,” finally unveiled its entire cast. Earlier today, CJ Media released a new poster for the drama. “Dream High 2” has built up hype by keeping quiet about two other cast members that will be part of the group “Eden” in the drama

Rainbow Members Celebrate First Pixie Broadcast Performance

Rainbow members celebrate first broadcast performance of Rainbow's first unit project Pixie with a magic broom. Rainbow's Jae Kyung, Woo Ri, No Eul, and Yoon Hye visited Pixie (Ji Sook, Seung Ah, Hyun Young) at MBC Dream Center with a big cleaning broom and a delicious cake to celebrate Pixie's first broadcasting of their single, "Hoi Hoi" at "Music Core

Super Junior Members go on Dates with Actresses

Members of Super Junior go on blind dates with actresses for an episode of “We Got Married.” It was hinted at by the producer of MBC’s “We Got Married” that fans could expect to see four members of Super Junior along with four actresses to be featured on a future episode

Song Ji Eun feels lonely recording without her members

SECRET‘s Song Ji Eun is feeling a bit put out. On January 10th, Song Ji Eun tweeted, “I’m recording alone without my members.” She posted a photo to go with the update, which saw her pouting for the camera

EXO releases 8th teaser starring Se Hun, revealing 12 members total

Having just introduced new member Se Hun yesterday, EXO has released a dramatic new video teaser as well as a set of photos! To EXO’s very own track, “BLACK PEARL”, the one-minute teaser is simple and intense, unlike yesterday’s intricate display of choreography

TEEN TOP members clear up the controversy surrounding the lyrics for “Going Crazy”

Boy group TEEN TOP has made a successful comeback with their new song “Going Crazy“, but the lyrics to the song have recently been swept up in controversy. L.Joe‘s rap lyrics are facing controversy because a few words when spoken quickly can be mistaken for profanity

G8 members Woori, Suzy, Bora, & Yewon snap a photo at the ‘Idol Star Championships’

The G8 members Jewelry‘s Kim Yewon, miss A‘s Suzy, SISTAR‘s Bora, and Rainbow‘s Go Woori snapped a few different photos together. Kim Yewon shared some of the photos above via her official Twitter page and wrote, “We met at the Idol Championships! It was tough, but it was fun ^_^* Wahoo~~~~ We’re cute, aren’t we?” The photos were taken during the MBC Lunar New Year special, ‘Idol Stars’ Track-and-Field & Swimming Championships‘

SISTAR’s Bora reveals that the members walk around naked in the dorm

SISTAR’s Bora has revealed that all the SISTAR members walk around naked in their dorm! Bora was part of the latest recording for SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart – Couple Special‘, where she revealed, “The SISTAR members all walk around without any clothes on

B2ST members hold a cook-off in their dorm

The boys of B2ST held a ramen cook off to see which member was the greatest chef in the kitchen. B2ST member Dongwoon wrote via his Twitter page on the 15th, “As soon as I get back to our dorms, I’m going to have a cook off with Doojoon hyung

KARA members to do solo activities before comeback

Girl group KARA is getting ready for their comeback and for their solo activites. Last September, KARA received much love for their third album title song “Step” and they are expected to release a new album in Korea this year

Mothers of G8 members send their greetings, the girls shed some emotional tears

On the January 14th episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2‘, the G8 members (Girls’ Generation‘s Sunny & Hyoyeon, KARA‘s Kang Jiyoung, miss A‘s Suzy, f(x)‘s Amber, SISTAR‘s Bora, Rainbow‘s Woori, Jewelry‘s Yewon) shed some emotional tears

Rainbow members come out to support Rainbow Pixie’s debut

Rainbow‘s first sub-unit, Rainbow Pixie, made their debut last week, and were cheered on by their fellow Rainbow members! On January 16th, DSP Media shared two backstage photos from MBC‘s ‘Show! Music Core‘

After School members display their ‘cute’ Japanese fanclub passports

After School member Kahi expressed her love for ‘cute’ passports in Japan. On January 27th, the singer shared with her fans via her Twitter that she and the rest of the members were currently performing in Japan

STELLAR reveals two new members, Hyoeun and Minhee

Girl group STELLAR would like to introduce their new members, Hyoeun and Minhee! On January 27th, Top Class Entertainment revealed profile info and photos of the new members. Hyoeun is said to be 170 cm tall, and is in her 3rd year of high school

Super Junior members support Eunhyuk for ‘FAME’

Over 4 months ago, we reported that Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk would be making his musical debut through the Korean production of ‘FAME‘. With only one performance remaining, Eunhyuk’s groupmates Heechul, Donghae, and Kyuhyun stopped by to show their support

Super Junior members rank best dancers 'Eun Hyuk->Dong Hae->Shin Dong->Sung Min'

super junior Dong Hae->Shin Dong->Sung Min'" title="Super Junior members rank best dancers 'Eun Hyuk->Dong Hae->Shin Dong->Sung Min'" border="0"/> Super Junior members were ranked the best dancers within the group

Leessang Gary Kidnapped By 'Running Man' Members

leessang, Gary, kidnapped, running man, sbs, Europe Words have spread that Leessang member Gary has gotten kidnapped by 'Running Man' members as he arrived in Korea after his Europe trip.  On December 25, Gary has won a free trip to Europe as a prize

[UPDATED] The Members On Come To Play!

+ Added complete subbed cuts (thanks to DaoDao for tip) As reported, the SM Town special episode of Yoo JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s Come To Play’ –themed “We Came to Paris”– was aired earlier today

[UPDATED] Members Go GAGA For Dior?

+ Added subbed version of the video + Added MUST-WATCH related video & new article Just now, a couple of pictures have surfaced and the concept seems to be Lady Gaga. Because the members in the pictures are also the group of members who are currently endorsing Dior, Sones speculate that the photoshoot is related to Dior

Soshicast #8 – 9 Staffers for 9 Members – MATURE AUDIENCES ONLY

HAPPY ANNIVERSARYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY~! THEY SEE ME TROLLIN'~ So! In further celebrations to our anniversary we have podcast #8 with our biggest group of staffers in one session yet! In today’s shenanigans we address the naysayers, the haters, and the Justin Bieber fans (SORRY CONDY