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K-pop Face Off: EXO Kai VS Infinite L


Oh no you didn't! Oh yes I did! Today's K-pop face-off is EXO's Kai verse Infinite's L-the faces of their respective group. Who is prettier? Who is more popular? Who is more experienced? Who is more talented? Who has more commercials behind them? Who is your favorite? If these two went face to face, who would come out victorious? Let's find out in today's face-off round!


Exo's Kai was born in 1994 and is the youngest of two older sisters. He joined SM Entertainment after he won't the 10th annual SM Youth Best Contest back in 2007. Kai's inspiration in becoming a singer was Shinhwa. Kai is part of EXO-K and received 3 nominations at the 27th Golden Disk Awards-they won the "Newcomer Award."

Known as EXO's best dancer. He was trained in jazz dance and ballet at just 8 years of age and also a pro at popping, locking, and hip hop