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BTS’ V appeared to put high heels on and dance when taking part in the movie called “Star King”

BTS’  V  appeared to  put high heels  on  and  dance  when  taking  part in the movie called “Star King”

BTS member V will be showing off a very special dance performance on the next episode of SBS’ talent variety show “Star King.”

On the broadcast of “Star King” scheduled to air on May 16, a competition amongst a number of talented individuals, such as a circus couple, a bodybuilder in his 70s, a part-time worker at a baseball stadium, and more will play out. . ... Read more

BTS" V shows off his high heel wearing skills on "Star King"


BTSV showed off the best of his moves on “Star King“!

On the 16th”s episode of SBS” “Star King”, a group of men came out flaunting high heels and showing off their moves. The celebrity panel also decided to try on the heels, and comedian Jo Se Ho and V stepped up to the challenge.. ... Read more

EXID"s Hani shows off her impressive 24-inch waist on "Star King"


EXID“s Hani not only has the brains and the face, but also a great body.

The May 9th episode of SBS” “Star King” was the last episode of Yoo Seung Ok“s 10 week exercise project. . ... Read more

Leeteuk returns to "Star King" as an MC

Leeteuk returns to

Super Junior”s Leeteuk has returned as an MC on SBS”Star King” after a two year absence due to his enlistment into the military. 

On the April 18 episode, fellow MC Kang Ho Dong welcomed Leeteuk back to the show, introducing him as the “son of Star King.” Kang Ho Dong also surprised Leeteuk with a big hug. . ... Read more

Super Junior"s Leeteuk to reunite with Kang Ho Dong as MC on "Star King" after 3 years

Super Junior

We will get to see Super Junior”s Leeteuk hosting SBS”s “Star King” alongside Kang Ho Dong again after 3 years!

According to Kim Jae Hyuk PD on April 7th, Leeteuk has decided to make his comeback as a fixed MC of “Star King” and also finished his first recording on the 6th.. ... Read more

Leeteuk to officially co-host Star King again with Kang Ho Dong after nearly 3 years

Leeteuk to officially co-host Star King again with Kang Ho Dong after nearly 3 years

Here”s some good news for the popular show “Star King“, as they have regained their former co-host Super Junior“s Leeteuk!

On April 7, Leeteuk announced that he had become a permanent co-host for SBS” “Star King” again and had finished filming his first comeback episode.. ... Read more

Fitness model Yoo Seung Ok to return to "Star King" as a panelist for 10 weeks

Fitness model Yoo Seung Ok to return to

Fitness model Yoo Seung Ok, who made a huge splash on “Star King” with her curvy body and is being dubbed the second Clara in Korea (not sure if that”s a compliment or not), will be returning to the variety star that launched her into stardom! This time, instead of being a guest, she will be a panelist–well, a temporary one, anyway. . ... Read more

"Star King"s little dancing stars Na Ha Eun and Kim Hyun perform adorable K-pop dance covers


Little dancing stars Na Ha Eun and Kim Hyun performed their K-pop covers on the February 7 edition of SBS” “Star King”!

Na Ha Eun performed A Pink“s “LUV” and AOA“s “Like a Cat“, and introduced her handsome friend Kim Hyun, who performed Orange Caramel“s “Catallena“. They then performed a cover of EXID“s “Up & Down“. Na Ha Eun, who is a familiar face on “Star King” and recently appeared on “K-Pop Star 4“, shared her dream of becoming a singer and gave a shout-out to her boyfriend. . ... Read more

"Musclemania" contestant Yoo Seung Ok teaches her body-botox workout on "Star King"


Musclemania” contestant Yoo Seung Ok (26) taught her body-botox workout on SBS” “Star King“!

Yoo Seung Ok introduced herself as the first Asian contestant to rise to the Top 5 of “Musclemania”s worldwide competition with her amazing body proportions of 35-23.5-36.5.
  . ... Read more

"Star King" contestant receives attention for being a Kim Soo Hyun doppelganger


A genius guitarist received attention for being Kim Soo Hyun”s doppelganger on “Star King”!

The contestant Kim Woo Tak introduced himself, revealing that he is in his 3rd year of middle school and 16 years old, and was born in 1999, shocking the entire set. The suit that he was wearing was also revealed to be his school uniform. Lady Jane seemed especially upset that he was a minor and kept asking, “Why? Why? Why?”, in understandable disappointment. . ... Read more