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Fitness model Yoo Seung Ok to return to "Star King" as a panelist for 10 weeks

Fitness model Yoo Seung Ok to return to

Fitness model Yoo Seung Ok, who made a huge splash on “Star King” with her curvy body and is being dubbed the second Clara in Korea (not sure if that”s a compliment or not), will be returning to the variety star that launched her into stardom! This time, instead of being a guest, she will be a panelist–well, a temporary one, anyway. . ... Read more

"Star King"s little dancing stars Na Ha Eun and Kim Hyun perform adorable K-pop dance covers


Little dancing stars Na Ha Eun and Kim Hyun performed their K-pop covers on the February 7 edition of SBS” “Star King”!

Na Ha Eun performed A Pink“s “LUV” and AOA“s “Like a Cat“, and introduced her handsome friend Kim Hyun, who performed Orange Caramel“s “Catallena“. They then performed a cover of EXID“s “Up & Down“. Na Ha Eun, who is a familiar face on “Star King” and recently appeared on “K-Pop Star 4“, shared her dream of becoming a singer and gave a shout-out to her boyfriend. . ... Read more

"Musclemania" contestant Yoo Seung Ok teaches her body-botox workout on "Star King"


Musclemania” contestant Yoo Seung Ok (26) taught her body-botox workout on SBS” “Star King“!

Yoo Seung Ok introduced herself as the first Asian contestant to rise to the Top 5 of “Musclemania”s worldwide competition with her amazing body proportions of 35-23.5-36.5.
  . ... Read more

"Star King" contestant receives attention for being a Kim Soo Hyun doppelganger


A genius guitarist received attention for being Kim Soo Hyun”s doppelganger on “Star King”!

The contestant Kim Woo Tak introduced himself, revealing that he is in his 3rd year of middle school and 16 years old, and was born in 1999, shocking the entire set. The suit that he was wearing was also revealed to be his school uniform. Lady Jane seemed especially upset that he was a minor and kept asking, “Why? Why? Why?”, in understandable disappointment. . ... Read more

Psy grants the wish of "Star King"s Little Psy" Jun Min Woo by inviting him to year-end concert

Psy grants the wish of

Singer Psy made “Little Psy” from “Star King“, Jun Min Woo“s dream come true when he invited the little guy to his “2014 All Night Stand” concert held on December 21.. ... Read more

Lee Kuk Ju twerks along to HyunA"s "Red" & Jackson eats spicy Korean food on "Star King"

Lee Kuk Ju twerks along to HyunA

Lee Kuk Ju showed off her moves along to HyunA“s “Red“, and Jackson challenged himself to eating a mouth-full of fermented skate once again on SBS” “Star King“!. ... Read more

Lee Kuk Ju & Jo Se Ho see amazing results with "wine-opener" workout on "Star King"

Lee Kuk Ju & Jo Se Ho see amazing results with

Lee Kuk Ju and Jo Se Ho got slimmer in a matter of minutes through a “wine-opener” workout on “Star King“!

Before the workout, Lee Kuk Ju”s waistline was measured to be 111 cm and Jo Se Ho”s waistline was measured to be 100 cm. The instructor demonstrated a plié (bending of the knees) as if you were the cork of a wine bottle being opened, giving strength to your inner thighs with proper breathing. He also put a plastic bottle in between their legs and asked them to crush it with their thighs while dong the workout. He recommended that you should do a 3-set plié 8 times a day to see results.  . ... Read more

2PM"s Wooyoung performs a sexy dance with contestants on "Star King"


2PM”s Wooyoung was the ladies” man on the October 11 installment of SBS” “Star King”!

For the “Chunhyang” (a character in ancient pansori) segment, Wooyoung got to perform a sexy dance with contestants Park Si Yeon and Lim Ha Neul. Park Si Yeon showed her interest in Wooyoung to which he joined her on stage along to Beyoncé“s “Naughty Girl“. Wooyoung also donned a hanbok, and brought back his “ssanti dance” during Lim Ha Neul”s dance cover of Hyosung“s “Good-night Kiss“. . ... Read more

KARA"s Hara and Youngji perform a leg workout routine on "Star King"


KARA“s Hara and Youngji showed you how to bring sexy back, literally, on “Star King“!

Health trainer Yoon Sun Hee demonstrated a workout routine along to Wonder Girls” “Tell Me” for those that want a sexy backside. At 48 years old, she showed a leg-lifting routine that women of any age can do to create and maintain a pretty leg line. Hara and Youngji also followed along, impressing viewers with their flexibility and Hara shared that she felt her abs getting more defined thanks to the workout. . ... Read more

KBS full steam ahead with King 8217 s Face casts Jo Yoon hee to star

KBS full steam ahead with King 8217 s Face casts Jo Yoon hee to star

Recent controversy doesn’t seem to have derailed KBS, accusations of plagiarism and lawsuits be damned. On August 25, producers of the 2013 movie The Face Reader filed for an injunction against KBS for their unauthorized drama remake The King’s Face, alleging that KBS met with them to make the drama, backed out of the deal, and subsequently happened to come up with their own version. In light of this, KBS has issued a statement that The King’s Face, “Is a totally different drama,” and immediately followed it up with casting announcements that Jo Yoon-hee (Scandal, Nine) is being courted to play the leading lady.. ... Read more