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B.A.P. Makes First Group Introduction for Reality Series

The six member rookie group from TS Entertainment, B.A.P, has uploaded an introduction to their YouTube channel. The video is a teaser released in preparation for the first episode of their reality series, “Tadah! It’s B

New Mnet reality show trains Boyfriend to become Hallyu leaders

Boyfriend will be hosting their very first reality program through Mnet! The show is called ‘Boyfriend’s W Military Academy‘, and the members will be expected to undergo various missions and training sessions in order to become new leaders of the Hallyu wave

Dream High 2 addresses the harsh reality of idol life

The long anticipated second season to the KBS 2TV drama Dream High aired its pilot on January 30th. While the first season mainly consisted of the standard school-romance genre with a fame-seeker twist, the second season portrays a much more realistic view on the hard lives of idol singers

"K-Pop Superstar" Sets The Tone For A Better Reality Voting System

Posted: February 10, 2012 5:38 PM EST k-pop, superstar SBS's hit show "K-Pop Superstar" is making a change to the format. Each week the contestants will compete with one getting eliminated. First place contestants will automatically advance, third place will get eliminated, and the second place contestants will get one more chance to grace the stage

NEW REALITY SHOW: Kpop Stars To Run Entertainment Company

Posted: February 13, 2012 3:10 PM EST ledapple, mtv, reality show, startory sntertainment   Startory Entertainment's idol  group LEDapple (pop- rock) is about to add another notch to their already full belt

Actress Park Shin Hye will appear in a reality show for the first time in her life

Actress Park Shin Hye is creating a stir by being cast on MBC MUSIC’s new reality program That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music. The teaser video of That Woman Writes Lyrics, That Man Composes Music received explosive review from many fans

Kim Soo Hyun Massages Kim Min Seo’s Shoulders in Reality

The look of affectionate man Kim Soo Hyun revealed. On February 13th, the photos of Kim Soo Hyun massaged the shoulders of Kim Min Seo were made public. In the photos, Kim Soo Hyun changed from his irritable image in the drama The Moon that Embraces the Sun, and was massaging the shoulders of the Queen Yoon Bo Kyung (played by Kim Min Seo), choking up with emotions of many famale fans

Park Shin Hye's first attempt in reality show

Actress Park Shin Hye received explosive review from many fans with her first attempt at a reality TV program MBC "Music and Lyrics". Music and Lyrics will be featured on MBC Music, and will showcase the top female actress and a male singer-songwriter who will work to create and present a unique love song

LEDapple stars in their own reality show, ‘LEDapple Entertainment’

Talented idol group LEDapple is starring in their own reality series. While there’s a lot of idol group reality series hitting the airwaves these days, LEDApple has set out to distinguish themselves from the rest by adding a unique twist to their concept

M.I.B to make a comeback in March + plans to launch a reality show series

Good news, M.I.B fans. We received word that the boys of ‘Most Incredible Busters‘ will be making their return to the K-POP scene in March, and it looks like they will also be launching a reality show series in time for their comeback

The reality show star John Park dominates the Hanter Chart

John Park seems to be enjoying some limelight for his increasing album sales. The reality show star topped the Hanter Chart on February 26, which is a site counting album-sales. A source from his agency said, “About 13,000 copies of his album were sold out in a single day of February 24, so we’re producing more copies of it now

Is ‘We Got Married’ scripted or reality?

How much is real and how much is scripted has long been a question for discussion among fans of the hit reality show, ‘We Got Married‘. The question was recently brought up again with the emergence of fan taken pictures of the Lee Jang Woo and Eunjung couple during their honeymoon in Indonesia

Eugene & Ki Tae Young couple to star in a new reality show

Former S.E.S member Eugene and her husband Ki Tae Young will be revealing their blissful newlywed lives to the public. Channel StoryOn will feature the newly married couple on their new reality program, ‘Super Couple Diary’

Reality star John Park wins a trophy in Show Champion and gives his it an affectionate kiss

Johm Park was recently honored to be crowned in a music program. The Korean-America singer ranked at the No.1 in MBC’s Show Champion after being selected for TOP 9. He made this achievement only in 20 days after his debut

Lee Hyori to star in 12 week reality program, ‘Golden 12′

While fans have been able to catch Lee Hyori busily working and promoting charities, there haven’t been many opportunities to see her on TV. Fans are in for a treat, as Lee Hyori has announced that she’ll be participating in a 12-week reality program titled ‘Golden 12‘! ‘Golden 12′ aims to turn the focus away from her celebrity activities to her social life, where she works as a spokesperson for various societal problems and issues

Lee Hyori's New Reality Show

Cable channel On Style is producing a new reality TV show featuring Lee Hyori titled "Golden 12." "Golden 12" is to document Lee Hyori's daily life as a "Socialtainer." Socialtainer is a hybrid term of social and entertainer, used to refer to entertainment stars like Lee Hyori who are interested and involved in social issues

NU’EST to have their own reality program

Fans will now have a chance to get to know hot rookie group NU’EST better as the boys will become the stars of a new realityprogram, ‘Making of a Star NU’EST: Landing Operation‘, on MBC Music

Brown Eyed Girls’ Ga-In turns into a CEO for her new reality program ‘Launch My Life’

Brown Eyed Girls‘ member Ga-In will become a CEO of a public relations company in her upcoming reality program, OnStyle‘s ‘Launch My Life‘. ‘Launch My Life’ is a reality program that follows stars on their journey as they challenge themselves in pursuing different careers

M.I.B’s reality program ‘W Military School’ to air its first episode

Hip hop group M.I.B will be trying their hand at a reality show for the very first time since their debut. The members of M.I.B are the newest focus of  Mnet‘s ‘W Military School‘ which aired its first, 2nd season episode March 21st

MIB challenges themselves to appear in its first reality TV show

MIB was selected as the main guest team for Mnet’s new program W Military Academy Season 2. The first episode of the show will air on March 21. This will be the first time for MIB to appear as main regular guests for a variety show since its debut