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JYJ’s Yoochun to Make Small Screen Comeback in March?

JYJ’s Yoochun is expected to make his TV drama comeback in March through SBS “Attic Prince.” It would be his third TV drama appearance and first since MBC “Miss Ripley,” which ended last July

Shinhwa Officially Prepares for Comeback

Idol group Shinhwa is officially preparing for their comeback. The group’s 10th album is to be released in March and is arranging an Asia Tour Concert. The members began meeting up to practice their past hit songs and special performances since January 2

Super Junior’s Donghae Celebrates As One’s Comeback with “Only U”

On January 13, Super Junior’s Donghae tweeted a photo of himself with old school R&B group, As One. He wrote, “2012/1/16 It is my honor but As One is releasing a digital single with my own song^^It’s a song titled, “Only U

Ex-Seeya Member Makes a Comeback with "Run”

Kim Yeon Ji, ex-member of the girl group Seeya, has made a comeback to the music scene with her newest single, “Run." Her album has been released on January 13, and is produced as part of the “M/Project”

Nine Muses Have Music Core Comeback Performance With "News"

Making their comeback performance this week is Nine Muses with their new song "News," their second digital single. They had released the music video earlier this week.  This is the first track that includes their eighth member, Kyung Ri, who was added after ending promotions for their debut track, “Figaro

Sunny Hill Performs Comeback “The Grasshopper Song” on Music Core

Mixed group Sunny Hill made their comeback performance on Music Core today with “The Grasshopper Song.” They also released their music video for the song two days ago. “The Grasshopper Song” has addicting beats and unique lyrics make it a very interesting listen

Nine Muses Have Comeback Performance with "News" on Inkigayo

Having their comeback performances this week on the various music shows, Nine Muses has just performed their new song "News" today on Inkigayo. They had released the music video last week.  This is the first track that includes their eighth member, Kyung Ri,who was added after ending promotions for their debut track, “Figaro

Sunny Hill Performs Comeback “The Grasshopper Song” on Inkigayo

Mixed group Sunny Hill made their comeback performance on Inkigayo today with “The Grasshopper Song.” Their music video for the song was also recently released. “TheGrasshopper Song” has addicting beats and unique lyrics make it a veryinteresting listen

IU supports Sunny Hill’s comeback with a group photo

Singer IU is sending Sunny Hill her energetic support for their comeback! On January 10th, IU shared a photo on me2day along with the caption, “My Sunny Hill unnis are making their comeback this week! Please look forward to ‘In Praise of the Grasshopper‘

Ha Ji Won could make her smallscreen comeback with ‘The King’

Actress Ha Ji Won could be making a comeback to the small screen, as she’s just been offered a role in the upcoming MBC drama, ‘The King’. Produced by Lee Jae Kyu, ‘The King’ will mark Lee Jae Kyu and Ha Ji Won’s first project together in nine years; the two worked on ‘Damo‘ together, a historical drama that helped skyrocket Ha Ji Won’s career

Nine Muses takes reporters behind-the-scenes to their comeback screening test

There have been over a hundred girl groups who’ve made their debuts, but only 20 or so are in the public light. What does it take for a talented group to really shine in a pool full of equally talented rivals? The answer is practice, practice, and more practice

YG announces Big Bang comeback, but what about the new girl group?

YG Entertainment, home to some of K-Pop’s most iconic idols, has announced that none other than Big Bang will be making their return this February. Although the news has stirred up an overwhelming haze of anticipation among fans and the like, the news has also posed a question as to the plans for YG’s elusive girl group project, announced last July

4minute to make group comeback this February

The ladies of 4minute are confirmed to make their official group comeback this February! To set all comeback rumors aside, Cube Entertainment, the girls’ agency, have announced official return information on January 17th, stating that the original date was “supposed to have been in January” but was pushed to the next month

KARA members to do solo activities before comeback

Girl group KARA is getting ready for their comeback and for their solo activites. Last September, KARA received much love for their third album title song “Step” and they are expected to release a new album in Korea this year

Choi Chang Min to make a comeback with new agency

Choi Chang Min, a popular youth star from the ’90s, will be making a comeback to the entertainment scene through a new agency. Choi Chang Min has signed with JS Entertainment and is planning to return as an actor

Nine Muses express confidence in their comeback

Nine Muses have finally made a comeback with their new song “News“, and they’ve expressed that they’re starting to feel more confident in themselves. The girl group held an interview with reporters before going on stage for KBS 2TV‘s ’Music Bank‘

Se7en makes his comeback in Japan with Taeyang’s help

With the help of fellow artist, Big Bang‘s Taeyang, Se7en made his comeback in Japan after 4 long years. Collaborating with YG‘s star producer Teddy, Taeyang helped produce and write Se7en’s new single, ‘Somebody Else‘ – lending Se7en a hand for his recent come back

Nell to break four year hiatus with a February comeback

Rock band Nell have announced that they will be making a comeback in February, thus breaking a four year hiatus. Their agency Woollim Entertainment stated, “Nell are currently preparing for a comeback and their teaser will be released on January 20th

Shinhwa promises to comeback through banners posted all over Seoul

Shinhwa has solidified their promise to make their comeback in March with their fans. On January 27th, orange banners with the words, “Shinhwa – We keep our promises. 20120324,” in various spots all over Seoul

f(x)’s Amber shows her support for Brian Joo’s ‘Inkigayo’ comeback

On January 29th, singer Brian Joo made a comeback on SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘ with “Let This Die”. Prior to his performance, he received a visit from his good friend, f(x)‘s Amber! Brian tweeted a few photos and wrote, “f(x)’s Amber & my boy Jeremiah J Davis came to support me for my SBS comeback