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EvoL releases new video teaser for “I’m Sorry”

Beautiful female group EvoL has released a new video teaser for “I’m Sorry“! Stardom Entertainment revealed that the members of the brand new girl group participated in writing the lyrics and producing their upcoming album as well as the choreography for their songs

Cho PD involved in a car accident after filming EvoL’s MV

Over the weekend, Cho PD, rapper/producer from Block B‘s and upcoming girl group EvoL‘s label, Brand New Stardom Entertainment, was involved in a car accident on a superhighway in Hapcheon County

EvoL releases first audio teaser!

BrandNew Stardom, led by Cho PD and home to hip hop boy group Block B, has released the first audio teaser for their upcoming hip hop girl group, EvoL. From our sources, the group consists of 4 members, Kwon So Hee, Kim Junhee, Kristine Yoon and Kim Yeonjoo

Stardom Entertainment releases 1st audio teaser for girl group EvoL

Having focused on Block B since their debut last year, Stardom Entertainment (previously Brand New Stardom) is set to debut their own girl group later this year. The first audio teaser for the group's debut release was revealed through YouTube earlier today, and features a fierce rap together with a deep beat and vocals of the girls

Cho PD directly managing EvoL’s schedule despite recent car accident

We recently reported that Cho PD was involved in a car accident, causing many to worry for his condition. Yet it has been revealed that, rather than resting, Cho PD is still monitoring girl group EvoL‘s progress as they prepare for their debut

EvoL releases second teaser for “Magnet” debut

Clear the aisle, new rookie group EvoL is in the house! Back with a second teaser in anticipation for their debut, Stardom Entertainment‘s latest group seems to be ready to tear up the music scene

EvoL releases "Magnet" MV teaser

After releasing two audio teasers last week, upcoming girl group EvoL has revealed a video teaser for their track "Magnet." The video features one of the members showing off her dance skills while backlit in a smoky setting

[AUDIO] Upcoming group EvoL releases second audio teaser

Brand New Stardom, the home to hip hop group Block B, will be debuting a female hip hop group called EvoL. After releasing their first audio teaser for the track “Magnet”, EvoL has now unveiled the second audio teaser featuring the upbeat track, “Let Me Explode

Don’t find EvoL’s album cutting edge? Cho PD promises full refund!

  Cho PD told allkpop today, that his upcoming girl group ‘EvoL‘, will be releasing a full-length album for their debut. Confident in the girls’ musical ability, the producer and CEO stated that the girls would be triumphant, amidst the rampant singles released in the music industry now

EvoL releases teaser photo of leader, Say!

After the release of a few audio and video teasers, Stardom Entertainment has revealed the first teaser photo in the line up, featuring the leader of EvoL, Say! The agency tweeted, “Meet the first star of the teaser, Say! Say is the leader/vocalist/composer/leader of the group ^^”, along with a picture of the member showcasing a dramatic look with two toned hair and fierce studded gloves

EvoL releases teaser photo for Jucy

After introducing us to leader Say, EvoL has just revealed the teaser photo for the next member in line, Jucy! Stardom Entertainment tweeted the picture with the words, “The pride of Stardom Jucy

EvoL releases teaser image for members Say and Jucy

After having revealed a short music video teaser for "Magnet", Stardom Entertainment has released two photo teasers for their new girl group, EvoL. Although only a silhouette was visible in the video teaser, the faces and styles of these two members are very visible

Jo PD's Girl Group Evol, "If The Debut Songs Aren't Fresh, We'll Give Your Money Back"

Cho PD, Evol cho pd Jo PD's Girl Group Evol, "If The Debut Songs Aren't Fresh, We'll Give Your Money Back" "Your money back if it's not good!" Jo PD produced the album of a new girl group called Evol

EvoL reveals audio teaser for "I'm Sorry"

With the debut of their first girl group just around the corner, Stardom Entertainment has revealed yet another audio teaser for EvoL's debut. Earlier this month, two different audio teasers (1,2), as well as concept pictures for members Say and Jucy, and two video teasers for "Magnet" (1,2) were already revealed

EvoL releases MV teaser for "Let Me Explode"

Upcoming girl group EvoL continues to release teasers after teasers. On August 2nd, another music video teaser was revealed on Stardom Entertainment's YouTube account. The music video, while having a few similar scenes from the "Magnet" teasers (1, 2), features the track, "Let Me Explode

Upcoming Girl Group EvoL Releases Teaser for "Let Me Explode"

Upcoming five member girl group EvoL has revealed their music video teaser for “Let Me Explode” today on their official YouTube channel. Coming from Stardom Entertainment, they are label mates to Block B and follow a similar hip hop concept

[PICTURE] EvoL releases teaser photos of Say and Jucy

Stardom Entertainment, the home to hip hop group Block B, will be debuting a female hip hop group called EvoL. After releasing audio and video teasers, the group introduced its members. On July 24th, Stardom Entertainment tweeted teaser photos featuring Say and Jucy

EvoL introduces third member Hayana

Stardom Entertainment, the home to hip hop group Block B, will be debuting a female hip hop group called EvoL. After revealing the first two members Say and Jucy, EvoL has now introduced its third member named, Hayana

EvoL’s 5th member ‘Yull’ unveiled

After revealing the teaser picturers  of Jucy, Say, Hayana, and J-DA, EvoL has now unveiled their fifth and final member, Yull! On EvoL’s official Twitter page, the photo below was shared  with the message, “Rhythmical member with a voice unique than the rest, this is Yul

EvoL reveals three final members - Hayana, J-DA, and Yull

After releasing teaser images for leader Say and member Jucy, the three other members of EvoL have been revealed. Hayana is captioned as having showcased her attractive vocals in "I'm Sorry" and "12345