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Eugene for Lancome Paris

The beautiful actress Eugene was chosen as model for the brand “Lancome.” A representative of Lancome stated on January 10, “We have chosen as our new face, Eugene who has maintained a timeless beauty

Eugene selected as the newest model for cosmetics brand Lancome

Actress Eugene has been selected as the newest face for internationally-famous cosmetic brand ‘Lancome‘. The actress who has maintained her youthful beauty since her days as an S.E.S member has been selected as the newest Lancome model, along with world famous celebrities such as Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Julia Roberts, and more

Eugene Shows Off Her No Makeup Beauty While Shopping

Former girl group S.E.S. member, Eugene, is garnering attention for her appearance at a bazaar. Three pictures were recently uploaded on an online community website with the title, “Eugene Spotted At a Bazaar

Eugene wows the netizens with her amazingly beautiful skin

Former member of S.E.S., Actress Eugene is making headlines again with her beautiful skin. The photo above was posted on an online community board recently titled, ‘Eugene at a bazaar click click, my eyes hurt because her skin shined so brightly’

Eugene "Jealous" over Hubby's Peck-on-the-Cheek Scenes

Former S.E.S member Eugene's husband, actor Ki Tae Young, recently joked with a news reporter about his kiss scenes.  He laughingly said, "When Eugene watched my drama 'Live with Style,' she said, 'I've never seen a drama that had so many kisses on the cheek

Eugene Makes V-Day Chocolate for Hubby Ki Tae Yang

As you all know, February 14 is Valentine's Day. And in Korea, women give presents of chocolate to the man they like. On March 14, White Day, if the guy has mutual feelings for the girl, he gives her something on that day

Ki Tae Young shows off the chocolates made by his wife Eugene

Actress Eugene is known for doing sweet things for her husband Ki Tae Young, and this past Valentine’s Day was no different. Ki Tae Young shared the above photo on his Twitter page on February 15th and wrote, “My closest friend in the whole wide world

Ki Tae Young on His Honeymoon: "I Had to Carry All Eugene's Things"

Fans have been fascinated with the love story of reel-turned-real-life couple Ki Tae Young and Eugene. Their wedding and honeymoon became a big topic among hopeless romantics. Now, the new husband talks about some of the stories behind their fairytale-like honeymoon in Europe

Eugene and Ki Tae Young Fight Like Any Other Married Couple

On February 28, actor Ki Tae Young opened up about his and Eugene's love story, as well as their newlywed life on YTN's "New&Issue - Issue&People."   In response to the question of "Have you two recently had a fight?" Ki Tae Young responded, "We fight now and then

Eugene’s sweet married life with hubby Ki Tae Young

iCandy Actress Eugene revealed her latest together with her husband, actor Ki Tae Young. Eugene tweeted on February 29th, “It feels like spring. The wind is still cold but it makes you warm inside”, along with a picture

Happy Couple Eugene and Ki Tae Young

Former S.E.S. member Eugene recently posted a cute picture of herself with husband Ki Tae Young. On February 29, Eugene posted the picture to her Twitter, writing, "Today feels like spring. The wind is still a bit chilly, but my heart feels very warm

Eugene takes a beautiful selca with husband Ki Tae Young

Eugene has caused fans to become jealous after uploading a photo onto her Twitter. On February 29th, the singer/actress posted the above photo with a caption that read, “It feels like spring has arrived

Eugene explains how her relationship with Ki Tae Young began

Actress Eugene talked about the dating rumors that once surrounded her and now husband, actor Ki Tae Young. On the March 1st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together‘, Eugene remarked, “Everyone thinks I chased him around, trying to get him to date me

Eugene Glows Even without Makeup

Earlier today, Eugene shared two photos of herself – makeup less - with her cat on her Twitter. She tweeted, “Our Brandon is growing a lot of fur. He’s so cute~ He gets more lovable by the day.” In the photos, Eugene smiles warmly as she poses next to her white cat

Eugene received a “bank account proposal” from Kim Jae Dong?

Former SES member and actress Eugene revealed a story about Kim Jae Dong‘s “bank account proposal”, drawing the laughter of viewers. Eugene featured on the March 1st broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Happy Together 3,’ where she revealed, “I went hiking with Kim Jae Dong once, and he showed me the balances of about 5 or 6 of his accounts

Eugene Wanted to Taste 'Fin.K.L.' Bread

Actress and singer Eugene appeared on KBS 2TV‘s "Happy Together 3" that aired on March 1 and said that she once had wanted to eat character breads of the female idol group Fin.K.L., the rival group of S

Song Joong Ki, Eugene and Lee Chung Ah Work as Honorary Celebrity Civil Workers

Song Joong Ki and Eugene worked as honorary celebrity civil servants at a tax office in light of "Taxpayers Day." "Taxpayers Day" is celebrated every year on March 3 to raise awareness of the tax system

Eugene is a Lovely Spring Goddess for "Beauty+" Magazine

Singer/actress Eugene (age 31) has revealed her elegant, goddess-like beauty.Eugene transformed into an gorgeous, spring lady for the March issue of "Beauty+," which is a SNS (social networking system) beauty magazine

Eugene uploads a selca with S.E.S members

  First generation girl group S.E.S has gathered together once again. On March 8th, Eugene uploaded a picture of the trio onto her personal twitter and along with it wrote, “Bada unni shows that she is a true Twitterian and Soo Young [Shoo] doing her odd poses as always

Eugene and Ki Tae Young Enjoy a Street Date

Eugene and husband Ki Tae Young celebrated Valentine’s Day with chocolates and a street date, which will be revealed on KBS’ “Star Life Theater.” Eugene will be featured on its March 12 and 16 broadcast, and will include the newlyweds’ first Valentine’s Day celebration as a married couple