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God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 15 Review: Joo Jin Mo Orders to Kill Kim Yoo Bin

In God’s Gift – 14 Days, episode 15, Lee Myung Han(played by Joo Jin Mo) ordered to kill Han Saet Byul(played by Kim Yoo Bin).

Previously, Saet Byul watched TV at where she was kidnapped. On TV, the president’s son was having an interview about the case of Kim Soo Hyun(played by Lee Bo Young) threatening his daughter. Saet Byul then took out the photos from her bag. She realized the guy on the photo and the president’s son were the same person.

The kidnappers took the photos and asked Saet Byul how far she knew. Saet Byul sensed something was wrong and pretended that she did not know anything. However, Myung Han saw Saet Byul shaking and ordered his subordinates to get rid of her.

God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 15 Review: Joo Ho was Kim Yoo Bin’s Real Killer!

In God’s Gift – 14 Days, episode 15, it was revealed that Kim Joon Seo(played by Joo Ho) was Han Saet Byul(played by Kim Yoo Bin)’s real killer.

Kim Soo Hyun(played by Lee Bo Young) and Ki Dong Chan(played by Jo Seung Woo) realized that the president’s son, Joon Seo, was Saet Byul’s murderer, not Hwang Kyung Soo(played by Choi Min Chul). Soo Hyun said, “It was Kim Joon Seo! The president tried to cover his son’s crime by accusing your brother, but then Cha Bong Sub(played by Kang Sung Jin)’s booty was found and Han Ji Hoon(played by Kim Tae Woo) realized the truth. That’s when everything went wrong.”

Later, Soo Hyun and Dong Chan watched the president having an interview about his son on TV. He said Joon Seo’s nickname used to be Hephaestus for limping every time he ran. Soo Hyun and Dong Chan found out that Joon Seo killed Lee Soo Jung(Lee Si Won) for getting caught for taking drugs, and it was Myung Han who threatened Dong Ho to become the killer instead

God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 15 Review: Jo Seung Woo Gives Away the Evidence to Lee Bo Young

In God’s Gift – 14 Days, episode 15, Ki Dong Chan(played by Jo Seung Woo) gave away the evidence to Kim Soo Hyun(played by Lee Bo Young).

Previously, Lee Myung Han(played by Joo Jin Mo) kidnapped Han Saet Byul(played by Kim Yoo Bin), and Soo Hyun asked Dong Chan for the evidence about Cha Bong Sub(played by Kang Sung Jin). However, it was the only evidence for him to prove that Ki Dong Ho(played by Jung Eun Pyo) was innocent.

Later, Saet Byul sacrificed herself to get kidnapped to save Dong Chan. Dong Chan decided to give away the evidence to Soo Hyun. After giving the evidence, he called Myung Han and threatened, “I’m going to hand the evidence in so you’d better not harm Saet Byul and Soo Hyun. Also, I’m not giving up on my brother either. I’m going to clear him of a false charge.”

God’s Gift – 14 Days Episode 15 Review: Kim Yoo Bin Gets Kidnapped for Saving Jo Seung Woo

In God’s Gift – 14 Days, episode 15, Han Saet Byul(played by Kim Yoo Bin) got kidnapped for saving Ki Dong Chan(played by Jo Seung Woo).

While Dong Chan and Hwang Kyung Soo(played by Choi Min Chul) were having a fight, Saet Byul managed to hide herself. However, Dong Chan was caught in a pit and Kyung Soo shouted out to Saet Byul, “If you don’t come out, I’m going to kill this man. What do you think will happen if you don’t come out?”

As Kyung Soo tried to cover Dong Chan with dirt, Dong Chan shouted, “Han Saet Byul! This is just a game. It’s like hide and seek. If you don’t come out and hide well, you win! So don’t ever come out!” However, Saet Byul was scared that Dong Chan would get killed and came out from where she was hiding.

“The Full Sun” Episode 15

As fun as all this circular emotional grandstanding is, inevitably, something does have to happen in order for "The Full Sun" to actually end, And that something ends up being a chase over documents that are somhow really essential to exposing the fakery behind all the schemes of the drama. I'm not sure what these documents are supposed to do or how any of the characters were able to find them or each other. So the mechanics of that story hook fall down a little flat.

The rest of the drama, though, is as strong as ever. We finally learn what Kang-jae's motivation has been this whole time, and it's pretty disappointing. In some sense the revelation was a predictable one. Se-ro's problems have always gone much deeper than whatever was happening with the con artists at any given moment. And finding that Kang-jae's issues stem from the same source

‘Music Core Showreel’: Girls’ Generation Wins On The March 15, 2014 Episode + Performance Recap

"Music Core" is back for another week of great performances from some of your favorite K-Pop idols.Awesome stage settings as well fan chants/screams were all seen and heard last night.

The stars who made their comeback last night were Toheart as they made a "Delicious" return, Orange Caramel with "Catallena", Park Soo Jin made her debut with "My Story", male group 100% made the audience make their heart "Beat" for their return, and SoReal made their debut by performing, "My Heart Says."

Nominations for the night were SISTAR"s Soyou & JungGiGo and Girls" Generation.The winner for the March 15, 2014 episode was Girls" Generation for their single, "Mr.Mr"! Congratulations!!!

With all this being said, here are the performance recaps from last night!

Performance Recaps + Videos


Toheart who are Woohyun and Key made their "Delicious" return last night

“Let’s Eat” Episode 15

Well, the question of the point this drama has been getting at has been clearly resolved. Within the first few minutes of this episode the ending is more or less clearly established. I mean, it's possible that writer Lim Soo-mi will pull another screwball out at that last minute, but I kind of doubt it. The big strength of "Let's Eat" has always been it's ability to screw around with us in the moment, not get overly witty with the overall narrative thrust.

And there are definitely some good moments here. There's the brief but memorable evil team-up, which looks so outrageously staged I'm surprised Soo-kyeong even falls for it. Well, not really. Soo-kyeong's problem has always been that she takes everything at face value. Which is another reason why the ending feels so predestined. We're only stuffed because of minor misunderstandings on Soo-kyeong's part, and those are pretty clearly and quickly resolved

“Miss Korea” Episode 15

"Miss Korea"'s characters suffer huge fallout as their financial difficulties finally catch up to them. It happens in tandem with the "Miss Korea" competition, which is a great move in terms of tension buildup. "Miss Korea" seems to finally have a grasp on how to create tension and effectively act on it. Yes, there are still some overly indulgent scenes, but overall, this was the most engaging episode of the show's run.

It is a bit sad to say, but I'm glad to see that the repercussions for Hyung-joon's bad choices and his companies bad choices are heavy this episode. While they are heartbreaking, the consequences seem appropriate. "Miss Korea" has been holding off on real consequences for the better part of the show, making it rather plodding and unrealistic. What makes the current turn of events baffling is Yoon's role in it all

Top 10 Moments of You Who Came From the Stars: Episode 15

preview nextview 1/11 preview nextview And we’re back on track with the awesome in episode 15 of You Who Came From the Stars.

Chun Song Yi’s back, Do Min Joon is jealous (all the time), and we get a little surprise at the end of the episode that made us squeal out loud (like really).

Check out what we choice as our top 10 moments!!

Chun Song Yi:: There is a man who’s kind of like you.
There was this anxiety of not knowing when he’ll disappear.
But it’s over. I liked him alone.

Daddy Chun: I don’t know who that punk is, but I’m sure you’re not alone.
You are my daughter. I’m sure he likes you.

Chun Song Yi: You don’t even know anything

Open Thread: You From Another Star, Episodes 14 & 15

Open Thread: You From Another Star, Episodes 14 & 15 Written by Amy On February 7, 2014

Happy Friday, and here’s your open thread for this week’s episodes of “You From Another Star.”

Spoilers don’t go beyond episode 14, since I haven’t see 15 yet:

- I brought up in a previous thread that I didn’t really find Shin Sung-rok all that convincing and a couple of you disagreed. I still stand by this and I feel like the more his villain role gets upped as the conflict gets stronger, the less believable Shin becomes. His weirdly coiffed hair and annoying ring-touching habit don’t make it any better.

- Does it really annoy anyone else when the villain is always one step ahead of our heros? I audibly sighed out of frustration when Evil Brother revealed to Do Min-joon that he knew Do Min-joon can’t kill, because he’ll also die if he does