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Teen Top Unleashes Dance Version Music Video for "Going Crazy"

Following up to the release of their music video last week and having their comeback performances, Teen Top's dance version music video for "Going Crazy" was released today on LOEN's YouTube channel. Their second mini album “It’s" contains six tracks and was worked on composer/producer Brave Brothers

MyName Performs an Acoustic Version of "Message"

An acoustic version of MyName’s “Message” was revealed to the public. The five member boy group, MyName recently appeared on the KBS 2TV’s “Music Bank” with their debut song, “Message.” This time around the boys showcased an acoustic rendition of their title song

T-ara Teases With "Lovey Dovey" Zombie Version's BTS

Prior to the release of the zombie version of "Lovey Dovey," T-ara released the behind the scenes of the music video. T-ara unveiled the music video for their new single "Lovey Dovey" a few days ago and set themselves apart when they revealed that a zombie version of the music video was scheduled for release soon

MBC to launch Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ with T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ will be advancing into China! MBC’s Hallyu content production team revealed that the Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ is currently in production with a tentative air date beginning in February! The program will begin with two pilot episodes, and further development will depend on its success with the viewers

‘We Got Married’ Chinese Version Air in February

we got married, t-ara, super junior MBC’s ‘We Got Married’ will be making it into China. The program production team announced the Chinese version to be in production which will air tentatively beginning of February

The CF For The Korean Version Of Fame Is Out !

In all the excitement of the Girls comeback stage with “The Boys”, anyone still remember the upcoming staging of the Korean version of the “Fame” musical ? You know, the one starring our all-time favourite “eye-smiles” lady, Tiffany ? Well, a 30-second CF of the upcoming stage production has just been released online, so do check it out

SME To Produce Korean Version Of ‘Hana Kimi’ & If SNSD Were To Participate?

Earlier today, it’s been revealed that SM Entertainment, the girls’ agency, is to produce the Korean version of “Hana Kimi”, which is also known as “‘Hanazakari no Kimitachi e”

Miryo Releases Full Version Music Video of “Dirty”

Miryo released the full version music video of her song “Dirty.” The song itself is about a lover that she is disgusted of because of his changing behavior. Miryo ends up saying that the lover is dirty

Twi-light releases the full version of “Twilight” MV

The boys of Twi-light are back with their new song, “Twilight“! Though the boys made their debut last summer, they’ve reconstructed their group lineup and took some time to round out their talents for their comeback

MyName Performs Acoustic Version of 'Message' with Rooftop Moonlight

Posted: January 9, 2012 11:54 AM EST MyName showcased their acoustic rendition of ‘Message.’ The group debut their song recently on KBS 2TV’s ‘Music Bank.’ The rookie group attempted to try a completely different genre of music

Chinese Version of WGM to Air in Time for Valentine's Day

The pilot episode of the Chinese version of "We Got Married" will air as a two-part special on the Chinese entertainment channel SMG at 8PM on February 13 and 14. The Chinese version of "We Got Married" will premiere with a total of three couples

Block B Unleashes Gorilla's Dance Version of "Nanrina"

After releasing the full version of their MV for "Nanrina," Block B just unleashed the dance version dubbed the "Gorilla Version." The video has been uploaded on their agency's official Youtube channel, "Brand New Stardom

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk to Unleash “Oppa Oppa” Japanese Version

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk will perform as a duo in Japan. They will release a Japanese version of their hit single “Oppa Oppa” on April 5. On February 12, Super Junior’s Donghae tweeted, “Currently we are filming ‘Oppa Oppa,’ the Elf Oppas have arrived~” The tweet was accompanied by a picture of Dong Hae and Eunhyuk wearing aviators

Block B releases ‘gorilla dance’ version of “NanrinA” MV

Block B has just suprised fans with the release of a ‘gorilla dance’ version of their new hit “NanrinA“. The original MV told the story of Team Black Dragon and Team Red Tiger

Block B's Gorilla Dance Version a Blockbuster Hit

Block B recently released a Gorilla Dance version for their song "Nanrina".After releasing their mini-album "Welcome to the Block" on February 2, the Gorilla Dance move featured in their title track "Nanrina" music video has quickly become the talk of the town

Wild Romance OST Full Version Album Released

The KBS2 Wednesday and Thursday drama series Wild Romance is both funny and stirring love story. Not only is the drama popular, but the series also makes popular fashion, accessories and hairstyles of the actors and actresses in the drama

Chinese version of WMG, which stars T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, airs in Korea

The Chinese version of We Got Married, which has attracted wide attention by starring T-ara’s Hyomin and Super Junior’s Kyuhyun, will soon air in Korea. On February 15, MBC TV announced that the Chinese version of We Got Married will air on February 25 at 5:15 p

Miss A 'Touch' Fei Version Unveiled

Miss A 'Touch' Fei version was unveiled. The teaser, which was released on the official homepage and the official youtube channel, Fei emphasized femininity wearing sexy black dress. Especially, Fei's sad and sincere acting boosts fans' expection for the new album

‘We Got Married’ Chinese Version Receives High Ratings in China

MBC’s Chinese version of ‘We Got Married’ has reportedly eared high viewer ratings in the local area where it was aired in China. “The Chinese ‘We Got Married’ aired on February 14 at 8PM recorded higher-than-average viewer ratings,” shared MBC on February 15

T-ara reveals PV teaser for Japanese version of “Lies”

Via tokyohive: – Girl group T-ara has just unveiled a PV teaser for their new song, “Lies“. “Lies” was originally in 2009 as part of T-ara’s ‘Absolute First Album‘