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SNSD’s “Genie” Video Performance Gets The Top Spot On Youtube

 Well, it looks like our 9 ladies have hit another jackpot win with their recent SM Town Paris performance… One more step towards their aim for dominating the music scene of the world. A video of Girls’ Generation’s “Tell Me Your Wish” (better known as “Genie”) performance at the SM Town concert in France on June 10th received over 1,500,000 views on Youtube for the period of June 12th-13th, making it the most-viewed video around the world

EXCLUSIVE VIDEO: SNSD Leaves 'Live With Kelly"

snsd, girls generation, new york, live with kelly Exclusive video of the girls leaving "Live With Kelly"

SNSD Jessica Spotted Filming 'Wild Romance' Video

Home Archives Music Photos Stars Videos kpopstarz TV SNSD Jessica Spotted Filming 'Wild Romance' Video Print This Article Send This Aricle Tweet by KpopStarz ReporterUpdated: February 1, 2012 9:26 PM EST Girls Generation Jessica was spotted filming 'Wild Romance'

New Yorkers Arose to Meet SNSD [Video]

girls generation, snsd The leading K-pop sensation Girls’ Generation has completed their official US debut tour. The last stop was a meet-and-greet with fans at the Best Buy Union Square store

SNSD Stalker Material or Just Love? Video of Girls Going Through Security

The fans of Girls' Generation have been filming and capturing photos of the girls and uploading them all over the internet. Even on youtube, a short video of the SNSD girls at the airport has been uploaded

Video of SNSD Going Through Airport Security Attracts Attention

A couple of days ago, a fan video of SNSD at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York was uploaded to YouTube, attracting a lot of attention from fans. The fanvid caught the girls arriving at the airport and going through security

SNSD Yoon Ah, Seo Hyun, f(x) Sully, SM Photo Shoot! [Video]

The photo shop for the fashion brand "Carven" took place on the 19th of January. SNSD Yoon Ah and Seo Hyun, f(x) Sully and Crystal, SHINee Jong Hyun and Tae Min, and EXO fashionistas were involved which brought in a lot of attention

Lee Hwan Hee Will Debut! The Girl Who Made SNSD Seo Hyun Cry [Video]

Lee Hwan Hee, who almost became a member of Girls' Generation, will debut soon. SNSD members Yu Ri, Seo Hyun, and some others practiced together to prepare for SNSD debut in SM Entertainment but in the final show case where SNSD members were picked, Lee Hwan Hee was cut

‘Love Rain’ releases a teaser video of Jang Keun Suk and SNSD’s Yoona

KBS’s new Monday-Tuesday series Love Rain recently released a teaser for the series. On March 2, the first teaser video was released on the series official website ( and on March 5, the beautiful second teaser video was also released

Embarrassing video of SNSD’s Yuri revealed?

An embarrassing video of SNSD’s Yuri has been revealed. Recently on an online community board, a video titled ‘Yuri becoming timid all of a sudden.’ was uploaded. Yuri and Yoona appear in the video

[VIDEO] SNSD's Tiffany and Taeyeon performed Lady Marmalade with Baek Ah Yeon!

Check out Tiffany and Taeyeon's performance on KPop Star as they performed Lady Marmalade with KPop Star contestant Baek Ah Yeon. Impressed with their performance?

A teaser video of Taeyeon of SNSD-Tae Ti Seo will be released on Apr. 25

A teaser video of Taeyeon of SNSD-Tae Ti Seo will be released soon. Released on SNSD’s official website, SNSD’s YouTube channel, SM Town’s YouTube channel, SNSD’s Facebook account, SM Town’s Facebook account, Naver, Melon, and Gini on April 25, the teaser video will show Taeyeon’s distinctive looks

A teaser video for SNSD’s Taeyeon released

A teaser video for Taeyeon, a member of SNSD’s unit SNSD-Titaeseo, was recently unveiled. The video was released on several online sites, including SNSD’s official website, YouTube, and Facebook on April 25

A teaser video of Seohyun of SNSD-Tae Ti Seo is released

A teaser video of Seohyun of Tae Ti Seo, a unit group from SNSD, was recently released and attracted many people’s attention. On April 27, the video was released on SM Entertainment’s official website, official YouTube channel, and official Facebook account

[VIDEO] SNSD's Jessica threw a cute opening pitch for the LG vs Samsung baseball game!

SNSD's Jessica was invited to throw the opening pitch for the LG Vs Samsung match earlier today. She tried her really best to throw the ball but something went wrong during the throw,instead of throwing it to the player,the ball hit the ground directly before bouncing to the player

Seohyun's (SNSD) Children Song Audition, Yoo Hee Yeol "How Did You Get Casted?" [VIDEO]

seohyun, taetiseo, girls generation, yhy sketchbook Seohyun's Children Song Audition, Yoo Hee Yeol "How Did You Get Casted?" Girls' Generation youngest Seohyun reenacted the children's song audition that had become an issue online

TaeTiSeo (SNSD) Shows Excellent Vocals Even with MR Removed ‘Twinkle’ [VIDEO]

taetiseo, twinkle, snsd, girls generation, taeyeon, tiffany, seohyun TaeTiSeo Girls’ Generation unit group TaeTiSeo receiving immense success with single ‘Twinkle’ proved their vocal skills as a video was uploaded with MR removed

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Reveals 2 Versions of ‘PAPARAZZI’ Music Video

girls generation, snsd, Paparazzi Girls’ Generation (SNSD) Reveals 2 Versions of ‘PAPARAZZI’ Music Video Girls’ Generation’s new single ‘PAPARAZZI’ music video was released on YouTube on midnight of June 15 (Japan local time)

Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sparks Interest with 'PAPARAZZI' Music Video

Girls Generation, snsd, Paparazzi Girls' Generation (SNSD) Sparks Interest with 'PAPARAZZI' Music Video Girls’ Generation new Japanese single ‘PAPARAZZI’ music video was recently released

Girls’ Generation (SNSD) ‘PAPARAZZI’ Music Video Release Gold Version

Girls Generation, SNSD, PAPARAZZI, music video Girls’ Generation (SNSD) ‘PAPARAZZI’ Music Video Release Gold Version Girls’ Generation revealed another music video for their latest Japanese single “PAPARAZZI