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SM Entertainment to drop a documentary film "SMTOWN The Stage"

SM Entertainment to drop a documentary film

  SM Entertainment will be releasing a documentary film featuring their world tour concert series “SMTOWN Live World Tour”.
SMTOWN The Stage” will feature mostly its 4th concert series that was started in August 2014 and staged BoA, TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, Kangta, f(x), SHINee, EXO, and Red Velvet at the Sangnam World Cup Stadium, in Shanghai, Tokyo, and Taiwan.
The documentary film “SMTOWN The Stage” will also include interviews, backstage coverages, special stages, BTS clips and rehearsal.
written by: SOURCE: SMTOWN NOW READ MORE. ... Read more

"SMTOWN The Stage" concert documentary film to be released this summer


No worries if you weren”t able to make it to last year”s “SMTOWN Live World Tour” because the concert documentary film called “SMTown The Stage” will be released this summer! . ... Read more

BTS release making film of "Dope" pictorial and MV

BTS release making film of

Adorable? Dope? Dorky?

Well the boys of Bangtan Boys are definitely like that in the making film of their  “Dope” pictorial and MV.

While they are being fierce and sharp while the camera is rolling especially during their choreography, the boys are being mischievous and hyper in between takes. Such a way to entertain themselves in a long hours of shooting.. ... Read more

Director Han Sa Min criticized for seemingly shunning 2PM"s "My House" MV to film Big Bang"s "Sober"

Director Han Sa Min criticized for seemingly shunning 2PM

There are rumors that the director who turned down JYP Entertainment and 2PM”s MV filming is the same one who produced Big Bang”s latest comeback MV for “Sober,” resurfacing previous controversy in regards to the sudden cancellation of 2PM”s comeback MV filming.. ... Read more

Big Bang"s G-Dragon and Taeyang film for "Infinity Challenge" music special

Big Bang

It looks like Big Bang”s Taeyang and G-Dragon have already been spotted filming for an upcoming music special of MBC“s “Infinity Challenge“!

According to an insider, G-Dragon and Taeyang officially started filming for the popular variety program on July 2. Their appearances on “Infinity Challenge” have already sparked curiosity about which of the cast members the idol stars will be teaming up with. . ... Read more

Former F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin cast in film "Yoo Jung"

Former F.T. Island member Oh Won Bin cast in film

Former member of F.T. Island, Oh Won Bin, is expanding his acting career by scoring a role in upcoming film “Yoo Jung“!

The film will be a humanistic story starting with the ordinary day-to-day lives of neighbors. Then each and every one of the characters face crisis and conflict, and overcome those struggles with hope and a new future. . ... Read more

Yoochun"s brother Park Yoo Hwan to make his big screen debut with film "Musudan"


Park Yoo Hwan, who might still be more known as JYJ Yoochun”s brother, is making a name for himself with each added production. He”s now making his big screen debut in the film “Musudan“!. ... Read more

Film festival held to mark World Refugee Day

Film festival held to mark World Refugee Day

The Korea Refugee Film Festival was held Saturday at Art House Momo in Seoul to mark World Refugee Day. The event showcased three films, and interviews with refugees in Korea were held in between. Provided by the organizer . ... Read more

Actress Park Bo-yeong Hungry for More Film Roles

Actress Park Bo-yeong Hungry for More Film Roles

Time really does fly, and actress Park Bo-yeong — whom many filmgoers no doubt still think of as the young girl of her early performances — has now been acting for 10 years. For Park, it has been a decade spent carefully building her career. In her latest film, the mystery-thriller “The Silenced”, which was released last week, Park plays a girl in poor health who is dragged to a sanitarium-style boarding school by her stepmother in 1938, with Korea still under Japanese colonial rule. . ... Read more

Junhyung is a tormented soul in "W Korea"s "Nightmare" art film project

Junhyung is a tormented soul in

B2ST member Junhyung”s recent art film project shot in collaboration with “W Korea” will confound you and and possibly even confuse you.

The short film, titled, “Nightmare,” is indeed a nightmarish short exploring the deep, dark depths of the human mind. “W Korea”s Instagram shared the video with the caption, “I cross the murky border between dream and reality while my other self looks on.” . ... Read more