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DBSK Increases Concerts for "LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE~" Due to Popular Demand

DBSK has added one more concert for Tokyo Dome and Osaka Kyocera Dome for their Japanese “LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE~” tour, they will have nearly 450,000 viewers. The “LIVE TOUR 2012~ TONE~” will begin on January 18 at the Yokohama Arena and was supposed to continue on until the end of March

DBSK's Yunho and Lee Yeon Hee's Romantic Spread for "COSMOPOLITAN"

SM labelmates DBSK’s Yunho and actress Lee Yeon Hee recently shot a beautiful spread for fashion magazine “COSMOPOLITAN.” The two gorgeous celebrities had perfect chemistry with each other as they portrayed a couple in love

Kara, DBSK, SNSD, 2PM, BEAST, and Jang Geun Suk Win “The Japan Gold Disk Awards”

The Recording Industry Association of Japan announced the winners of “The Japan Gold Disk Awards 2012” on January 27, 2012. In its 26th year,  “The Japan Gold Disk Awards 2012” are based on the number of DVD/album/single sales in the year 2011

DBSK’s Yunho Looks Strikingly Similar to…

Netizens were shocked at the striking similarity between DBSK’s Yunho with Japan’s Megata Tanetarô, one of the founding members of Japan’s prestigious Tokyo University of the Arts. To compare the two, Yunho’s photo was altered from a color photo to a black-and-white photo like Megata Tanetarô’s, and the result was unbelievable

DBSK’S Changmin Is Debuting As an Actor in Japanese Film!

DBSK’s Changmin is debuting as a movie actor in Japan! Recently Changmin was cast in the Japanese film “Grab the Gold and Run.” In the film Changmin will play “Momo” which is one of the main characters

DBSK’s Yunho Answers Questions about Girlfriend

On February 1, DBSK’s Yunho appeared on SBS “One Night of TV Entertainment” and answered questions regarding his girlfriend. He was first asked, “Do you have a girlfriend?” But he responded, “No, I really don’t

DBSK Fans Interrupt Filming of Changmin's Movie

DBSK fans have caused an interruption in the production for the movie Changmin has been shooting alongside Japanese actor Tsumabuki Satoshi.  On February 2, according to a Japanese Internet news outlet, Satoshi, who is featured with Changmin in the upcoming Japanese movie entitled "Grab the Gold and Run," posted on his personal Twitter, "In the middle of filming

DBSK’s Yunho, f(x)’s Krystal and Celebs Attend Mulberry Event

The classic, luxury English brand, Mulberry, displayed the 2012 Spring/Summer collection on February 3 at the Shinhwa Korea Orange Hill, Seoul. Many stars attended the event including, DBSK’s Yunho, f(x)’s Krystal, Jaurim’s Kim Yoon Ah, Kim Hyun Joo, and Ji Sung

DBSK Yunho’s Fans Celebrate His Birthday with Charity Donation

On February 6, DBSK’s Yunho’s fans from around the world made some hefty donation in celebration of his 26th birthday. Yunho’s Korean fan club donated 2 million won (around $2,000 USD) to The Korean Animal Welfare Association

DBSK's Winter Ballad Single Released In Korea Followed By Japan

DBSK's first winter ballad single in Japan 'Winter Winter Rose/ Duet-winter ver' is to be released in Korea on December 21st. The single, which was released in Japan on Novermber 30th, has two version, CD+DVD and CD, appealing new side of DBSK since the album only contains winter ballad songs

DBSK Chang Min's baby photo revealed

DBSK member Chang Min's baby photo is becoming an issue. On the 3rd, a baby photo of Chang Min was posted on a online community, catching a lot of attention. In the photo, Chang Min has a care free face expression on, in a child toy truck

DBSK Will Broadcast Their Performance for Free to the Victims of the Japanese Tsunami

DBSK will air its concert performance for free to the citizens of Japan who have suffered because of the tsunami. On February 24, the Japanese music site Oricon announced that DBSK will air their performance in the Japanese theaters in the North-East areas of Japan, the areas which were damaged the most because of the tsunami

List of Crazy Actions Done by JYJ/DBSK’s Sasaeng Fans Shock Netizens

Recently, a post, titled “From One Idol Sasaeng to Another,” on an internet community shocked netizens with a list of all the crazy things sasaeng fans (crazy, obssessive stalker fans) have done. The post has garnered attention because it comes days after reports of JYJ’s alleged physical and verbal abuse towards sasaeng fans

DBSK's New Single "Still" Tops Oricon Chart

DBSK has reigned supreme in Japan once again! The duo released a brand new Japanese single on March 14 titled “Still,” and it has topped the Japanese Oricon daily single chart on the day of its release

Girls’ Generation, DBSK, SHINee, 2PM, and More Watch Shinhwa’s Comeback Concert

Shinhwa proved their popularity among other stars as more than a dozen idol singers and top musicians showed up at their comeback concert. On March 24 and 25, K-Pop’s longest-running idol group held the “2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour in Seoul ‘The Return,’” marking their return in nearly four years

DBSK’s Tokyo Dome Concert Tickets Gone in 30 Seconds, Scalps Go for $1,000 USD

It took only 30 seconds for DBSK to sell out tickets to its Tokyo Dome concert scheduled from April 14 to 16. According to local media Sports Chosun, tickets to the concert went on sale on April 1 at 10AM, but all 175,000 tickets sold out in a mere 30 seconds

Girls’ Generation, DBSK, 2PM, BEAST, miss A, T-ara, and More Confirmed for “Dream Concert”

More than 20 top K-Pop artists, including Girls’ Generation, DBSK, 2PM, BEAST, and more, will perform at the “Love You Korea, 2012 Dream Concert,” The Korea Entertainment Producer’s Association (KEPA) revealed on April 5

After School's Kahi Compliments DBSK's Performance

After School’s Kahi expressed her admiration for DBSK’s performance on April 14 at Japan’s Tokyo Dome. On April 15, Kahi tweeted, “I went to DBSK’s concert in Tokyo. It was truly a great performance! I definitely had a lot of thoughts [after watching the performance]

DBSK's Changmin Is the New "Man of Armani"

TVXQ Changmin appeared on the cover of fashion magazine "Dazed and Confused." The May issue of "Dazed and Confused" celebrates the magazine's fourth anniversary as well as 30th anniversary of Emporio Armani

SM Entertainment Reveals MV for “I AM” OST Track Featuring DBSK, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, and More

SM Entertainment released the official music video for their OST track to the upcoming documentary film, “I AM.” The song, titled “Dear My Family,” features all of the top SM artists, including Kangta, BoA, DBSK, Super Junior, Girls’ Generation, SHINee, f(x), EXO-K, and EXO-M