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Go Ara and Daniel Henney are like siblings

Korean American actor, Daniel Henney recently showed off a photo taken with actress Go Ara on the set of their upcoming movie, ‘Papa‘. On January 12th, the actor uploaded a black and white photo through his Twitter and left, “Taken with Go Ara a few months ago while filming for ‘Papa‘

Go Ara's Unexpected Friendship with Daniel Henney

Go Ara revealed her friendship with Daniel Henney. On January 15, Go Ara wrote on her twitter, "Oppa, when do you come to Korea? Hurry up and come already. Our Papa is opening in three weeks. 'With Henney Oppa at Papa shooting,'" and posted a picture of herself and Daniel Henney together

Daniel Henney in a Couple Photoshoot for "Valentine's Day"

Daniel Henney took part in a couple photoshoot for the skincare brand “Valentine’s Day.” At first the photo appeared on online community websites and many individual believed that it was a picture of Daniel Henney with his lover

Daniel Henney to Co-Star in a New Movie

For those of you who have been wanting to see more of Daniel Henney, you have something to look forward to. It was recently announced that Daniel Henney will be a part of director Lee Myung Se's star-studded cast for the upcoming movie "Mister K

Daniel Henney Shows Support for “Papa” Movie

The “Last Stand” actor is showing his support for the motherland! On January 31st, Daniel Henney tweeted a message and video clip of himself cheering on Go Ara‘s newest movie “Papa“

Daniel Henney to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, and more in ‘Last Stand’

Actor Daniel Henney will be appearing in a new film by director Kim Ji Woon entitled ‘Last Stand‘! Daniel Henney will be playing the part of ‘Phil Hayes’ alongside prominent Hollywood actors like Arnold Schwarzenegger, Forest Whitaker, and Rodrigo Santoro

Daniel Henney to Appear in Hollywood Film "Last Stand"

According to IMDB, the biggest movie database in the U.S, Daniel Henney will appear in a Hollywood movie, "Last Stand." In this film, Daniel Henny will play Phil Hayes, a member of an Asian gang.  "Last Stand" is already at the center of many movie fans and industry leaders' attention as it is director Kim Jee Woon's Hollywood debut film

Actress Gong Hyo Jin reveals she’d like to work with Daniel Henney

  Actress Gong Hyo Jin admitted that she would like to work with Daniel Henney if given the opportunity. ‘Love Fiction‘ co-stars Ha Jung Woo and Gong Hyo Jin recently guest-starred on the February 15th episode of SBS‘s ’Midnight TV Entertainment‘

Daniel Henney to make a big screen comeback

Actor Daniel Henney has announced that he will be making his big screen comeback! Daniel Henney was recently cast in director Lee Myung Se‘s new action comedy film, ‘Mister K‘. In it, he will be playing the role of a vicious terrorist named Ryan who spares no life that crosses his path

Daniel Henney to work with Arnold Schwarzenegger in "Last Stand"

Korean-American actor Daniel Henney will be appearing in famed director Kim Ji Woon's new movie titled, "Last Stand". According to IMDb on February 15th, Daniel will play the character of Phil Hayes, alongside Hollywood actors Arnold Schwarzenegger, Peter Stomare, Forest Whitaker and Rodrigo Santoro

Daniel Henney Spots Lee Hyori in LA’s Korea Town?

On April 20, Daniel Henney sent Lee Hyori an interesting photo through Twitter with a short message, “…LA…Korean Town^^” The photo he sent her shows a street billboard with Lee Hyori’s picture on it

Daniel Henney’s new ‘scary’ hairstyle?

Actor Daniel Henney revealed a new photo of a rather unique hairstyle. He tweeted the above photo, and joked on April 24th, “Bit of a bad hair day.” In the photo, the usually dashing and handsomely styled Daniel Henney has a long hair extension covering his face and flowing all the way down to his chest

Jessica and her photo with Daniel Henney

Jessica was in Taiwan on April 25th for the opening of a Burberry Store in Taipei.  Apparently actor Daniel Henney was also at the party.  He tweeted this picture along with the the following, “Great event last night! Had fun w/ Jessica from snsd…”  I just thought this is an awesome picture because we all know how big a crush Jessica has on this guy!  I guess she doesn’t need to beg the other members for his number anymore does she [PIC]

Daniel Henney and Jessica snap a photo together

Model and actor Daniel Henney and Girl’s Generation member Jessica have recently come under much attention for their picture together. On April 27th, Daniel Henney tweeted, Great event last night!Had fun w/Jessica from snsd… twitter

Daniel Henney and Girls’ Generation Jessica Look Like a Great Couple Together!

Daniel Henney showed off his friendship with Girls’ Generation Jessica. On April 27 he wrote on twitter, “Great event last night! Had fun w/Jessica from snsd.” He posted a picture that accompanied the tweet which showed the two looking very comfortable with each other

Music & Mens Fashion Week 2012: Closing Gala with Daniel Henney

  Set at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, Fide Fashion Week’s festival for men, Music & Mens Fashion Week 2012 ended in a glamorous closing gala on 22 April 2012. The red carpet dazzled many local stars and regional stars which continued to wow the press and crowd

Daniel Henney talks about his new movie ‘Shanghai Calling’ on KTLA’s ‘Live Morning Show’

Actor Daniel Henney recently sat down for a live interview on KTLA‘s ‘Live Morning Show‘. In honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, KTLA chose to introduce ‘LA Asian Pacific Film Festival (LAAFF)‘ and held an interview with Daniel Henney who was invited to attend the festival along with ‘E

Daniel Henney Shows LA Chic on Elle

Daniel Henney graced the pages of the fashion magazine, “Elle,” with his chic and charm. Photographed in Los Angeles, CA, Daniel Henney showed off his chic, sexy side in a slim black suit with dark sun glasses as well as his natural charm in a casual outfit with the puppy, Mango

Daniel Henney's Elle Magazine Cover Photos Taken in LA

daniel henney, elle magazine Daniel Henney's Elle Magazine Cover Photos Taken in LA Actor Daniel Henney's Elle magazine photos were revealed. Daniel Henney showed off his radiant good looks and the special energy he gives off

Daniel Henney vs Siwon SUJU

dua-duanya ganteng~~ tapi siapa yang basketnya lebih jago??