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Lee Hyori and Friends Attend Premiere for Uhm Jung Hwa's Film "Dancing Queen"

Uhm Jung Hwa’s friends went to watch the “Dancing Queen” VIP premiere show including: Lee Hyo Ri, Jung Jae Hyung, Hong Jin Kyung, Lee Young Ja, and Kim Wan Sun. Many other directors went to watch the premiere as well

Which Dancing Queen Will Still Be the Dancing Queen 10 Years from Now?

Netizens were recently surveyed on which female idol star they thought would still be hitting the stage as a "dancing queen" 10 years from now.  The survey was sponsored by a weekly movie magazine in time for Uhm Jung Hwa's upcoming film, "Dancing Queen

Hyoyeon is embarrassed by dancing?

Well, not exactly. SNSD’s Dancing Queen is not ashamed of her own moves, but when her close friend, Miss A’s Min, starts feeling the music Hyoyeon can’t help but wonder where Min draws the line

Uhm Jung Hwa and Hwang Jung Min’s celebratory ‘tear shot’ as ‘Dancing Queen’ breaks 2 million

Movie ‘Dancing Queen’ broke through the 2 million mark. Uhm Jung Hwa tweeted on January 29th, “I am so happy!! Dancing Queen has currently broken through 2 million. Congratulate us. I am really really happy and touched

‘Dancing Queen’ is #1 at the box office

The movie ‘Dancing Queen’, starring actor Hwang Jung Min and actress Uhm Jung Hwa has taken the box office by storm. ‘Puss In Boots’ which had been ranked #1 dropped 3 spots to #4

Lee Hyori & Leessang’s Gil become ‘Super Star K’ judges in movie ‘Dancing Queen’

Singer Lee Hyori and Leessang member Gil set out to support the comedy movie ‘Dancing Queen’. According to a ‘Dancing Queen’ insider, Lee Hyori and Gil okayed the cameo appearance thanks to their friendship with Hwang Jung Min and Uhm Jung Hwa

Uhm Jung-hwa hits it big with Dancing Queen

Here’s a look at the first big movie hit of the new year, the feel-good comedy Dancing Queen, starring Hwang Jung-min as a Seoul mayoral candidate and Uhm Jung-hwa as his wife who still hasn’t given up her dream to become a singer, well into her ajumma years

4 Minute's Hyun A voted No. 1 For Dancing Queen In 10 Years

Hyun A was voted No. 1 in a poll for 'Who would be most likely become a dancing queen in 10 years?'. Countless netizens participated, 4 Minuite's Hyun A, who is on unit team with B2ST's Hyun Seung with a song 'Trouble Maker', won the poll with 56% rating

Korean Box Office Hits: Dancing Queen And Broken Arrow

Posted: February 11, 2012 9:58 PM EST Dancing Quen with Um Jung-Hwa and Hwang Jung Min, and Broken Arrow with Ahn Sung-Ki attracted 30 million audience together. According to the Korean Film Commission, the movie Dancing Queen and Broken Arrow are steadily gaining their popularity since their release on January 18th

Teen Top's Dancing Is Perfectly Synchronized

Teen Top has gained much attention for their precise dance moves. When they debuted in July 2010, the average age of the members was roughly sixteen years old. The wide-eyed rookies soon captured music fans hearts with their perfect and energetic dance performances

Miss A now dancing in a see-through costume

Girl group Miss A has taken off their “bandage” costumes and showed up in see-through dresses. On February 24, Miss A gave passionate performances of “Over You” and “Touch” on KBS 2’s Music Bank

MBLAQ's Hello Baby, Lee Joon Shows Off His Dancing Skills

MBLAQ's member Lee Joon showed off his ballet dancing skills while playing soccer. In KBS Joy Channel MBLAQ's Hello Baby episode 7, the MBLAQ daddies met up with the children's moms. On this day, Lee Joon was playing soccer

Kim SooHyun's Dancing Skills: 'What CAN'T you do?!'

Actor Kim SooHyun's dancing skills were revealed. In recent online community, a video of Kim SooHyun practicing with Nine Muses for a special performance of the 2010 SBS Actor Awards was posted. In the video, Kim SooHyun and Nine Muses were dancing to JYP's 'Swing Baby'

INFINITE’s individual dancing CF’s for Samsung Galaxy Player revealed!

Earlier in the day, Korean electronics giant, Samsung released a few group CF’s featuring the boys of INFINITE endorsing their new high end dual core media player, Galaxy Player. Now, the individual CF’s have been revealed

120312 JB - Dancing Cut (from "Dream High / 드림 하이 (Season 2)", Ep. 13)

120312 JB - Dancing Cut (from "Dream High / 드림 하이 (Season 2)", Ep. 13) * Do NOT re-upload. * Watch it in 720p HD. * Cut from "Dream High / 드림 하이 (Season 2)", Ep. 13

2NE1′s Sandara Park dancing like a crane: Is it a concept of 2NE1′s new song?

2NE1′s Sandara Park is currently attracting many people’s attention with her dance that looks like portraying a crane. On March 15, Park uploaded a picture on her me2day account with the comment, “Let’s Go!” In the picture, Park is jumping in a practice room

English singer Pixie Lott releases “Dancing On My Own” featuring GD&TOP

We previously reported that Big Bang‘s G-Dragon and T.O.P would be featuring in English artist Pixie Lott‘s new album. The duo lent their voices for the track “Dancing On My Own” on Pixie Lott’s Japanese version of her album ‘YOUNG FOOLISH HAPPY‘ that dropped on March 21st

Release of Pixie Lott Featuring GD & TOP "Dancing On My Own"

Earlier in March we revealed that BIGBANG’s G-Dragon and T.O.P would be featured on British singer-songwriter Pixie Lott’s track “Dancing on My Own.” The song is from the Japanese edition of her debut album “Young Foolish Happy

Moon Hee Jun and Lee Minwoo show off their dancing skills on ‘Win Win’

  First generation idols, Shinhwa‘s Lee Minwoo and H.O.T‘s Moon Hee Jun had a dance battle on the March 20th episode of KBS ‘Win Win’. First, Shinhwa’s Jun Jin and H

Old video of Yang Hyun Suk dancing shows why he’s a legend

An old video of former Seo Tai Ji & Boys member-turned-YG Entertainment-CEO Yang Hyun Suk has recently been revealed. The video titled “Back when Yang Hyun Suk used to dance,” was uploaded to an online community board on March 22nd