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More information on Dalmatian's new member, Simon, revealed

With the recent news that Dalamatian's Day Day has left the group for personal reasons, the new member of the team has been revealed on May 8th. On May 8th through a press release, Dalamatian's agency said, "The existing member Day Day has left the group due to personal reasons, the new member to join the group in their upcoming activities is Simon

Dalmatian reveals details on new member Simon

As previously reported, idol group Dalmatian has announced their upcoming return along with the addition of a new member, Simon! With the announcement made, IS Entertainment has just unveiled a photo and details of the new member

Dalmatian’s Simon to have joint performance with Baek Ji Young on ‘Inkigayo’

On the May 20th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, Dalmatian member, Simon will be performing along with Baek Ji Young to her new track, “Good Boy“. According to reports, Baek Ji Young personally requested Simon’s presence

Dalmatian’s Simon shows off his friendship with L’Arc-en-Ciel’s Hyde

Dalmatian‘s Simon revealed his international friendship with L’Arc-en-Ciel‘s Hyde. On May 30, Simon posted to Twitter, “Taken with Hyde hyung during L’Arc-en-Ciel’s Korean concert! He’s as youthful as ever

Mighty Mouth Sangchu reveals Dalmatian Simon’s six-pack

It seems that fans’ “drooling” episode will not end in Dalmatian’s music video for E.R. Mighty Mouth’s Sangchu updated his Twitter with a photo of Dalmatian‘s rapper and vocalist Simon, revealing his well-defined six-pack abs

Dalmatian’s Simon praised for his thoughtful tweets

Dalmatian‘s Simon has been named a ‘commendable idol’ for his comments raising awareness for protecting the grass, prior to a major broadcast performance at a soccer field. On June 8th, athlete Lee Dong Guk tweeted his worry about the grass being damaged from a public broadcast event which was being held at the Junju World Cup Stadium (KBS’ Music Bank)

Dalmatian’s Simon was recently crowned champion in a 100-meter dash for men

Dalmatian’s Simon was recently crowned champion in a 100-meter dash for men. On the second episode of MBC’s “Idol Star Olympics,” which aired on July 26, a competition of 100-meter dash for men was held

Eru returns with "Hate You" on Inkigayo feat. Dalmatian's Simon

After previously revealing that he would be making a comeback this month, soloist Eru released the second part of his mini album "Feel Brand New" earlier this week. The first part of the album was released more than a year ago in April of 2011

Eru’s “I Hate You” comeback stage ft. Dalmatian’s Simon on Inkigayo

Eru has finally made a comeback on ‘Inkigayo’ with a totally different style, which seems to be working out just fine. On the 8th, singer Eru’s new mini-album “Feel Brand New Part

NS Yoon-G and Dalmatian’s Simon to bring out ‘If You Love Me’ on ‘Inkigayo’!

NS Yoon-G and Jay Park have recently given a performance of their joint track “If You Love Me“! The track is included in  NS Yoon-G’s fourth digital single, and the MV for it just came out not a long time ago

DMTN (Formerly Dalmatian) brings out teaser for member Simon

Dalmatian’s new label, 2Works Entertainment, has brought out teaser images and a video with the appearance of member Simon. After leaving MC Mong‘s agency back in November, the group has been renamed to DMTN

Simon D, red hair, red eyes selca ‘Under eye circles pop’

Hip hop duo Supreme Team member Simon D revealed a selca looking somewhat tired in red hair. Simon D tweeted on January 11th, “I couldn’t sleep so my eyes are red but can’t tell because of the hair color” along with a picture

Simon D reveals a sexy manly selca

Rapper Simon D is on a quest to melt the hearts of the ladies in this cold winter. Simon D tweeted on the 15th, “Look good. Looks to be doing well. Changed the hairstyle. Definitely stylish” and he revealed the photo above

Simon D & Lady Jane together at ‘M! Countdown’

The official couple in the entertainment industry, Simon D and Lady Jane revealed pictures of their date in the green room. In the afternoon of December 8th, the pictures of Simon D and Lady Jane sitting together looking affectionate in the green room were revealed through the official Twitter account of Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown’

Simon D reveals an old photo with Kim Gu Ra "I was so fresh"

simon d Supreme Team member Simon D posted a photo of himself and Kim Gu Ra doing a 'punishment'. On the 4th he posted a photo along with the title "I was looking at old photos and I found a photo from 'Hot Brothers' days

Actor Simon Curtis shows some love for Girls’ Generation & Sooyoung

Girls’ Generation has certainly brought the boys out in America: after flying to New York City to make a few nationwide television appearances, the ladies have earned quite a few new fans along the way, including actor and singer-songwriter Simon Curtis

Simon D reminisces on his ‘Hot Brother’ days

Rapper Simon D has revealed an old photo from his ‘Hot Brothers‘ days! On February 4th, Simon D tweeted, “I found photos from when I was on “Hot Brothers and this one was a punishment that really didn’t feel like a punishment on Yeo-E Naru station with Gura hyung

Dalmatian to make a comeback in March

Rapper and producer Jang Geun Yi recently revealed that Dalmatian will be making its anticipated comeback in March. He tweeted, “It is planned that Dalmatian will be making its comeback in March

LeeSsang & Simon D's Hip Hop Concert『M PACK SHOW VOL. 5』

Date : Saturday, February 25, 2012 at 5 PM Place : Club Holic in Gangnam, Seoul [PIC]Tickets : 19,200-30,000 won Two of the most hottest hip hop acts on the Korean music scene will be performing at one venue! After scoring a major hit with their album last year "Assura Babalta", LeeSsang have revived themselves as some of the most poignant, yet hip acts

Dalmatian and Navi release songs for ‘The Romantic’ OST

In addition to talented artists like Jung Yeob and Two Months, Navi and idol group Dalmatian have just released tracks for the OST of reality dating program, ‘The Romantic’. Navi’s powerful vocals are highlighted by the song “I Think Love is You”, which is a pop R&B track that features an upbeat rhythm and a catchy melody