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MBLAQ Seungho ready to become the sweetest daddy

MBLAQ member Seungho attended the production report of KBS Joy ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby’ on January 16th and some of the pictures of him with his ‘daughter’ is already making a splash online

MBLAQ’s son Leo sings along to “It’s War” & reveals which daddy he misses the most

Fans of of KBS Joy’s ‘Hello Baby‘ Season 5 know MBLAQ‘s son Leo as the cute little energetic boy that sometimes gets into trouble, but which MBLAQ daddy does he miss and want to see the most? On February 7th, a homemade video revealed just that along with a musical surprise that showed how much he enjoyed his daddy’s songs

Seung Ho is MBLAQ's Best Baby Daddy

A child-rearing expert who has been following MBLAQ as they take care of children in KBS "MBLAQ Hello Baby" and SBS "Our Baby Changed" gave her final report card to the members on February 9. The expert carefully followed them as they took care of the children and designated a "best" and "worst" dad

Daddy’s Sorry / Dad Says I’m Sorry

Drama Title: Daddy’s Sorry Korean Title: 아버지가 미안하다 Romanization: Abeojiga Mianhada Also Known As: Dad Says I’m Sorry / Father is Sorry / I’m Sory, Dad Chinese Name: 爸爸的对不起 Japanese Name: 父が申し訳ありません Genre: Family Episodes: 3 Broadcast Place: South Korea Broadcast Network: TV Chosun Broadcast Period: 23 January 2012 Language: Korean Air time: Monday 9:40 PM Preceded By: - Followed By: - Plot Summary / Synopsis A traditional drama that depicts the family problems in modern society through conflict of parents with four siblings

Daddy B2ST coming together to perform 'Fiction'

Fathers of B2ST members will get together to form 'Daddy B2ST'. On the 21st broadcast of KBS 'Win Win', 100th episode special will be of Lee Ki Kwang. On this day's broadcast, Lee Ki Kwang will reveal the pain that came with the title 'recycled group'

Ki Tae-yeong becomes Choi Seol-ri's Daddy Long Legs

Actor Ki Tae-yeong (34) has transformed into F(X) member Choi Seol-ri's (8) Daddy Long Legs. A picture of Ki in the new SBS drama "To The Beautiful You" was revealed on the 1st. In the picture, Ki is showing off an unbalanced haircut with a dandy-looking perm

A child specialist confirms, “B1A4’s Baro will be a good daddy in future”

Recently, B1A4’s rapper Baro was admitted to be good at taking care of kids. You can check that out on KBS Joy’s B1A4’s Hello Baby on August 8. The program is about what the “idol” group B1A4 (composed of Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU, and Gongchan) go through as they take care of a baby

Daddy's graduation

A child touches his father`s graduation cap in the commencement ceremony at SungKyunKwan University in Seoul. Prior to the event, the university held a reenactment of a traditional graduation ceremony of the Joseon Dynasty

'Respond 1997' Daddy Long Legs Finale Will End Like The Story Of Judy?

respond 1997, seo in guk, jung eunji Will the Daddy Long Legs ending be the same as in "Respond 1997?" On the 13th and 14th episodes of "Respond 1997," the love triangle between Sung Si Won, Yoon Yoon Jae and Yoon Tae Woong really begin

Psy’s twin daughters want to see daddy at home more

On the 12th, Psy attended SBS‘s ‘Good Morning‘ as a featuring guest. People who watch Psy’s performance stated, “Is he crazy?”  Psy shocked fans with his female song performances starting with Beyonce‘s “Single Ladies“  Psy’s bold confidence and courage successfully drove the crowd insane, with Psy describing his performances as ‘Rehabilitation Center’

Upcoming Korean drama "Drama Special - Daddy's Coming"

Added the upcoming Korean drama "Drama Special - Daddy's Coming"'s page to HanCinema database (2012)Directed by Kim Myeong-wookWritten by Baek Hye-jeongWith Jo Hee-bong, Sin So-mi, Kim Jin-soo, Bang Joon-seo, Kim Hyeong-beom, Lee Yoon-ae,

Baek Ahyeon to release "Daddy Long Legs" for SBS drama "Cheongdamdong Alice" OST

Baek Ahyeon participated in the recording for the official soundtrack of the drama "Cheongdamdong Alice." On the December 8th, the drama included an unreleased track in its episode and received a good response from its viewers

Baek Ah Yeon lends her voice in OST “Daddy Long Legs” for drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice’

Rookie soloist Baek Ah Yeon has lent her voice in OST titled “Daddy Long Legs” for the SBS‘s new drama ‘Cheongdamdong Alice‘. After teasing viewers with a short preview of the song in a recent episode of the drama, now the full audio of the OST has been revealed

[Twitter Roundup] Kim Young Chul Meets Wachowski Siblings, DJ Tukutz Becomes a Daddy and More

From babies to secret projects and more, here’s all the latest from your favorite stars as compiled by us for today’sTwitter Roundup! Known for his fluency in English, comedian Kim Young Chul revealed he had recently spent time acting as a translator for the Wachowski siblings as he tweeted on December 14, “After shooting for Kneedrop Guru with the Wachowski siblings and director Tom

“Daddy, Where Are We Going?” Honors Kim Jin Pyo’s Decision to Leave the Show

MBC’s variety program, “Daddy, Where Are We Going?” made an official announcement saying it had decided to honor Kim Jin Pyo’s decision to leave the show. A rep of the show stated on March 29, “Singer Kim Jin Pyo has expressed his intention to voluntarily leave the show

Bar Refaeli's Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Uncensored; Celebrities Tweet About Sexy Kiss [VIDEO]

bar refaeli, GoDaddy Bar Refaeli’s Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Uncensored [VIDEO] The Bar Refaeli Go Dady commercial didn't disappoint fans or celebrities. The 30 second spot remains one of the most talked about Super Bowl ads with different it's awesome, funny and mostly sexy kiss super model with Bar Refaeli

2AM’s Seulong Makes a Handsome Daddy

On his Twitter on March 12, 2AM’s Seulong uploaded a photo along with a message, “Wondering what happened on ‘Hwa Shin’ for me to end up with a baby…When you watch the show, I hope you have a good laugh

[SNS PIC] Tablo's Daughter Haru Fixes a Meal For Her Daddy

Tablo recently tweeted about the meal his adorable daughter fixed for him. On March 28, Tablo tweeted the photo along with the caption, “Haru told me to come out and eat and this is what I found…”  In the photo, Haru has the table set with plastic food in various dishes for her father

Lee Jong Hyuk’s Son Lee Junsu to Make Brief Appearance on Upcoming “Daddy! Where Are You Going?”

Lee Jong Hyuk‘s adorable son Lee Junsu will be making a surprise reappearance on the upcoming “Daddy! Where Are You Going?” episode. On March 6, MBC released a preview clip of the upcoming episode, which showed the 8-year-old Junsu getting ready to enter elementary school

V.O.S Choi Hyunjoon and his newborn son: Daddy’s little boy or Little boy’s daddy?

V.O.S Choi Hyunjoon and his newborn son: Daddy’s little boy or Little boy’s daddy? V.O.S member Choi Hyunjoon’s son is surely going to be daddy’s little boy. On the 6th, Hyunjoon tweeted a photo of his son with a caption saying “Anyounghasaeyo