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Lee Jong-hyuk receives prize for “Daddy Where Are You Going?” @ HanCinema :: The Korean Movie and Drama Database

Lee Jong-hyuk made a speech. Actor Lee Jong-hyuk posted a comment on his Twitter along with a picture of his son Lee Joon-soo saying, "Thank you for the prize. Thank you for watching the show and for loving my son. I will love him much more". Lee Jong-hyuk received the 2013 MBC Entertainment Awards Grand Prize on the 29th. The MBC "Daddy Where Are You Going?" team is the best contributor in making the MBC show "Sunday Night" come back to life. The flow of Sunday TV changed with the appearance of this program. The children Yoon Hoo, Seong Joon, Kim Min-gook, Lee Joon-soo and Song Ji-ah mesmerized the viewers at once with their purity and cuteness. The fathers also showed fatherly love for their children and this show rose to the top of the list. Meanwhile, the MBC entertainment world had a fruitful year with the comeback of Sunday Night, the prosper of "Infinity Challenge" and the appearance of fresh shows like "I Love Alone" and more