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Eunjung's Mom Opens a Cafe in Seoul

A luxury café run by the mother of T-ara’s Eunjung has become a hot issue with netizens. Recently, through an online community bulletin board a photo of the two-story establishment was made public

LUNAFLY to remake Bruno Mars’ “Just The Way You Are” at the ‘Seoul Cafe Show 2012-Sweet Concert’

LUNAFLY recently performed at a live mini-concert for ‘Seoul Cafe Show 2012-Sweet Concert‘ on November 25th at COEX and hosted by Dal.Komm Coffee Live. The clips were recently uploaded through the group’s official YouTube channel

Roh Jihoon sings "Last Christmas" at surprise event at Cube Cafe

On December 14th, Roh Jihoon completed a special event at Cube Entertainment's Cube Cafe in Seoul. Along with Loen TV, Roh Jihoon participated in the "OH! CAROL" event at 4PM on December 14th. The event was advertised on Cube United's Facebook page just hours before, and plenty of fans showed up at the Cube Cafe to support Cube DC's solo artist, Roh Jihoon

4minute, B2ST, G.NA, BTOB, and Roh Ji Hoon send a video shout out for ’2013 United Cube in Seoul’

Your favorite artists from Cube Entertainment, including 4minute, B2ST, G.NA, BTOB, and Roh Ji Hoon, have sent their shout outs for the upcoming ‘2013 United Cube in Seoul‘ concert! The concert will be taking place at the Jamsil Indoor Gymnasium on February 2nd, and is guaranteed to be an exciting event you won’t want to miss out on if you happen to be in Seoul! To encourage everyone to mark their calendars and attend this special family concert, the Cube artists greet fans through a video clip compiled with their messages

Cube Entertainment releases teaser video for ‘UNITED CUBE’ in Seoul

Cube Entertainment has just released a special teaser video for its upcoming ‘2013 UNITED CUBE’ concert tour in Seoul. On December 11th, Cube Entertainment’s official Youtube uploaded new video featuring the label’s artists 4minute, BEAST, G

Girls' Generation Themed Cafe Opens in Seoul

Girls’ Generation fans rejoice! For a time it looks like there will be a café with a Girls’ Generation theme! Starting on February 7, the café “Girls’ Generation EXPRESS” opened up

EXID celebrates Valentine’s Day with fans at a cafe in Seoul

EXID spent the Valentine’s Day with their fans at a cafe event, getting more attention for their great fan service. On February 14, the girl group held their Valentine’s Day cafe event ‘Better Together‘ at a MANGOSIX in Sillim, Seoul at 6-8 PM KST

Son Ho Young's Part Time Job at Seoul's Express Bus Terminal

Son Ho Young announced that he is going to do his part-time job at Seoul's Express Bus Terminal through his Twitter.  The singer posted, "Even today I will be very busy starting in the morning. Today I am doing a part-time job at Seoul's Express Bus Terminal

Shinhwa promises to comeback through banners posted all over Seoul

Shinhwa has solidified their promise to make their comeback in March with their fans. On January 27th, orange banners with the words, “Shinhwa – We keep our promises. 20120324,” in various spots all over Seoul

SNSD and the 21st High1 Seoul Music Awards

On January 19th, our ladies attended the 21st High1 Seoul Music Awards! During the show they won 2 awards!  First was the Bonsang, which is award to the top 10 artists (top 12 this year) of the year based on album and digital sales, online voting, and judges decisions to determine the top 10 (12)

Cube Entertainment’s new boy group completes a successful fictional debut

Cube Entertainment‘s new 7-member boy group has adopted an unprecedented strategy by making their first public appearance on a sitcom. Part of the group is currently starring in JTBC‘s sitcom ‘I live in Cheongdamdong’ as trainees dreaming to become the next big idol group

Rainbow – Seoul Character & Licensing Fair 2011

Rainbow at promo event for Seoul Character & Licensing Fair 2011. Credits: Spdstudio (Korean)

What’s Super Junior’s Kyuhyun doing working at a cafe?

Group Super Junior’s Kyuhyun reveals a photo of him working at his mom’s cafe. Kyuhyun tweeted on the 27th, “If you come to Kona Beans nearby the Seongsu bridge in Apgujeong, at times you may meet a server who may remind you of a college sunbae”, and he attached the photo above

Hyuna captured on a date at a cafe with a ‘guy’

Singer Hyuna was on a date with a ‘guy’ at a cafe? On January 11th, some pictures have been posted titled ‘Hyuna on a date click click’. The pictures show Hyuna with a short haired ‘guy’ ordering coffee

Shinhwa to hold back-to-back concerts with “Shinhwa Grand Tour In Seoul: The Return”

Korea’s longest tenured idol group, Shinhwa, have announced that they’ll be throwing back-to-back concerts in March! On March 24th and 25th, Shinhwa will return to their fans through the “2012 Shinhwa Grand Tour In Seoul: The Return” show in Seoul’s Olympic Park Gymnasium

‘United Cube Concert’ draws attention in Brazil

‘United Cube Concert’ will hold their 4th performance in São Paulo, Brazil on December 13th which will be the first South American K-Pop concert.The Brazilian media is paying a lot of attention to the concert

JYJ appointed as honorary ambassadors for the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit

On February 2nd, the 2012 Seoul Nuclear Security Summit appointed JYJ as their newest honorary ambassadors at the Coex Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul. Hallyu stars Jaejoong, Yoochun, and Junsu were bestowed this honor by the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Kim Sung Hwan

B2ST kicks off their ‘Beautiful Show’ world tour in Seoul

Performing to a crowd of 12,000 jubilant fans, B2ST kicked off their ‘Beautiful Show’ world tour on February 4th at Seoul’s Olympic Park! Although this is their third solo concert, it marks the beginning of their very first world tour

Yoo Jae Suk inspires a unique anti-fan cafe

Korea’s representative MC, Yoo Jae Suk, has finally attracted the creation of an anti-fan cafe. On the February 6th, MBC‘s ‘Good Day‘ looked into Yoo Jae Suk’s top-related search item, “Anti cafe“

Yoo Jae Suk's Anti Cafe Was Created by a Fan

A recent creation of Yoo Jae Suk's anti-cafe had garnered much attention and it turns out, it was created by Yoo Jae Suk's fan. On a segment of MBC's morning show, "Good Day" that was aired on February 6, it showed many different search keywords about Yoo Jae Suk on the Internet