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Super Junior Choi Siwon "Not Ki Mu Chi, Kimchi"

Super Junior’s Siwon is gaining attention for a tweet about Kimchi.On February 1 Super Junior’s Choi Siwon wrote on his twitter, “Not Ki Mu Chi. Kimchi. In Korea we call Kimchi Kimchi and not Ki Mu Chi ^^

Choi Siwon Standing Up For Korea

Super Junior, Choi Siwon, global star, kimchi, kimuchi, Korea Super Junior member Choi Siwon stood up for his nation.  On the 1st, Choi Siwon posted on his twitter, "In Korea, we call our KIMCHI, 'KIMCHI', not 'KIMUCHI'

Jung Woo Sung, Go Soo & Choi Siwon the wedding crashers. Pictorial at a wedding?

The walking chiseled statues Jung Woo Sung, Go Soo, and Choi Siwon have gathered in one place. Super Junior member Choi Siwon tweeted on December 2nd, “Good time, cool hyungs! Woo Sung hyung, Yoon Ki hyung, Go Soo hyung! Lovely wedding’, along with a picture

Choi Siwon invites the fans to find him in London

Super Junior member Choi Siwon is having a blast in London. Choi Siwon tweeted on the 23rd, “Hello amazing city London! Let’s make a beautiful time with me. find me now” and he revealed a selca with a clear view of the streets intersecting behind him

Choi Siwon, Kim Heechul, Jungmo, Boa, and CEO Lee Soo Man share a good time

Group Super Junior’s Choi Siwon reveals a photo of SM family having a good time together. Choi Siwon posted a message and a photo on his twitter account on the 4th, “Finally, we’ve taken away our teacher

Choi Siwon & Donghae’s arrival at the airport creates pandemonium in Hong Kong

The Hong Kong airport was filled with the joyous screams of young girls. Super Junior members Choi Siwon and Donghae arrived with much fanfare at the Hong Kong airport, greeted by 1000 plus fans who have waited from early morning

Running Man’s star lineup, SuJu Choi Siwon, WG Sohee, & SHINee Minho

Super Junior member Choi Siwon, Wonder Girls member Sohee, & SHINee member Minho are making guest appearances on ‘Running Man’. On December 13th on an online community board, pictures of Sohee, Minho and Choi Siwon on SBS‘s variety show ‘Running Man’ have been posted

Choi Siwon "Whitney Houston...We lost a musical icon."

Super Junior member Choi Siwon expressed his sympathies for the news of Whitney Houston's death.  On the 12th, Choi Siwon posted on his twitter, "Whitney Houston we have just lost another music icon

Choi Siwon comes to the rescue of fans at the ‘Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards’

Choi Siwon of popular idol group Super Junior prevented what could have been a major accident. The singer along with the rest of his Super Junior members stepped onto the red carpet for the first annual ‘Gaon Chart K-POP Awards‘ on February 22nd

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon graduates from Inha University

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon was captured wearing a graduation cap at a graduation ceremony. On the afternoon of February 24, Siwon uploaded a picture and tweeted, “I will go out to the world with bigger dreams

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon and Ivy Chen respond to online furore

Viewers were shocked and fans were bewildered when they caught the seventh episode of Taiwanese idol drama Skip.Beat! The drama depicts Gong Xi's (Ivy Chen) road to stardom, after her ex-boyfriend Bu Po Shang (Super Junior's Lee Donghae) ditched and provoked her to enter showbiz

Super Junior's Choi Siwon at the Gym

A photo of Super Junior's Choi Siwon at the gym was posted on the internet recently. On March 11, Siwon posted a picture of himself with his trainer with "The only Hyung (term for older male) who I eat sushi with, Young Man Hyung

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon wants to share his cream puff

Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon playfully asked his fans to share his dessert. On March 13th, the singer posted the above photo via his Twitter page and wrote, “Who would like to share with me?” Temporarily tossing aside his charismatic and suave self, Choi Siwon looked rather adorable and playful in the photo

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon has a double chin?

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon recently released a photoshopped picture. On April 9, Choi tweeted a picture with the comment, “Even if I lose everything, if my popularity drops, even if I can’t sing, if I gain a lot of weight, will you still be able to love me for who I am? Will you?” In the picture, Choi looks like he gained a lot of weight

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon shares a chubby photo of himself

Super Junior‘s Siwon shared an edited photo of himself with chubby features onto his Twitter. The singer attached the photo above and quoted the lyrics of Se7en‘s “When I Can’t Sing” by writing, “Even if I lose everything, even if my popularity drops, even if I can’t sing, and even if I become fat, will you still be able to love me for who I am ^^ You will, right?” The comical edited photo displayed the singer in a chubbier state, bringing much laughter amongst fans

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon chased by fans in Hong Kong airport

On April 8th, Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon arrived in Shenzhen, China, a neighboring city to Hong Kong. Earlier today, Hong Kong media outlet Apple Daily released footage of Siwon being chased by fans in the Hong Kong airport upon his arrival

Yoona and Choi Siwon earn the most in Girls' Generation and Super Junior respectively

On the May 1st episode of SBS's "Strong Heart," Girls' Generation's Tiffany was asked about the highest earner in her group, to which she answered honestly, "Yoona is in first place." She added, "Right now Yoona has the most, but since the unit Taetiseo is promoting, I'm anticipating some increases

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, the no.1 profit maker in the group!

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon is creating a stir by being chosen as the star with the highest profit. On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart which aired on May 1, MC Lee Dong Wook asked Leeteuk, “Who made the most money among Super Junior members in year 2011?” Leeteuk confessed, “I had 8 TV programs, worked as a radio DJ, held concerts, and shot advertisements

Super Junior Choi Siwon "Please Do Not Hack My Account Again. Please"

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon left a warning to fans or whoever keeps hacking his account. On May 9 Choi Siwon wrote on his twitter, “Real love is when you understand the person and are caring. Love is not when you invade someone’s privacy and spy on them

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon shows off his sexiness in a bathrobe

Super Junior’s Choi Siwon showed off his sexy charms by wearing a bathrobe. Previously on May 10, Choi uploaded a picture of him wearing a bathrobe and tweeted, “A snapshot before the shooting, and I will be leaving for Tokyo for a concert tomorrow