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Son Eun Seo and Choi Jin Hyuk revealed to be in a relationship?

It’s been reported that Son Eun Seo and Choi Jin Hyuk are currently in a romantic relationship. The actors met on the set of the SBS drama ‘My Daughter the Flower‘, which they filmed for seven months before it ended in mid-May

Another Celebrity Couple: Son Eun Seo and Choi Jin Hyuk Confirm Relationship

Love is definitely in the air as another celebrity couple has been revealed! This time it’s the blooming relationship between Son Eun Seo (“Love Rain,” “Spy Myung Wol“) and Choi Jin Hyuk (“I Need Romance,” “Pasta“)

Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo confirmed to have been dating for 4 months!

It seems that Choi Jin Hyuk and Son Eun Seo have been developing feelings with each other for quite some time now! Recently, we reported that the two were revealed to be in a relationship and it seems the relationship began some time ago

[NEWS] Son Eun Seo and Choi Jin Hyuk revealed to be dating

Following the celebrity couples, Ji Hyun Woo—Yoo In Na and Seo Woo—In Gyo Jin, actress Son Eun Seo and actor Choi Jin Hyuk have revealed that they are currently in a romantic relationship

Super Junior Donghae, "Son Eun Suh Is Just A Friend, There Are No Hard Feelings Toward Her Boyfriend Choi Jin Hyuk"

Super Junior, DOnghae Donghae Choi Jin Hyuk friends Super Junior Donghae was seen on set for the drama "Miss Panda and the Hedgehog." At the press conference, he revealed his perspectives on actress Son Eun Suh's relationship with actor Choi Jin Hyuk

Super Junior Donghae and Choi Jin Hyuk Battle for Yoon Seung Ah's Heart, "From Brothers to Rivals"

Super Junior, Donghae, Miss Panda and Porcupine donghae choi jin hyuk rivals Donghae and Choi Jin Hyuk begin their fiery rivalry for love in the new channel A drama, "Miss Panda and Porcupine." The two men have also starred in a previosu drama, "It's Okay, Daddy's Girl

Whos more attractive? Super Juniors Donghae or Choi Jin Hyuk?

Super Junior’s Donghae and Choi Jin Hyuk are currently appealing to viewers. Donghae and Choi are appearing in Channel A’s drama series Panda and Hedgehog as rivals. Panda and Hedgehog is a story about young people’s growth and love

Fans of Donghae & Choi Jin Hyuk support lunch for ‘Panda-Porcupine’ staff members

Handsome actors Donghae of Super Junior and Choi Jin Hyuk help their ‘Miss Panda and the Porcupine‘ staff members have lunch. It was reported that Donghae’s fans have prepared a food truck for the staff members since early this summer

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Choi Jin Hyuk - Song In Hwa, Eye Candy Siblings

panda and hedgehog, choi jin hyuk, song in hwa "Miss Panda and Hedgehog" Choi Jin Hyuk and Song In Hwa are drawing attention as the attractive siblings. On the new Channel A drama 'Panda Girl and the Hedgehog,' Choi Won Il (Choi Jin Hyuk) and little sister Choi Won Ee (Song In Hwa) are breathing new life into the story

'Miss Panda and Hedgehog' Release Third OST by Donghae-Choi Jin Hyuk

Panda and Hedgehog, Channel A, Donghae, Super Junior, Choi Jin Hyuk, Love Hedgehog, Promise, Urban Zakapa ‘Miss Panda and Hedgehog’ Release Third OST by Donghae-Choi Jin Hyuk The third OST of "Miss Panda and Hedgehog" released

'Panda and Hedgehog' Yoon Seung Ah, Choi Jin Hyuk Shocked at Donghae's Past

panda and hedgehog, Donghae, yoon seung ah Donghae, Yoon Seung Ah and Choi Jin Hyuk are all facing mental breakdown. On the Sunday episode of the Channel A weekend series "Miss Panda and Hedgehog," Pan Da-yang (Yoon Seung Ah) and Choi Won Il (Choi Jin Hyuk) realize that the young min Woo that they've been looking for is actually Go Seung Ji (Donghae)

Choi Jin Hyuk To Star In Korean Remake Of "Fated To Love You"

  Hit Taiwanese drama "Fated To Love You" will be having it"s Korean remake, and actor Choi Jin Hyuk may be taking part as the second male protagonist. The drama is gaining attention because of Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra"s on-screen reunion after 12 years, but fans have another reason to look forward to because of Choi Jin Hyuk"s possible casting

Choi Jin Hyuk is in talk for new drama 'Fated To Love You'

On April 23rd, Choi Jin Hyuk's agency revealed that he received an offer to star in MBC's upcoming drama "Fated To Love You", but nothing has been confirmed cause he's still currently considering about it

Choi Jin Hyuk in talks to join Korean remake of 'Fated To Love You'

As mentioned earlier, "Fated To Love You" is the next Taiwanese drama up for a Korean remake, and starring in it will be Jang Hyuk and Jang Na Ra, who will be rekindling their onscreen romance once again through this production after 12 years

Choi Jin Hyuk Looking Over Role in MBC’s “Fated to Love You”

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk is looking over a role in a new MBC Wednesday – Thursday drama titled, “Fated to Love You” as his next project. On April 23, a rep of Choi Jin Hyuk’s agency, Red Brick House, stated, “He has received an offer for a role in ‘Fated to Love You’ and is looking over the role optimistically

Choi Jin Hyuk Conditioned Himself To Have Feelings For Song Ji Hyo

  Choi Jin Hyuk shared his thoughts on the plot of his recently concluded drama "Emergency Couple" which he headlines with actress Song Ji Hyo. When asked if it"s possible to get back together after getting divorced, he answered, "I don"t discount the possibility of it happening somewhere else, but in Oh Chang Min and Oh Jin Hee"s case, it only became possible because it"s a drama

The Four Charms of Choi Jin Hyuk

Choi Jin Hyuk seems to have appeared out of nowhere but he is already in his 9th year in acting. He earned fame by acting as ‘Gu Wol Ryung’ in MBC’s Gu Family Book but that took him eight years. Despite starting out by winning the grand prize from KBS’s acting audition Star Audition in 2006, Choi Jin Hyuk had to build his career for eight years before finally seeing the light

“Emergency Couple” Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo to Hold Fan Meeting in Singapore

Leading cast of romantic comedy drama “Emergency Couple,“ Choi Jin Hyuk and Song Ji Hyo will be holding a fan meeting in Singapore on May 16, 7PM at the Kallang Theatre. Presented by Channel M, lucky fans in Singapore can not only catch them in person but also get an opportunity to take group photographs with them

“Emergency Couple” Choi Jin Hyuk Wants to Enlist in the Army after One More Project

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk revealed his desires to act in one more project before enlisting in the military. Recently, the actor sat down with eNEWS to discuss his future plans. In regards to his upcoming military enlistment, Choi Jin Hyuk stated, “If you’re a guy, you have to go to the military

Choi Jin Hyuk reveals his ideal type and dating style on TV Report

Actor Choi Jin Hyuk recently conducted an interview with TV Report where he talked about his ideal type as well as his dating style.He shared, “I like women who have a pure image and cute charm. I would like her to have a personality filled with aegyo